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  1. Oh and I apologize. To answer your other question is that everyone is different. Everyone has a different meaning for the word perfect and everyone has different preferences. Everyone is also physically different so what might be comfy for you might be painful for someone else. Whatever you might like I might not. I was originally going to get a 16 aprilia rsv4 but then I would lose that lovely Honda reliability. I’ve put 8000 miles on my interceptor in a little over a year and all I’ve done was do oil changes. Yet it keeps running like a Swiss watch.
  2. No, it’s fine I take constructive criticism just fine. I actually chuckled when I saw your comment. And I was actually going to use an eBay motor so you can rest assured knowing I’m not taking my wondrous 8th gen apart. I love that thing too damn much. I guess you can call it inspiration. I looked at my bike and thought one day. What if Honda made a real 1000 cc “sport” bike around 440 lbs wet. Not a repliracer. They would have the market in their hands most of the people I see ride bikes just ride for fun with their friends and they always go for something cool. And I know that if Honda made
  3. Hi everyone, I thought I would ask this question on this forum since someone might have firsthand knowledge on the subject. Does anyone know what the optimal material for cylinder walls on this bike would be? I’m looking towards long term longevity as it won’t be a race bike. I was looking to do machining and engine work on the upper crankcase to install 81mm 12:3:1 pistons. I know Honda uses mmc liners that are then cast in the manufacturing of the block. I feel though that technology has to have progressed and this might be considered old school technology. I mean c’mon now it’s 2021. I was
  4. Count me in for one of the 8th headers. Actually happy the first order didn't happen yet to be honest. And I wanted to ask if I can also get a custom stainless midpipe too?
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