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  1. Place a ratchet strap on the floor. Next a suitable length of 2 X 12 on the floor and on top of the strap. Park VFR on top of board with strap under the rear wheel and board that the motorcycle is now sitting on. Place VFR on centerstand on top of board. Bring strap over seat and ratchet rear wheel firmly to the floor and board that it is parked on. This will raise the front and keep it securely in place while the wheel is removed. Board follows centerline of motorcycle and strap is at 90 degrees to motorcycle and board.
  2. chudson019

    Tahoe Nov 2015

    What windscreen is that and do you like it? I also have a Y2K and am constantly having to clean bugs from my helmet visor - I'm 5 ft 7 in and stock bars without risers.....
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