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  1. DriverDave

    Guhl ECU mod

    That is my plan for this year's winter project...along with sending my suspension to Daugherty Motorsports for the standard upgrade.
  2. I have the Helibars on mine (though I never rode one with stock bars). I'm quite happy with them.
  3. DriverDave

    Any News of a 2019 new model???

    The US only got the 2014 and 2015 VFR800F/D models. You have to go to another country to find a 2016+. Same goes for the VFR1200F, we only got 2010, 2012, and 2013.
  4. DriverDave

    Veefalo turned 60!

    I saw you in Sedalia! I was out putting miles on my new Velvet Red Jeep SRT.
  5. So did you find a good technique to remove those tank covers? I had found a good video for the main fairing removal.
  6. I haven't even done mine yet, but I fully recommend the Guhl flash. I plan on getting the http://daughertymotorsports.com suspension work done as well.
  7. DriverDave

    Air Deflector removal

    I literally just went through the exact same process...mine is even a 2013! I just went to the store and picked up shorter bolts. I have an issue with the Puig changing the fit of the nose of the front cowl. Because it's attached to the screen, it's getting flexed slightly when the windscreen is tightened down. I can snap it in above the headlight, but if I push down on the outer edges, it pops back up. I could pull it back off, and loosen the screws holding it to the screen, but I decided to order the Powerbronze screen that's basically the same shape as the Puig. I think I like the look of the Powerbronze one better anyway. They ship from the UK, so I don't have it yet.
  8. Back is no different on dirt, but the bike isn't fun on dirt. I'm just too used to my light and nimble little KLX300, so the KTM feels big and sketchy. I've never had any interest in naked bikes. I'm sure they're a hoot to ride, but I actually like the extra stability and wind protection of sport touring bikes. This VFR is only about 40 lbs heavier than the KTM, and only around 65 heavier than the 8th gen, and it has 170 hp! I've actually had my eye on the 7th gen since it first came out. I even came close to getting one a few times over the last 8 years. Maybe we'll get lucky and find out that Honda is working on an all new, big bore VFR, with all the tech from the new Goldwing. And congrats to Samuelx. That is indeed the one, although I did get them down a bit to $6300. I think that's pretty good considering how many extras it has that I would have bought anyway....bags, grips, centerstand, Heli-bars, the very same black DAM exhaust that I would have ordered within days of delivery! That's at least another 2 grand I'm saving.
  9. Actually, I plan to sell the KTM. The back pain hasn't gotten better after 5k miles, so that kills the whole 'tour the country' plan. And after a few longer rides, I realized that I probably wouldn't enjoy touring as much as I thought I would. I also found that it wasn't that much fun on dirt roads, so that killed the 'explore dirt roads around the state' plan. So the new plan is to go back to doing sporty day rides, with the occasional overnighter, and spending more time mountain biking and dirt biking with friends. It's not that I don't like the KTM...It's an amazing machine with wickedly addictive power, but my back seems to prefer a sporty riding position over the fully upright position that would be more comfortable to 99% of the population. Obviously I'll be taking a huge loss on the KTM, but at least the VFR is pretty cheap ($7000 shipped, with less than 10k miles on it). Maybe I'll add a dual sport like a KLR, in the future.
  10. I'm in the process of buying a standard 2013 from a dealer in CA. Title is from Idaho. Just wondering if the previous owner happens to be on VFRD. It's got the factory saddle bags, a Corbin seat, black DAM exhaust, factory windscreen extender, and a GoPro mount stuck on the windscreen, near the bottom. If it happened to be yours in its previous life, let me know. Curious if it's had the Guhl flash done yet.
  11. DriverDave

    Chain Mileage

    Sprocket Center This has the stock info as well as the 520 kit I put on my 8th gen.
  12. DriverDave


    A quick shifter is just a regular shift lever that you can shift without using the clutch, or letting off the throttle. It doesn't shift for you. You still use your foot just like every other bike's shifter. Sounds like you would really benefit from the VFR1200 with the DCT. That is a true automatic with no clutch lever or shift lever. For the US, they only made them in 2010, 12, and 13. (In red, blue, and black, respectively). They still make the VFR 1200X with the DCT, but it's meant to be more like an ADV bike. The new Africa Twin ADV bike is also available with the DCT.
  13. DriverDave


    My very first new set of tires on this bike were PR4s that only lasted 4000 miles. Didn't like them for the second half of their life.
  14. DriverDave


    Speaking of Bridgestone, if anyone needs a set of tires and doesn't have a lot of money to spend, you can get a set of BT023s for $211 delivered from Jake Wilson. And there is a Bridgestone rebate offer going on through the end of the month...$35 per tire. That's a total net cost of only $141 for a set of good quality sport touring tires. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the T30 EVOs I ran two sets ago. Only got 2400 miles out of those, but they felt great.
  15. DriverDave

    Picture Thread

    They weren't bad when new, but once I passed 2000 miles, they really started to wear uneven and started to feel pretty crappy. I think I only got about 4000 miles out of them. Unless you do a lot of rain riding, I don't think the PR4 is that great on a VFR. I like the Dunlop Roadsmart line and the Angel GT the best.

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