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  1. Look for a pair of discount side cases to be popping up soon in classifieds
  2. My insurer, allstate, did not give me the option. They said no way, they don't deal with salvage titles.
  3. I spoke too soon. Insurance totalled my bike. I just got the notification. Now i need to turn over the keys this weekend. Dm me if you want some gen8 side cases. Need to figure out how to pull the lock cylinders because my keys are going with the bike
  4. Anyone successfully removed the cylinders? I have a set i need to sell and want to pull the cylinders so they can be rekeyed.
  5. I wish i had something to chain it down to. Where I am in Brooklyn it's street only parking and you never get the same spot twice. Hopefully a sturdy disc lock and an alarm system keeps it where i put it.
  6. Nope, bastards are still out there. I was thinking the same thing with the kill switch. Apparantly scorpio alarm makes one that ties into their system that costs just $20 and is triggered remotely. I'm hoping that the damage os minimal but won't know until i have eyes on it.
  7. Good news. I'll be back after all. Cops found my bike in the bronx. Going to pick it up monday. Looks like some kids hot wired it and broke the gas tank lock so they could joy ride for a month. Cops said it still looks good. Just got an alarm to make it less likely to happen again.
  8. Well it was fun while it lasted. My beautiful 2014 vfr800 deluxe disappeared from outside my place in brooklyn late thursday. Goodbye all you wonderful people.
  9. The stock stopper looks like it's made for it if you want to reuse the whole bracket
  10. This thing breaths fire. Might be the loudest pipe out there. I'll have to post a video when I get time but I doubt it'll capture the sheer raucousness of this pipe.
  11. Competition werkes with centerstand mod complete. I'll be sending measurements to Shawn so he can work on putting these into production.
  12. I'm working to make the comp werkes pipe compatible with the deluxe. I've got a pipe coming in tomorrow and should have pics to share by the end of next week (big thanks to Oscar at Indian Larry customs). I'm passing the measurements back to competition werkes so everybody who wished this thing worked with a cs has a solution.
  13. Are you still running the CW pipe? I'd love to hear more about it. I'm between getting it or the DAM.
  14. Competition werkes 8th gen exhaust is live on their site. No stopper for the centerstand. Anyone Fab one up?
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