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  1. Nothing like the VFR. Designed as a street friendly sport bike, not a sports-tourer. Might get one though, looks fun.
  2. Nice. I had one bad CCT at 40k miles and 2 valves out of spec.
  3. This season may be a little bit odd but I've enjoyed the racing so far. Much better when the riders are battling instead of trying to keep up.
  4. Warning, contains non-VFR content. The link isn't spammy or anything, just I'm too lazy to enter the content in two places. https://crotchrocketeer.blogspot.com/2020/09/eastern-oregon-run-september-2020.html
  5. Italian "Character" 😉 I test rode a 2019 S model during a demo day event and everything (besides the hot engine on my legs) that I listed as a "con" wasn't there. So its as though they worked out the kinks in their manufacturing after a few thousand built. Mine was a leftover model that was purchased in 2019. Then the owner realized he couldn't ride sport bikes anymore and sold it to me.
  6. So I've been riding a 2017 Ducati Supersport since my 2014 VFR has been back and forth to the shop most of the summer with a weird power loss issue. Gotta say its a good bike that could be fantastic if they'd done a few things better. Cons -The transmission is awful. First year SSs suffer from a difficult to shift into 1st and 2nd problem. There's supposed to be a fix available from the dealer but I'm too busy riding... -The throttle response is jerky -The chain, battery, and brakes pads it comes with are cheap -If you install bar risers it makes the horn button hit th
  7. I had to watch the race re-start twice. Good stuff. Lots of riders are hunting for a win rather than just "trying to keep up". Yamaha is effectively out due to bad engines/weak brakes. Honda is out without MM93. They may have put Taka Nakagami on a 2020 bike and he's feeling it, but its too late for him to be a real contender. Suzuki is getting good results but can't quite make it consistent. Which leaves Ducati and the dark horse KTM to vie for the championship while everyone else holds on. A different year for sure.
  8. When you replace it with a liter bike you may end up missing it. The advantage (if you want to call it that) of a VFR vs a CBR1000RR is that it doesn't *have* to be ridden like a race bike. You can avoid the highway tax collectors better on a VFR than a CBR. My experience on CBRs, Rs, ZXRs, is that they are boring and painful if you're not going license remover speed on them. That's great for the track but hazardous for the street. That said, the Ducati SuperSport is a little lighter and better powered but can still be ridden sanely on the street, perhaps its more up your alley? I hope yo
  9. As I recall the rumor was that they were going to sell enough RC213Vs to Homologate and then stomp WSBK with them. Then Euro4/5 restrictions and maybe FIM said "please don't" and it didn't happen.
  10. My opinion is that Honda is playing catchup with Ducati and Kawasaki on a technical level since they let their CBR1000 project get out of date for the last decade. It appears HRC is suddenly taking Superbike seriously again, but they still are down on power and x factor. Kawasaki only plays in Superbike, so that's their focus. Ducati plays in GP also and decided just to stop segregating their development efforts between the two projects.
  11. The worst part of the MotoGP season thus far is no shade device professionals 😞
  12. OK Gotcha. I use the centerstand on my VFR when taking off the rear with no other support. If I'm taking off the front at the same time I'll put an old worn out tire under the swingarm to stabilize it because the front fork stand makes the bike lean back a little on the center stand. Last night the air was too polluted and too cloudy to catch the comet, but I caught a cool aspect of the moon.
  13. Social Media of any kind sucks for content persistence. Any of the knowledge that was part of a discussion two weeks or two years ago is lost and nearly unsearchable.
  14. I would probably go the route of a convertible or maybe euthanasia if I couldn't ride anymore. The trikes like the Can-Am would be a close second depending on *why* I couldn't ride anymore.
  15. The quickshifter is *fun* but it also only works if you're wide open throttle and nearly redlined. Otherwise its herky jerky. I don't regret getting the Q/S on mine, its fun. When I had my 16k mile service done it turned out to be an expensive oil change and inspection. If you do all your own basic maintenance (oil, coolant, brakes) it can be skipped, although at 16k you should be changing the fork oil. I had my valves inspected at 38k and two of the valves were just slightly out of spec. YMMV.
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