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  1. I tipped it over in the garage today while driving onto the dolly... rear tire must have not been lined up good enuf and I caught the edge and over we went. Threw a leg out, but that pig had other ideas... In related news, looking for 8th gen left side body work in red
  2. Bmart, I dumped it because it sounded like ass, I understand how it sounds to you or me might not be the same. The longer delk might sound better, but I didn't want to spend money and guess, so I went with a good quality Arrow and never looked back. The Arrow sounds nice and deep with the volume where I wanted it.
  3. I got a VCR i need the time set on if you're not too busy...
  4. Looks good... no range... Glad to see something that isn't ADV or parallel twin entering in the sport tourer category, but not nifty enuf to make me leave my 8th gen
  5. Serviced the front and rear brakes today, good by original brake fluid, hello fresh stuff. Also washed and waxed it. And mounted the givi v47 box and loaded it up with my cool weather gear. Need to find some reflective decals to put on that givi box now...
  6. I had a delk muffler for a lil bit and rode it with and without the db killer in place and never noticed a difference in acceleration or idle or rev smoothness. Mebbe it's just your imagination. I dumped delk as soon as I could...
  7. Any 8th gen folks mount one of these without the dyno tune? What are the impressions. How does it run without a tune?
  8. I rode it to/ from work in 100° weather... wish I would have worn my mesh pants today instead of my non vented pants over my jeans...ugh
  9. I didn't do anything to my bike today...I did however clean out all the junk that was behind it so I can get the ol 8th gen out for a ride this week
  10. Cleaned and lubed chain Washed and waxed Now it sits waiting for the sun to come out later this week
  11. Went for a ride... wasn't out for long, but it felt good And of course its supposed to snow tomorrow
  12. Mounted up an Arrow exhaust i got of FB vfr800 owners group... of course it's supposed to rain/ snow tomorrow...
  13. Bought it a lil over a year ago... original owner put 600 miles on it... I've done the rest
  14. Removed my broken comp-werkes tail tidy bracket and replaced it with the VFR12OO tail tidy from Comp-Werkes. Original owner bent some other model up, but it had stress cracks and eventually failed. VFR12OO model tidy fits right in there...a lil fiddling with the license plate light housing gasket and its a pretty simple install.
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