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  1. Darrenk

    Bein dropped in US

    When they dropped BeIN, I dropped DirecTV and went with Dish Network. I had been with DirecTV for almost 10 years, and they gave us no notification, no "please bear with us, and have a month of free HBO", nothing. I just happened to notice that BeIN wasn't listed on my guide anymore. I called to cancel the next morning. I had a Dish Network pay-as-you go account in my RV, so now I have them at the house too.
  2. I’ve got a USB outlet installed near the left bar wired directly to the battery.
  3. Are you sure it's not just the side stand switch? I think that would be a more likely failure...
  4. Darrenk

    New old Honda

    I've always had a thing for them too. Kinda like the hatchback of motorcycles; very practical, but not too hard to look at...Besides, a commute on ANY motorcycle is better than a commute in a cage.
  5. Darrenk

    Pedrosa Out and Lorenzo In at HRC for 2019

    I really don’t think the Honda suits JL’s riding style very well, but maybe that’s the point. He is pretty good with bike development, is Honda hoping he can help make the Honda a little easier to ride? Then MM, Crutclow, and others wouldn’t have to ride on the ragged edge to get the results...
  6. Darrenk

    Engine oil recommendations

    In my experience, it’s hard to find 10W30, so I’ve been using Honda HP4S. My dealer stocks it.
  7. Darrenk

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    That fluid has more than likely been in the bike since it was built in 2010...
  8. Darrenk

    Possible dct issue

    I don’t think you have a transmission problem. The transmission can be a little clunky at low speeds in D mode, but personally, I keep the DCT in SPORT mode for low speed, in town and traffic use because I prefer the more robust engine braking. I really only use D mode for highway speeds. Of course, my fuel mileage isn’t the greatest, but I find it a fair compromise.
  9. Darrenk

    Have fairings changed at all?

    Other than colors, I don’t think that they’ve changed since the bike was introduced in 2010. If I’m wrong, I’ll deny ever answering your question😁
  10. Just replaced my battery after it gave up the ghost. No more blinking ABS light...
  11. I just hope Race Direction doesn't give MM any additional penalties to be imposed at the next race. I've got tickets for Austin and it's always great to see him win in person
  12. What was he thinking? If he had just started from pit lan as he was told, he probably would still have won the race!
  13. Darrenk

    Odd idle RPM's

    No experience with any of your mods, but I imagine an increase in RPMs as the demand on the alternator goes up would be normal, but I don't think such a drastic increase is normal...I agree with Grum; check the wiring of the heated grips.
  14. Darrenk

    7 years old battery?

    It sure looks like the OEM battery. My '13 has the same one...

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