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  1. lazyeye

    First Modern Superbike: 1983 Interceptor 750

    That's a neat read. Thanks for posting.
  2. lazyeye

    Picture Thread

    Working in my garage and decided to play with nighttime lighting using my work lights.
  3. lazyeye

    Sargent seat discount

    Too bad they don't make one for the '14+.
  4. lazyeye

    Picture Thread

    Last weekend I was scheduled to go to the track. Normally I'd have taken my ZX6R but it got stolen the night before, so I took my VFR. Had some brake fade from worn out/dirty/wet fluid, but otherwise had fun. It would have been more fun on the Ninja, but stuff happens.
  5. I use EBC on all my bikes. The stock pads on the VFR had a tendency to fade on the track, but the EBC sintered stay consistent.
  6. lazyeye


    It looks cool and sounds cool and my friends compliment me. My butt-dyno didn't report a change though.
  7. lazyeye

    Picture Thread

    Playing around with the DSLR, out and about.
  8. lazyeye

    Picture Thread

    My dirty 8th gen up on an overlook in my area. Lots of dust in the air from the farms and a thunder storm moving in.
  9. Its a different part number. On Dynojet's site they are different maps as well.
  10. lazyeye

    Fork Seals

    51490-MFL-003 https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/honda/51490-mfl-003/b2411357?m=156360&sch=849171 For reference in case anyone else looks. Thanks guys.
  11. lazyeye

    Fork Seals

    What is the part number for 2014 fork seals?
  12. lazyeye

    What did you do to your VFR Today?

    Bled the front brakes for the fourth time then went out to test them. Seemed better than the last time. Maybe its my imagination but it seemed like the lever got a bit softer after I did an ABS test. Is that real? Does ABS introduce bubbles into the system?
  13. lazyeye


    Rather than changing the forks, it would be more practical to put different cartridges and springs in your existing forks.
  14. Check out this group for Sport riders in our area: https://www.facebook.com/groups/442195752603976/

  15. lazyeye

    My new hooligan weapon...

    Hey neighbor. I recognize that covered bridge, my group stops there for photos too.

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