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  1. I hit 20,000 miles. Bought brand new in April 2017.
  2. You'll be back. They always come back. 🙂 so, what did you trade in for?
  3. I bought the stainless version. It was $300. I think the black version looks better, but it's an extra $50. I just wanted to mention that ixil has discontinued production and is out of stock of both for our 8th gen vfrs. So if you want one, you will have to find one someone else has in their inventory. It looks like several companies have them in stock, but they are asking close to $500. I hope nobody buys one close to that price.
  4. My ixil exhaust came in the mail today.
  5. Hey calculon, let me start by saying I'm your biggest fan, and all my circuits is my favorite show. I have 5/8" risers on my 8th gen. I think they help. I'm probably going to switch to 1" risers eventually. The risers don't change handling one bit, but they sure help me reach the bars with greater comfort. I'm including a link to a motorcycle ergonomics calculator. With this, you enter your height, and a few details of your bike, and it will tell you exactly what to expect as far as how changing things on the bike affects rider ergonomics. http://cycle-ergo.com Here's what I get when I put in my data:
  6. It is a corbin seat. I like it. It's much more comfortable than the stock seat was for me. It is worth mentioning that it is a little heavier, taller, and wider than stock. And it is one piece, so you can't use the cowl. I would still recommend it. I'd like to try a seargent seat sometime, just to compare the two.
  7. I finally decided on the smaller box. I wanted to keep the weight down, so I figured the smaller box was the way to go. It does fit my helmet (shoei rf1200) just fine. I also put some reflective tape around the box. 🙂
  8. I kept it under 150mph the whole time. 😉 I really didn't go all that fast, 10 mph or so over the limit most If the time. If you get caught going more than 20 over its a much harsher ticket. The speed limit is 75 most of the way and the traffic was light. My bike seems to like cruising at 88 mph best. You don't need to go very fast, you need to limit your stops and keep riding. If you stop every time you feel like stopping you won't be able to cover the miles. If you just go go go, the miles fly by.
  9. The corbin is a 1 piece seat, can't use the cowl with it. If you want to keep the cowl, best option is to send the stock front seat to seargent and have them rebuild it.
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