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  1. VFR 78, Thanks for the response! That looks like what I would like to have. Can you tell me the Model / Part number and the Specific Fitment of that set up? I find nothing for the VFR800F at SW- Motec. But in this thread others have said units for the VFR1200X and 7th gen that fit our model. Please Advise...
  2. I have a new to me 2014 VFR. I am looking for a Rack / Tail rack for it. I had a Ventura system rack for my 6th Gen(s) and liked it very much. I remember a member on here that made rack that mounted similarly but don't know of anything for the 8th Gen. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. I just acquired this 2014 8th Gen. So Far, So Amazing. All the 6th Gen Goodness in a slightly tidier, more modern package. I couldn't be happier. I'm posting today to jump back in the pool and ask: Does anyone have an electronic version of the Shop Manual for the 2014 800F model to share? Thats it for now and let the customizations(tasteful) begin...
  4. Hello All, I wanted to say Thank You to Jay-D! I used this guide and was able to Easily flush and bleed the entire braking system on my '07 ABS. I printed this article and used it as my guide in conjunction with the Honda Manual. My 14 year old Daughter was my helper, working carefully we did the job in roughly an hour. I DID change all the valves to Speed Bleeders(from Wire My Bike) before hand. Super clean and simple in both phases.
  5. I just purchased 4 NGK IMR9B-9H's for $50 shipped on Amazon, if anyone is looking. This seemed like a Very good price.
  6. I have come round on the plastic clips. When you know how to release them they do the job beautifully. I did not know how to release them at first and broke a couple learning. Now, all good. My bitch about them is the price. I found some at NAPA that fit the holes but use a phillips head style core to open and close, but, they are drag to get out. How do Zip ties work as substitutes?
  7. Kaldek, I did not know that.... I am reaching out to Throttlepimp after talking to Ryan. I like the way his looks.
  8. I would love to have a white Tach face on my 6th GEN. Does anyone if it would be a straight swap or major deal to change? They appear to be similar.
  9. I don't recall seeing the NAPA #665-2111 "push type rivets" listed here. I got some today, they work Great. The outer flange is a little larger but other than that.... They came in a bag of 5 around a buck each. Made by Balkamp.
  10. Reboot on this thread. I have been using a Hi-Flo filter on my 2002. It seems to be doing a fine job, any thoughts?
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