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  1. I got out today and dodged hail and rain storms. You know its almost spring in Oregon when the weather cycles between sunny and hailing/raining every twenty minutes.
  2. I'm impressed with your work so far.
  3. Life is short. Get the bike.
  4. I checked the sag to make sure it hadn't moved since I last adjusted it in the summer. So glamorous...
  5. There's a lot of urban legends that persist.
  6. I wonder how it'll turn out. His render is odd, sportbike equipment and 50/50 trail tires? But anyways, its a freeish country, go for it.
  7. Beautiful false spring weekend here, so I got out for 200 miles and lunch.
  8. I went out for a spin after working on the brakes. It was way too windy to ride much so I played around with NightSight mode on my phone.
  9. Cleaned the front brakes. Holy hell brakes get dirty, especially when you ride in wet conditions.
  10. That's a bummer. I enjoyed WSBK at Laguna in '16 and this year. Maybe they'll come to the Circuit of the Northwest or something in the future. I wonder what MotoAmerica will do with all the extra time that weekend. More races for each class?
  11. Lubed my chain, bled the brakes, went for a ride. Took pictures.
  12. Since I didn't want to remove the coolant overflow tank I used my mightvac brake bleeder to suck out the juice. Haha!
  13. When I did it I didn't use the cylinder head drain plug. I ended up just using a lot of distilled water and a few heat cycles to clean it all out.
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