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  1. Never pay what they are asking! Make sure those prices are fair before moving forward. Nobody is buying vfr's, so you shouldn't buy one if it's not a sweetheart deal.
  2. Everyone always wants to change everything on their bikes. In the end all you get is a bike that runs worse and is worth less than what you had started with.
  3. I'm still riding the same Klein mountain bike I bought in 95. Riding a pedal bike will make you a better motorcycle rider. Glad you were ok. Thanks for posting pics of the VFR napping.
  4. Thanks! That's Big Muskies bucket, in central Ohio.
  5. That's how you setup a cbr1000. A vfr needs hard luggage! 🙂
  6. It hasn't popped up for sale. They have been trying to sell it for over 6 years and nobody bought it. It is a great bike, but will need all fluids changed and it's time for new tires and maybe more. Don't pay more than half of the original retail price! If you go check it out and drop a low but fair price, they might say no, but will call you back within a day to accept your low offer. Nobody else is going to buy it anytime soon.
  7. Neither looks as good as the factory bronze
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