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  1. i just looked at my bike lovingly today....way too cold and snowy in the Denver CO area to ride. I did try to get a group ride together today tho...no takers :)
  2. Plug n play, I like that. Does the heated grip indicator on the dash turn on when you use the grips too?
  3. What's the difference between these two model Honda grip heaters, other than $100. 08T70-MJM-A00 and 08T70-MJM-A01 both found on revzilla for a 2014 vfr800f
  4. Wired up the trickle charger harness, and on the heated gear harness changed the fuse to be able to handle the addition of a heated jacket. Prolly gonna add a distribution block for the electronics soon.
  5. On the other side of reservoirs, not shown in your picture, is a black plastic screw cap. I think this is where other models mount their mirrors. You could use that area for a mount, but it would put your GPS further out into the elements..
  6. Went for a ride today, low 50s - heated gear made for a wonderful time...
  7. Replaced the loose rivets with machine screws and nylock nuts on the fender eliminator...no more worries about losing my plate
  8. Ahhhhh.... Some places in the US have vehicle inspections that you must do prior to getting the vehicles registration renewed. It varies state to state...
  9. Went for a ride before the snow hits us tonight.... Colorado, USA
  10. I went from Castle Rock to Monument via Perry Park road, did I25 to Garden of the Gods then up to Woodland Park.. from there up 67 to Pine. Took 285 to Morrison and then headed home on 470 and Santa Fe road....
  11. Got a speeding ticket, and also had a great ride this chilly Colorado morning
  12. shop put in Maxima Extra 10w-40
  13. Whatever Honda/dealer put in it when it was new. I'm the second owner, it only has 1,000 miles...and 400 of them miles from me in the past 2 weeks since I bought it. Itz getting an oil change tomorrow.
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