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  1. That's interesting. I would've thought they would use a similar design for both levers. Just to confirm, the clutch switch operates as expected? You notice the increase of 250 rpm as you let off clutch in 1st?
  2. Just heard back from ASV. Turns out that the gen8 has an upgraded master cylinder and lever. What's being sold now as gen8 levers don't take this difference into consideration. The lever works but will not produce the 250 rpm ramp up in 1st. They'll be manufacturing new clutch levers to rectify in a few months and will exchange mine regardless of condition when they are ready. If anyone else is running a gen8 ASV clutch lever you might want to contact them.
  3. No problem Fink, I was hoping you were seeing something I wasn't. Still waiting to hear back from Bob at ASV. I'm hoping that the Honda dealership by Huntington Beach, CA has an 8th gen hanging around. If not, if anyone here is local to ASV and would like to help shoot me a DM.
  4. I guess that's what's gotten me confused. The pdf shows crf345 as the right part #, the box shows 345sr as the part, r being red. Help me out here. Where did you get crf310??
  5. The fitment pdf attached lists crf345 as the correct part number for 2014 vfr800f. What brochure are you referring to?
  6. It is according to the ASV fitment guide. street-honda.pdf
  7. So a little update. I was wrong about the spacers, they're to fit the lever not adjust the switch contact point. I think I'm right about the switch timing though. Bob (who made the levers) at Asv is going to go to the local Honda and hopefully do some tests. I sent him this pic. Arrows are the switch contact point.
  8. Haven't switched off the lever yet but I just had a thought about what might be the issue and figured I'd run it by you guys. Asv includes a number of spacers which interface with the clutch switch. I've installed the recommended spacer but it's possible that the switch is deactivating later than the clutch reaching the friction zone and therefore not activating the 250 rpm increase. My thought is maybe use a different spacer and I've reached out to Bob at Asv to see which he'd recommend.
  9. Road with the Oem levers just before the install and had no issue with the 250 rpm increase. I'll switch the Oem clutch back on tomorrow to see if I can figure out what the issue is
  10. So I made sure after the install that the bike would not start in first without pulling the clutch and that it would start in first with the clutch pulled. Could it still be the switch?
  11. Just installed Asv f3 levers and noticed that the rpm increase letting off clutch in first has disappeared. Anyone else notice this? Did I miss something on the install?
  12. Rollos


    This thing breaths fire. Might be the loudest pipe out there. I'll have to post a video when I get time but I doubt it'll capture the sheer raucousness of this pipe.
  13. Rollos


    Competition werkes with centerstand mod complete. I'll be sending measurements to Shawn so he can work on putting these into production.
  14. Rollos


    I'm working to make the comp werkes pipe compatible with the deluxe. I've got a pipe coming in tomorrow and should have pics to share by the end of next week (big thanks to Oscar at Indian Larry customs). I'm passing the measurements back to competition werkes so everybody who wished this thing worked with a cs has a solution.

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