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  1. Hwy 140 in Nevada near the Oregon border. Whole lot of nobody out there. My dad and I met in Fields, Oregon for a cheeseburger at Fields Station. Part of a thousand mile weekend mini tour for me.
  2. I have one on my 8th gen. The build quality and material is fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.
  3. I was there. The Honda hangout was giving out free swag, I got a hat and won a shirt at trivia. Good times were had.
  4. What time of year is the "right" time to ride through Monument Valley? I'm talking about weather mostly but also tourists and whatnot.
  5. This thread took more wrong turns than a "which oil is best for the track" thread on TrackDayJunkies. While you all have been having fun with it I was off touring Alaska and then doing trackdays. So no, my question specifically about whether anyone with an 8th gen has had the dealer or mechanic do it, and whether it was successful has not been answered. This thread went into a bunch of "I'm proud that I never check anything, Hondas run forever blargle blargle". and people saying how easy it is to check it on earlier generations. Anyways I'm not going to do it myself because I'm not a good mechanic and don't want to ruin it by trying to become a good mechanic on this. I guess I didn't make that clear. Whatever.
  6. I just got back from making the trip from Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay. Rather than copy and paste it from my blog, please click the link (its not spammy or anything). https://crotchrocketeer.blogspot.com/2019/06/prudhoe-bay-adventure.html
  7. So am I understanding the consensus is that VTEC VFRs rarely need the check? Either way I'm not mechanically competent to do it myself, that's why I'm asking. @Marvelicious Salem Cycle Country service writer told me: "Nobody ever gets that done because its so expensive, just trade it in." Cycle Country tech said: "We never check the valves on any bikes" Beaverton Bob's Honda (where I got it) screwed up the fairings and over tightened the oil drain plug when I took it back for first service. Fred's Honda in Corvallis, when I took my high mileage CBR600rr to them for valves and plugs claimed they did the work, and then forgot to hook all the ignition components back up, stranding me in the parking lot. Later when i rebuilt the bike after a crash I found a suspicious lack of took marks where there should be them, and the original plugs. Waterworld Yamaha Medford screwed up the valve job on my dad's FJR. It was burning oil at an alarming rate and losing water afterwards and two visits later they couldn't fix it. Bob's Yamaha ended up fixing it. Kawasaki Honda of Medford changed the tires on my mom's Vulcan and delivered it to her to ride home with hand tight axles...
  8. Who has gotten their 36,000 mile valve service done on their 8th gen by a mechanic/the dealer? How was the cost? Did the mechanic do it correctly? Changing fluids is about the extent of what I'm comfortable doing and don't intend to learn on something as complex as a V4 VTEC. I'm more than a little paranoid about taking my 8th gen in this winter because I have zero faith in the local Honda dealers. One flat out said "when it gets to that mileage just trade it in", and the other managed to screw up the fairings when they put them back on after the 600 mile service and overtightened the oil drain plug to the point the edges where rounded off. Add to my paranoia when my dad got the valves done on his '14 FJR1300 the dealer completely boogered it up and ruined the bike.
  9. Rode out to the local lake to take pictures.
  10. I took this a few minutes before I got hit by a thunderstorm. Got soaked, but I got some riding in and that's what matters.
  11. Went out to a somewhat deserted highway and rode in a spirited fashion.
  12. To answer your question about upgrades, RaceTech offers upgrades for the 8th gen. http://www.racetech.com/ProductSearch/12/Honda/VFR800FD/2014-15
  13. A clean bike is a bike that never gets ridden. Here's my '14 in all of her road grime and bug covered goodness.
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