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  1. I have the factory rack. Btw it's the same rack for the seventh generation vfr1200 as the eighth gen vfr800.
  2. 60 kilometers is 37 miles. That's not much of a long ride .... 😂
  3. The settings are not going to translate from one bike to the next. Sag must be set to the bike and rider, not to someone else's results. Look up David Moss videos on YouTube. He's the expert. You'll learn a ton.
  4. I take off the calipers, but don't touch the sensor. You are also supposed to replace the caliper bolts every time, but I don't. But definitely bounce the front end a bit to ensure proper alignment, and use a torque wrench. Settings are in the manual. Here's instructions from the expert: https://youtu.be/DYHV78tWs1c
  5. Your operating temp seems low to me. 174°f? Stuck open thermostat?
  6. It's supposed to idle higher when cold, then settle in when warm. It also raises the idle when you are in first gear with the clutch pulled in. All perfectly normal.
  7. Vfr800's? They couldn't even sell the ones they made. Why would they ever make more?
  8. My friend rides a bmw 1200. I've rode it. Nice bike. He says bmw stands for buy more warranty.
  9. It doesn't matter. You can use pam cooking spray if you want. Spend less time worrying about the small stuff, and more time riding.
  10. Heres how to get at the locks. My suggestion would be to remove the locks for him. Making a copy of the key is not needed if the locks are out. He can re-use your lock insert, and just needs to order and install the pins this way.
  11. They are blank lock bodies. You key them yourself. The key number is not engraved in them. He's not going to steal your bike. But you can pop the lock bodies out for him, and he can re-key them. It's cheap and easy.
  12. Mra makes the real deal version. I bought a Chinese knockoff to try it out first. I tried it on both the factory windscreen, and the longer givi touring screen. Took it off and gave it away. Did not like it. The one in the pic is also a knockoff, I believe. The knockoffs are around twenty five bucks on Amazon. Get the big one if you get one at all.
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