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  1. How can someone else bait you into speeding? Aren't you in control of your own motorcycle?
  2. I've done a ss1k on my 2014 vfr800. I thought the paperwork was harder than the ride. With 2021 being an odd numbered year, I'm looking forward to the iron butt rally!!!
  3. Trailering your bikes like a bunch of harley riders going to daytona. The shame.......
  4. None look better than the panniers without badges.......
  5. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I have to ask. Why? Why must everyone change everything? Can't you just ride the bike and enjoy it? Not trying to be mean or a smartass. I just don't get it. Isn't the vfr is a great bike as is? To be clear, you are not rebuilding a blown engine, you are pulling a perfectly good one out, putting a few thousand bucks into it, then putting it back in?
  6. Yes, but replace all the other seals and gaskets while you are at it.
  7. Engine is already out and on the bench? Split it and fix it right!
  8. It's pneumatic. You turn on your air compressor, squeeze the handle on the bleeder and lock it in the on position. It gives constant suction. There is a bottle that comes with it that automatically fills your master cylinder without overfilling it. All you have to do is crack the bleeder screw and wait til the fluid is coming out clear. 100% perfect easy bleeds every time. And it's cheaper than buying multiple speed bleeders, also. It's just a great system. 🙂
  9. I have an air powered bleeder that I bought at harbor freight a few years ago. Maybe fifteen bucks. It's so easy to use, I would never consider any other way. Please consider giving it a try. It really is that much better than manual bleeding, even with the speed bleeders.
  10. Will they have a crossrunner version that I can't buy in the states?
  11. You're laughing at him, but he's actually riding a bike, and you don't even have one.......
  12. There are plenty of VFR's out there. You will never have a problem finding a VFR if you want one. They might even make new ones again someday.
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