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  1. My Hero Session setup on Scorpion helmet. I used outdoor mounting tape to adapt the mount to the multi curve surface. This is the perspective I get.
  2. Here's how the 44T blokes have their GoPros set up. I use a really similar setup (sans microphone because nobody wants to hear me talk) and with a GoPro session. I don't have a picture handy at the moment.
  3. Delux owner here. I do not regret getting the Delux. The heated grips are fantastic to have, the center stand makes chain maintenance and tire removal easier, and the adjustable suspension allows you to tune it for better feel while riding it like a sport bike. The ABS and Traction control are kinda basic by today's standards, but they don't get in the way much.
  4. Sound is great. Have you dynoed it to get an idea what kind of power its making?
  5. I had an '09 Ninja 250r. I think those tires were actually worse than the stock D222s. I'm impressed your took them around Thunderhill!
  6. The D222s that came on my bike felt awful. Not much grip, not the feedback I like. But being stubborn I ran them until the rear flattened out. I think it was something like 4-6k miles.
  7. There's several 4th gen bikes for sale in the Portland area on Cycletrader. For instance: https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2014-Honda®-Interceptor-5015037118 Given my situation I may be selling mine at some point, but I haven't decided.
  8. My local dealer more or less refused to check the valves at 16k miles. I had an independent shop check and adjust the valves at 38k miles and only two valves needed to be adjusted. YMMV.
  9. Yes its a Kendon. I bought it in 2014 and have towed bikes all up and down the west coast. Best investment I've made in motorcycle stuff.
  10. The second week of December I went down to the Southwest to see a bunch of big rocks. Read all about it on my blog: https://crotchrocketeer.blogspot.com/2020/12/snowbird-december-2020.html (I'm really too lazy to copy it all and pictures and stuff into a post here)
  11. Mostly year round but November-December-January-February is a lot less. Just out for an hour here and there. Mostly its the debris on the roads from trees and rain washing gravel into the corners that causes the problem. My area is pretty low elevation so we don't get any real snow.
  12. Heated gear! I'm a wuss about the cold. Although I turned off the heated gear while I was at the coast because it was in the low 50s.
  13. I escaped the gloom of the valley and went to the coast.
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