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  1. Just put on a set of T31s. This is after putting about 4500 miles on the stock dunlops. I have to say that they're so much more comfortable a ride. I was really surprised since I read Bridgestone is a pretty hard tire.
  2. Vfr is the faster bike. Compare 0-60 and quarter mile here: https://www.zeroto60times.com/body-style/motorcycle/ Also with regard to maintenance and rate Honda parts and labor are definitely a bargain compared to BMW. And for what it's worth, the BMW is hideous in comparison.
  3. Any issues using the OEM quickshifter with a power commander?
  4. Has anyone tried installing an audiovox or Rostra cruise control kit on the 8 gen?
  5. Kaoko. Little pricey but easy to use.
  6. Have you thought about lithium batteries? I had a earthx in my old BMW, costs about $250, cranks up no issue in the cold, never had to actually charge it, lasted 8 years. Oh and it weighed about 2.5 lbs. I'm definitely going this route again once the original battery kicks the bucket
  7. Thanks giggs87, I actually just bought the R&G ones from twisted throttle. Partsworld had the GSG sliders on sale for around 110 chf but they don't seem to be listed anymore.
  8. Anyone have the Sato sliders? Or could someone give me an idea to how they compare to R&G? Worth the extra $60?
  9. Thanks, I'll probably go with R&G. Too much uncertainty otherwise. Lost a bit of faith in T-Rex after this episode and noticed that they've changed designs at least three times. I'm thinking the older version might have held up a bit better.
  10. I was hoping to import from a seller in Switzerland who was selling for around $120. Unfortunately he doesn't ship to the US. Anyone with a Swiss contact that could help out?
  11. T-REX got back to me. They're issuing a refund on the kit. They also said they're pulling the kit from all platforms. So I'm going to look for another option or run without. I'm now looking at the GSG sliders from Germany. Looks like they're no cut as well but less to go wrong.
  12. Here's a clearer picture. Bolt ripped in half. Pretty sure that's not supposed to happen.
  13. I'm in contact with the manufacturer. It might be just a one off production flaw. We'll see what they say
  14. NYC is probably the ultimate bike protection proving ground. Getting out of my Manhattan office today and noticed that someone moved my bike. By moved I mean from vertical to horizontal and then back to vertical. Looks like the frame sliders I got from T-Rex don't protect. Time to shop for a new mid-fairing...
  15. Hey Bigdan, This isn't an installation issue. ASV has verified that they manufactured the clutch levers for an older version of the master cylinder. DM me if you want details.
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