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  1. I would be very cautions about pushing in the calipers against the rotors or using a screwdriver to pry the caliper open against the rotor as well. you do not want to bend the rotor or gouge the surface with the screwdriver. A bent rotor - even slight - will cause a very unsettling brake pulse. Rotors aren't cheap your better off taking the calipers off.
  2. Glad to hear all of the install went well and that you are happy with the part. Bike looks really good!
  3. My bike used to do the same thing in super cold weather, but, it would only happen in gear just as the clutch Leger switch would trip. The bike would Rev itself up even with my hand off the throttle. From what I've heard it's some anti-stall programming in the computer. Since I instapped my rapid bike, it no longer does it. As many suggested, it was as the fast idle wax unit. I replaced it ($120 canadian pesos and a lot of cursing) only to find out that the one I replaced was still good
  4. well, after getting frustrated with the low idle start up... I decided to adjust my fast idle wax unit. I adjusted the "non-adjustable" nut by a few turns until it idled slightly high on starts on warm days until the coolant temp reaches approximately 42 degrees C where it will drop to normal idle - approx 1200rpm
  5. I sure am, I have a few left! If you're interested, PM me a shipping address and I can get a shipping quote Cheers Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
  6. Hey Ponchoh. Are you still interested in a bracket for the 8th gen?
  7. Looks really good, mate! Glad to see it fits. I'll have to keep Amazon in mind for these next time
  8. Sorry I hadn't gotten back on this, things got a bit hectic. It appears that the pair has no effect on the low idle, however, I did notice that with the pair enabled the idle becomes more inconsistent when warm. this may be a side effect of my rapid bike though?
  9. Hi kave, Perfect timing, I sold them so fast that I just picked up another batch of 10 yesterday! Message me your shipping address and I can get a quote for you Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
  10. So, now that's its a bit warmer here I have noticed mine tends to do the same. I did narrow the knocking down to the transmission - if i pull in the clutch, the knock goes away. I'm thinking this may be a PAIR related quirk. I have plugged mine back in for test sake and see what effect that has. I'll know tomorrow after i leave work
  11. Dang, well that's good to know at least. Sent from my XT1635-02 using Tapatalk
  12. Hey adkfinn, hotshoerob test fitted a cardboard cutout for me and this is roughly how it looks. There is a bit of a gap due to the slightly different shape of the triple clamp, but it does fit If you're interested send DM me your mailing address and I can get a quote on shipping!
  13. Hey CaptChaos, Sounds good. I take it you have a VFR1200? Ill see if there is anyone close to me as well with a 1200 that can help with measurements. Just on quick glance i think the upper clamp on the VFR800 and VFR1200 have a similar shape.
  14. Hey ponchoh, unfortunately it won't fit the 8th gen. However, I'm willing to develop something similar for the 8th gen if there is someone local in my area with one that can let me take some measurements
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