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  1. I'm not going to guess, but I'd like to hear the OP's guess before his dyno run to see how accurate his butt dyno is.
  2. Not sure about the crossrunners, but the eighth gen vfr 800 and vfr1200 luggage is identical with the exception of color choices.
  3. I rode this 790 for a few hours last month. Parallel twin. True, not as much character as the v4, and I'm not buying one, but it's still a very good engine. Lots of power in a tiny package. Power was very much on par with the vfr. It was a nice bike! I hate to say it, but it had tech that makes my VFR seem like an antique.
  4. I ride 1100+ miles in a day, and several thousand miles on multi week trips. Often to places where gas is unavailable. No way could I take that kind of hit to mileage. Glad you like it, but it is a no go for me.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I can stretch a tank of gas for a bit over 250 miles if I have to, and sometimes I need every bit of it to make it to the next gas station on my long trips. Looks like you have to give up quite a bit of range to get that extra power. Glad you like it, but it would not be a good fit for me.
  6. What is the effect on gas mileage?
  7. Lolz. The internets. You tell someone to completely hack up every system on their bike and they do it without question. You say use a stainless bolt and they think you are joking. 🙂
  8. Just replace them with stainless bolts.
  9. You can ride mine. I'm sure we'll meet up sooner or later.
  10. That's like 40 years old, but I thought of it also! Here's a more recent Aussie song that will one day be a classic!
  11. Offer him 6000 and walk. He'll call you back in a few days. Point out that you need tires and fluids, also mention that adding luggage will cost two grand. It's a buyer's market, and winter is right around the corner. Make a deal that makes sense, or wait. Another one will pop up. I bought my vfr800 deluxe for under $8000, brand new four years ago. Last year they had a fire sale auction dumping the leftover bikes. Deluxes sold for five grand, base models were four. There are way more eighth gens out there than buyers. They are great bikes, but just not rare or valuable. Pe
  12. That's funny, because here the expression that's the cat's ass means it's great. Like the bee's knees.
  13. I'll stick with my biscuits and sausage gravy. 🙂
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