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  1. That's neat Is the front fairing a different shape than the non- police bikes?
  2. Needs a few galactic empire stickers on it now...
  3. Spent some time at Alice Springs... plenty of areas to open it up and ride... just don't run out of gas
  4. Can you still keep the catalytic converter with this header?
  5. I don't remember having to do anything to the sidestand. I did have to adjust the brake pedal and brake light switch a bit is all.
  6. SubyRS... that looks great!...I never even noticed that I could take that spacer out on mine when I did the comp-werkes eliminator. Also took the 8th gen out for a 250 mile ride yesterday thru Tarryal reservoir and Deckers area yesterday....
  7. Aired up the tires... Wired up the honda accessory socket under the seat... Didn't break anything
  8. Changed the oil and topped off the coolant... and I didn't break anything
  9. I dig the paint job/ theme! Not my cup of tea, but looks interesting and must be a blast to ride David
  10. I tipped it over in the garage today while driving onto the dolly... rear tire must have not been lined up good enuf and I caught the edge and over we went. Threw a leg out, but that pig had other ideas... In related news, looking for 8th gen left side body work in red
  11. Serviced the front and rear brakes today, good by original brake fluid, hello fresh stuff. Also washed and waxed it. And mounted the givi v47 box and loaded it up with my cool weather gear. Need to find some reflective decals to put on that givi box now...
  12. Any 8th gen folks mount one of these without the dyno tune? What are the impressions. How does it run without a tune?
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