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  1. Wife and I really got into off road riding while wintering in Yuma, Arizona. Just brought this home. 2021 CRF300L Rally, the Africa Single: Evidently, I got one of the first delivered in the U.S. and I only waited about a week after ordering it...
  2. Left hand operated rear brake is actually getting kind of popular among serious dirt bike riders. Maybe browse the adventure forums for someone more familiar with what it takes. To go along with Magento's comments above, a small dirt bike or scooter master cylinder/lever/hose/caliper assembly is very affordable if you wouldn't mind tinkering a bit...
  3. I had one fall off, but it was my mistake. The rear hook wasn't properly seated. Frankly, I'm surprised that it latched all the way closed. Wife and I were leaving a hotel parking garage when it came off. We'd only moved a few hundred meters at a pretty slow pace. Sounded like something exploded behind us with the echo in the garage! I stopped, picked it up, and made sure it was properly hooked on, and then drove 200 miles home with no issues. When I got home, I inspected the bag closely and realised that the bag had been rubbing on the edge of the rear wheel. The bag looked like someone had
  4. I have very similar scrapes on my fairing. A tipover at the top of my very steep driveway resulted in a 15 foot slide on concrete. When I eventually get a touring bike and put the big Viffer back to pure sportbike, I'll probably get a set of aftermarket injection molded fairing and get them custom wrapped or painted (I'm thinking Repsol livery). For now, a little Bondo body filler before you paint may help the larger areas. On the passenger grab rails, I just used a black Sharpie; like you said, just less noticeable from afar...
  5. Tracked down a pesky coolant leak...turns out the water pump weep hole is more than weeping, so I ordered a new one. At least I’ll get the coolant flush and refill done at the same time...
  6. Hi Darrenk,

    Please tell me what make/model is your brake lever. I have installed the LSL handlebar and now I need a shorter brake lever.

    Thanks for your attention.

    1. Darrenk


      I just bought it off EBay...no idea of the make/model.  Very inexpensive, though 

  7. +2 I did the same thing before and after the recall was performed, and to be honest, I can't tell much of a difference on the center stand. On the road, at parking lot speeds, the difference is quite noticeable.
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