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  1. If you ride enough, you're bound to have mishaps sometimes. I've put 40,000 miles on it in the last 4 years. Cross country four times, dozens of heavily loaded camping trips, ride it in gravel and on suitable off-road trails. I've had it on the tail of the dragon and up pike's peak. If the worst thing that happens is a tip over in my own driveway, a scratch on the fairing, a forty dollar clutch lever replacement, and a scratched up pannier, it seems like a small deal. I'll be heading out Tuesday for a week of riding and camping at red river gorge, KY. 🙂
  2. I've ordered a oem clutch lever. Should be here Monday. I'm not going the aftermarket route. I backed it out of my garage, put down the kickstand, leaned it over, and the kickstand didn't hold it. I definitely had the kickstand down. I replayed the video wondering if I just forget, but I didn't. It just sprung back up when it touched the ground. Driveway is fairly level. No damage besides scratches on my pannier, and a small scratch on the fairing to the side of the headlight. I got super lucky! I can vinyl wrap the panniers later, or if I can replace just the outer shell that would be great. Maybe someone has an extra left side case they would part with? Btw, the pannier did an excellent job of preventing both the bike and I from being damaged. 🙂
  3. Best part is I have it on my home security cameras! I was ready to go, but my bike must have still been sleepy. I think it decided to take a nap!
  4. Thanks for the reply. They really just dropped in? The parts websites and parts counter people I talked to today all seemed to think that most aftermarket levers would not fit my bike. Is it the same part for your sixth gen and my 8th gen?
  5. Well, I dropped my bike, and need a new clutch lever. I'm not able to find anything oem locally. Anyone have any advice on fitting aftermarket levers?
  6. 1100 miles? You can eat breakfast, cover that ground, and sleep in your own bed that night. Not a big deal.
  7. People who don't understand the importance of fuel efficiency and range have never ridden so far out there that if they ran out of gas they would die trying to walk back to civilization.
  8. Thanks for doing what you do, and for giving us this space to talk and learn about our VFR's.
  9. If it's over 95°f, the airflow thru the mesh will make you hotter than if you are sealed up. You'll dehydrate faster also. It's better to seal up, or use vents to give a little airflow.
  10. You'll be fine changing the sprockets every other chain change, as long as you change the chain at a reasonable time. People are so weird about the chain. Just keep it clean and the slack set properly. Some people are saying they get 60,000 miles out of a chain. Others are taking their chain off the bike every week to clean it.
  11. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Just leave it alone.
  12. My rs4's were slippery at first. After a few hundred miles they became wonderful. Turn in and in the corner is much better. They feel super predictable and confidence inspiring. I've had them in heavy rain also. They did good, but I liked the 3's in the rain too. I think the 4 is a definite improve.
  13. Why would spammers waste their time on a website with such a small member base?
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