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  1. Darrenk

    Abs brake flush and air bleed

    Changed the front pads and fluid yesterday. It was a fairly easy process, the hardest part keeping those damn retention clips in place long enough to get the guide pins in. Almost need three hands for that, but finally got it done. Brake bleeder made easy work of changing the fluid. Hopefully, the new pads will be good for another 20,000 miles.
  2. Darrenk

    Shipping VFR1200f - tie down points

    I've used Canyon Dancers on smaller bikes with great success, but my VFR has the LSL handlebar conversion kit and I felt it would put undue pressure on the aluminum bar. When I trailer, I do remove the saddlebags as my method of tie down would have the straps rubbing the paint on them. I usually leave the top box on and haven't had an issue, but it does leave it kind of tall at the rear... P.S. I know you'll find that Corbin seat uncomfortable, so I'll give you my seat in exchange...Wouldn't want you to suffer! 😁
  3. Darrenk

    Shipping VFR1200f - tie down points

    I trailer my 7th gen fairly regularly and for the front, I use soft ties around the lower triple tree. It's always rock solid. You do have to be careful of the angle of the straps to keep it from rubbing on the fairings. I use the passenger foot-peg mounts for the rear. Never had any problems. Can't give you any advice on shippers... Good luck and welcome to the forum!
  4. Darrenk

    Abs brake flush and air bleed

    I'm getting ready to do this and the front pads at the same time, so this is pretty good timing for your question. I've read of horror stories trying to bleed the linked system with the ABS modulator, and according to the service manual, you do have to follow a precise procedure, but it doesn't seem difficult. The pads won't be here until Friday, so I haven't started yet, but I do plan on using an inexpensive bleeder kit from Harbor Freight: https://www.harborfreight.com/pneumatic-brake-fluid-bleeder-with-auto-refill-kit-61912.html I've been doing all of my own maintenance lately as the local dealer service department can't seem to keep a decent street bike tech...If you feel comfortable doing your own, I say go for it; no better way to bond with your bike. If you don't have the service manual, it will definitely pay for itself over the dealer's hourly rate.
  5. It's called Darkness Black Metallic, NH463M. It's available online through ColorRite: https://www.colorrite.com/wizardresults.cfm If I recall, you should find the paint code on a label under the seat. Interesting side note, Honda is offering the 2019 Goldwing in the same color for 2019 in the U.S.
  6. Darrenk

    Custom Paint Job options - black and gold?

    Moto porn for sure!
  7. Dare to be different...I tried the Helibars and found that they didn't raise and pull back enough for me, so I added the LSL handlebar conversion kit sold by Spiegler. No new cables, hoses, or wiring needed and provided just a bit more comfort for me...
  8. Darrenk

    Bein dropped in US

    When they dropped BeIN, I dropped DirecTV and went with Dish Network. I had been with DirecTV for almost 10 years, and they gave us no notification, no "please bear with us, and have a month of free HBO", nothing. I just happened to notice that BeIN wasn't listed on my guide anymore. I called to cancel the next morning. I had a Dish Network pay-as-you go account in my RV, so now I have them at the house too.
  9. I’ve got a USB outlet installed near the left bar wired directly to the battery.
  10. Are you sure it's not just the side stand switch? I think that would be a more likely failure...
  11. Darrenk

    New old Honda

    I've always had a thing for them too. Kinda like the hatchback of motorcycles; very practical, but not too hard to look at...Besides, a commute on ANY motorcycle is better than a commute in a cage.
  12. Darrenk

    Pedrosa Out and Lorenzo In at HRC for 2019

    I really don’t think the Honda suits JL’s riding style very well, but maybe that’s the point. He is pretty good with bike development, is Honda hoping he can help make the Honda a little easier to ride? Then MM, Crutclow, and others wouldn’t have to ride on the ragged edge to get the results...
  13. Darrenk

    Engine oil recommendations

    In my experience, it’s hard to find 10W30, so I’ve been using Honda HP4S. My dealer stocks it.
  14. Darrenk

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    That fluid has more than likely been in the bike since it was built in 2010...
  15. Darrenk

    Possible dct issue

    I don’t think you have a transmission problem. The transmission can be a little clunky at low speeds in D mode, but personally, I keep the DCT in SPORT mode for low speed, in town and traffic use because I prefer the more robust engine braking. I really only use D mode for highway speeds. Of course, my fuel mileage isn’t the greatest, but I find it a fair compromise.

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