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  1. Pit Bull makes a single side swing arm stand for the rear...look on FB marketplace for a used one and get the right pin that fits the hub
  2. I saw one in Denver craigslist the other day... if I had garage space mebbe Nice bike!
  3. That looks nifty and sounds great
  4. It was the shorty chromed one. Sold it to a guy on the CO Vfr FB messenger group chat...
  5. Got rid of loud delkevic and installed stock muffler. Mebbe I'll find something else I like better, but I like what's left of my hearing more...
  6. Is this screen the same shape as the stock screen?
  7. I have a similar Joe Rocket mesh jacket that I really like. Was hoping the VFR jacket had a lil more color to it, but is a pretty nice jacket...
  8. Thanks for the advice and concerns. I was hoping to see if there were any baffle restrictions to be removed, and then possibly pack/repack any sound deadening material inside it. Hoping for a lil more growl, opposed to the nasty shorty delk sound that's on there now. I have an original muffler inbound to me from a forum member... so I'll be at least oem soon Thank you David
  9. Has anyone opened up a stock 8th gen muffler? Are there any gains to be made in volume or sound quality?
  10. No...I have the little fill in plates/covers mounted in there. No pillion cover or grab handles in use.
  11. Just the seat... don't use the cover or handles
  12. i just looked at my bike lovingly today....way too cold and snowy in the Denver CO area to ride. I did try to get a group ride together today tho...no takers :)
  13. Plug n play, I like that. Does the heated grip indicator on the dash turn on when you use the grips too?
  14. What's the difference between these two model Honda grip heaters, other than $100. 08T70-MJM-A00 and 08T70-MJM-A01 both found on revzilla for a 2014 vfr800f
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