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  1. I went from Castle Rock to Monument via Perry Park road, did I25 to Garden of the Gods then up to Woodland Park.. from there up 67 to Pine. Took 285 to Morrison and then headed home on 470 and Santa Fe road....
  2. Got a speeding ticket, and also had a great ride this chilly Colorado morning
  3. shop put in Maxima Extra 10w-40
  4. Whatever Honda/dealer put in it when it was new. I'm the second owner, it only has 1,000 miles...and 400 of them miles from me in the past 2 weeks since I bought it. Itz getting an oil change tomorrow.
  5. Found the spacers for the front of the seat, in a box I got when I bought the bike, and installed them. Was wondering why the front of the seat would move down when I sat on the bike. Took the baffle out of the shorty Delkevic exhaust, fired it up, and put the baffle right back in. Good Lord did it sound good, but too loud for me.
  6. Back in the VFR game Just picked up a 2014 VFR800 Used to be a member here a long time ago
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