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  1. There’s no such thing as “no more mods”. 😉 To me, this is the #1 visual mod to make on these bikes, regardless of generation. The fact that it’s not some off-the-shelf add on, and you can literally request any type of color combo between the cover, plate, bolts, washers etc…. It’s a no brainer. His pricing is beyond reasonable and I can promise you with zero degree of uncertainty, his customer service is top notch. I can’t tell you the amount of back and forth messages I’ve had with him between doing this on my 6th gen and this bike. Also, pick his
  2. Progress!! Looks like Seb was able to match the factory bronze wheels pretty damn close...
  3. And good news on the clutch cover! It’s mostly completed and looks outstanding, as is his work is always impeccable. We’re gonna Cerakote the little porthole bolts bronze to bring that OEM wheel color back down on to the clutch cover. It’ll also match pressure plate #1, since we’re doing bronze on that to tie it all together.
  4. The pressure plate I purchased from eBay wasn’t in the condition I was expecting. Even though Seb assured me it was no big deal and he could clean up the nicks and scuffs on it prior to Cerakoting it, I went ahead and drop shipped a brand new one to him from Partzilla. I’m still going to send him this one, plus the one that’s still on my bike. That way I’ll have 3 different colors to swap in and out of as my mood changes. Along with different color bolt/washer hardware...
  5. Having had such an amazing experience working with Sebspeed during my complete overhaul/build of my 6th gen a few years back, I've decided to do the rodeo one more time with him for my 8th gen. For my custom 6th Gen R/W/Black paint scheme, we did a black powder on the cover, red pressure plate, machined silver bolts with gold washers... The whole time I was looking for an 8th gen, I knew immediately that I'd be calling upon him again to for another cover, and I was even looking for a white 8th gen instead of red, literally so we would have more color choic
  6. I wouldn't say its night and day... it's loud and sounds great either way. But there is a noticeable difference with the baffle out. If I were to blindfold you and you heard it back to back, you'd be able to correctly detect which is which. You do get a lot more of the popping and burble on decelerations too...
  7. Yep, I'm willing to agree that I may be in the minority. I also it's probably because I rarely, if ever, take my bikes more than say 100-150 miles from home. So, MPG and range just aren't things that are on my personal radar. Do you guys find that the Manufacturers stated average MPG is not what you see in real life?
  8. Would you like to sell the quick shifter? If so, PM me
  9. I’ve never understood fuel mileage posts, no offense. I know exactly zero people that purchase motorcycles for their fuel efficiency. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve never once calculated MPG on any bike I’ve owned. I ride it, fill it up, ride it again. Rinse and repeat... I’m not even sure I’ve ever looked at the price displayed on the gas pump since it’s such a small number. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.
  10. Sorry it’s taken so long to do a before/after sound clip, but I finally got around to doing one. Crappy iPhone video, but hopefully you get the gist
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