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  1. Just got her back today. Looks like everything has been sorted by the new fan (and whatever else Honda did that they haven't told me). Fan comes on and cools her down nicely and is now running with the engine off like it's supposed to (keyed off, then back on, kill switch in run position). It's 95°f here today and the highest she ran was 220°.
  2. Talked to Honda today. They said they checked the relay and it's not showing any issues. Hopefully they're honest and the problem is entirely contained in the fan motor. Just bizarre that I've had two fail in a year of ownership.
  3. Thanks Grum! I'll make sure that's taken into consideration
  4. Just got word from the Honda that it's the fan. Although it's running it's not moving enough air. They've ordered a new fan motor. This is the second time the fan motor has been replaced. Last year I had it replaced because it seized. I'm not a big fan of coincidence so if anyone has any ideas regarding why I'm running through fans faster than tires I'm all ears
  5. Just checked oil in the sight glass and I'm seeing very little in there. Could it have burned off due to overheating or is this sign of much bigger issues? Trouble is I'm not sure if the bike was low on oil before it started overheating or if this is a newer development. I'm topping it off as soon as I'm back tonight. I was just about to give it an oil change before the whole overheating thing. Never had to add oil between changes before
  6. I've been the only owner and never smelt or seen any evidence of a coolant leak. Wouldn't a hole in my radiator spill a ton of coolant?
  7. I might have an intermittent short in the fan relay wiring but I haven't had a chance to check yet. That's the only explanation I can think of. The bike definitely feels like it's overheating regardless of what the temp sensor and instrument panel are telling me. I believe it when it's reading 250° because I'm roasting sitting on it. My butt temp sensor is in full agreement there.. I've pulled over a few times in the past two weeks when the instrument panel read +235 and threw it in neutral. Every time I've done that the fan was spinning but the temp kept climbing on the instrument panel. I end up hitting the kill switch around 245 and waiting for 15 minutes...
  8. So I ended up riding to work and the temp went into the 240s in heavy traffic. The fan is running. I'm not sure why it didn't run this morning. So here's the situation: Fan runs Plenty of coolant. Still overheating to the point when the idiot light comes on
  9. Fuse looks good so I'll have to check the relay
  10. I am under the 4 year Honda care I bought with the bike last year but I'd love to narrow down the issues before I bring it in. I use the bike to commute and don't want to be without it for months. Any suggestions would be welcome. I'll check the fuze this afternoon
  11. Checked coolant this morning and added about 6 ounces to bring it up to the fill line. I let the bike warm up then rev'd to 5k RPM to bring the temp up to 225. No fan. 230. No fan. 240. No fan. Turned bike off. I have Gremlins. The fan was working fine yesterday. I booked an appointment at my local Honda for a warranty repair in two weeks. I'll be riding it like it's an airhead until then. So now I'm thinking thermostat, and fan wiring since the fan still turns so probably not a seized fan motor.
  12. How many inches below the top is the high line?
  13. Yeah I suppose a water pump would need to be functioning too for the coolant to circulate.
  14. I wish the fan ran with the engine off. Any reason why it's wired not to?
  15. How long does it typically take to hit operating temp? Another reason I'm suspecting the thermostat is it takes 3-5 minutes to get 165° And thanks 4corsa, it looks like I've got enough coolant through the site window but I will double check by opening up the reserve
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