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  1. You have an open offer on the table to ride my 8th gen any time you want. We're only ten minutes away from each other. Maybe a bit cold out today, but spring will be here before we know it.
  2. The bigger bikes aren't comparable to the 8th gen vfr. The vfr800 meets my needs. I don't need 150-200 hp and 150 mile ranges. I need 100 horsepower and 250+ miles range. 11.37 sec. @ 117.40 mph and 0-60 in 3 seconds is plenty fast enough.
  3. I keep one in my car's glovebox, and one in my bike's top case. I'm on the first aid team at work. It's a simple kit. Some trauma bandages, some tape, blood clotting agent, gloves, etc. What you carry really isn't that important. It really boils down to knowing how to use what you have and how to respond to the emergency. I'd recommend a basic first aid class, then a stop the bleed class.
  4. Selling my Corbin seat off my 2014 vfr. $400 plus shipping.
  5. Btw, there no shame in asking someone else to stand on the other side of the bike and spot you til you feel comfortable doing it by yourself.
  6. I have a few tips to go along with what everyone else said. Use the ball of your foot. You have more power there. Wear boots. I use my passenger footpeg bracket for my hand to grip. I use my knee against the bike for stability til both legs of the center stand touch the ground. Then I put all my weight on the center stand while pulling up on the footpeg bracket with my right hand, and pull backwards on the handlebar with my left hand. I have used a board under the rear tire, it does help, but I don't anymore. My goldwing buddy just uses reverse to get on his center stand. I hate that! To get off, put the bike in gear so it doesn't roll away. Put the side stand down. Rock forward and keep it balanced. Good luck. It gets easier with practice.
  7. I have the factory rack. Btw it's the same rack for the seventh generation vfr1200 as the eighth gen vfr800.
  8. Don't feel too bad. It happens to everyone sooner or later. I did it in August while backing out of the garage.
  9. This pic is from yesterday. Today I took the givi windscreen off, and put the stock one back on. edit: I put the givi back on after a few rides.
  10. If it's over 95°f, the airflow thru the mesh will make you hotter than if you are sealed up. You'll dehydrate faster also. It's better to seal up, or use vents to give a little airflow.
  11. What did I do to my VFR today? I paid it off!!! 🙂
  12. I hit 20,000 miles. Bought brand new in April 2017.
  13. I bought the stainless version. It was $300. I think the black version looks better, but it's an extra $50. I just wanted to mention that ixil has discontinued production and is out of stock of both for our 8th gen vfrs. So if you want one, you will have to find one someone else has in their inventory. It looks like several companies have them in stock, but they are asking close to $500. I hope nobody buys one close to that price.
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