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  1. They weren't bad when new, but once I passed 2000 miles, they really started to wear uneven and started to feel pretty crappy. I think I only got about 4000 miles out of them. Unless you do a lot of rain riding, I don't think the PR4 is that great on a VFR. I like the Dunlop Roadsmart line and the Angel GT the best.
  2. A pair of 8th gens at Black Canyon of the Gunnison and atop The Grand Mesa in western Colorado.
  3. I know I put this one on your other pic, but then I saw the title to this one and couldn't resist... Looking south toward Pike's Peak from the summit of Mt. Evans
  4. I actually traded the 07 for a new 2014 Deluxe in Aug, 2014. BTW, I'm also in Littleton...we should hook up for some rides this summer.
  5. That shot reminds me of one of my runs up Mt Evans years ago...
  6. I added an OEM quick shifter to my 2014 after a few months with the stock shifter. - does the quick shifter change the location of the gear shift on the bike? Technically, no, but it isn't the same as the stock shifter...2 things are different. 1. the toe part is a different design and feels different on my toe. 2. The arm of the quick shifter is next to your foot, so you feel it against your boot. I don't like either of those things, but I've learned to live with it. - does it change the way the transmission shifts with the clutch? Not at all. It basically cuts power to the eng
  7. Yup! One of the best roads around, now that it's been repaved.
  8. You should...they just finished repaving the side from Idaho Springs to Echo Lake. The entire road is now clean, smooth and beautiful from end to end!
  9. Ok, I decided to go for the fancy calendar shot...
  10. I think it looks pretty good from this angle as well!
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