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  1. That's a bummer. I enjoyed WSBK at Laguna in '16 and this year. Maybe they'll come to the Circuit of the Northwest or something in the future. I wonder what MotoAmerica will do with all the extra time that weekend. More races for each class?
  2. Lubed my chain, bled the brakes, went for a ride. Took pictures.
  3. Since I didn't want to remove the coolant overflow tank I used my mightvac brake bleeder to suck out the juice. Haha!
  4. When I did it I didn't use the cylinder head drain plug. I ended up just using a lot of distilled water and a few heat cycles to clean it all out.
  5. Do you live at the track or something? Haha.
  6. © Copyright Lazyeye

  7. I'm late to the conversation but I'll throw in my experience. When I bough my 2014 in 2016, the dealer did not include the solo cowl package. By the time I realized they were supposed to the dealer offered to order it for me at markup cost. So I bought it on ebay.
  8. I finally had an opportunity to go break in my new tires (Michelin Pilot Road 5). I've been too busy with work and racing to get out on the street bike. My tire guy always tells me "take it easy until they break in". Well the first time i got out was of course in the middle of an autumn rain storm. But the good news is that the PR5s perform just as good in the rain as the PR4s (which I also broke in during a rain storm). Hopefully I get as many miles out of them as well. My PR4 rears were lasting 6-7k miles.
  9. I did the hover-bike modification.... I'm getting new tires. Yay!
  10. Golden hour is great for lighting and terrible for riding west.
  11. After a little wash and wax the other day.
  12. Masterful analogy sir, now every time I look at my 8th gen with bags I'm going to think about that.
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