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  1. Thanks for sharing your install Duccmann. This mounting method did cross my mind, but I had concerns about the rigidity of the bracket and the singular fastening point. Have you found that you have much flex when you go to plug in your accessory?
  2. That's really good news Marooncobra! Thank you for investigating that on your end. I got a quote from a local supplier to have these manufactured - It's the same cost for them to produce 1 bracket, as it is to make 10 (which includes a fairly hefty set up cost). To avoid the setup charge I would need to order about 550 brackets, which might be a pipe dream. If I can get 10 people interested in buying one I will certainly go ahead and invest in the manufacturing. To recoup the manufacturing costs I would have to sell the brackets at $19.50 CAD each plus shipping. Let me know your thoughts. Anyone else interested in a bracket??? Cheers,
  3. LOL, the right fairing looks like there is a sticker covering up fire damage
  4. Is there anyone in the Toronto, Ontario area with a VFR that has HISS, willing to test out the prototype bracket on their bike?
  5. Alright, I had some time to get the Keys overlaid in Solidworks. The Blue Key is the HISS Key and the Red key is Non HISS - you can see a considerable size difference. I have also put in the black bezel in relation to the measurements I have taken to my key. You can see there is some interference with the bezel and the HISS key (highlighted in yellow in the pic). I am not sure this is enough interference to prevent the lock from being able to actuate properly. I am also assuming the HISS bezel has a similar center profile as the Non HISS bezel.
  6. Thanks, Marooncobra. But I don't think that'll be necessary. I just spent the last 5 hours making another prototype. A rough one, stainless steel is hard for me to work with. I used 1.4mm thick material this time and found that at least with my key it works and allows the lock to actuate properly. So I think the thinner material is going to be a solid solution to make this a simple bolt on application. You can see in the photo I have the original aluminum part installed along with the stainless steel part. This is to compensate for the material I sanded off of the bottom of the bezel. I am going to draw the keys in Solidworks and make sure this will work with the HISS key dimensions too. Not sure I'll be able to get to do that this evening, but I'll try.
  7. It would be for sure, but I want this to be a clean install requiring no modifications. Plus I'd be concerned with taking too much material off of the rubber coating on the key and having it fall off
  8. That's awesome, Thank you Marooncobra. I'm shocked how much bigger the HISS key actually is. I'll make up a mock key and do some experimentation this week. I'll keep you posted! Cheers
  9. You are correct Grum, the HISS is molded right into the bezel. Are you able to take a few measurements of your key similar to what I have in this pic? Marooncobra, I take it yours is an HISS model as well?
  10. I'm hoping I can tap into some old manufacturing contacts that I used to frequently get prototypes made from a previous job I had, so fingers crossed indeed! Thank you! For now, unfortunately this would be a NON HISS only application. The HISS module is part of the black bezel that surrounds the key hole. The only way around this would most likely be similar to how I pushed in the brass inserts deeper into my bezel and sanded the plastic down by 1/8". One solution that I can think of is perhaps if I get one prototype made out of a thinner material, such as 18ga Stainless steel. I just worry that at this thickness the rigidity wouldn't be there. But, with 18ga only being approximately 0.05" thick, in theory, the key should still work with the stock bezel. Do you know if there is any size difference between a Non HISS key and HISS key?
  11. Thanks, Maroon Cobra. I appreciate the positive feedback! Let me send out a few emails and make a few phone calls this week and see what a small batch would cost to have made. One thing I know for sure, is if there is enough interest, and I can get the volumes up would help bring the per piece cost down. I have tweaked the design slightly since I posted the above renderings, here is what it looks like now. I refined a few dimensions. I have also Designed a single sided version as well If any one else is interested, let me know.
  12. Hey Jussi, I have the previous generation VFR, but I encountered a similar situation as you did. No clue as to where and how to mount a USB or 12V outlet that wouldn't require any cutting of plastics. I realized that there was some space between the ignition and triple tree that comfortably had space for a USB or 12V. Take a look at what I made to hold the power outlets The same thing might be able to help you too make a very nice and clean install.
  13. I've made some modifications to the design and made a key bezel in CAD. I tried to replicate the plastic bezel with a flat plate of aluminum. Any thoughts?
  14. Got my wiring harness finished up and installed this morning. Everything fit like a charm. Hard to even tell I added in the extra wiring. Tested the steering lock with the modified bezel and it works flawlessly. All that is left is waiting on my Chinese RAM knockoff mount to arrive so I can mount my GPS from the center of the triple clamp.
  15. Success! Thankfully this bezel was a thermoplastic and reacted to heat well... I got both brass inserts pushed in 1/8"and I sanded the bezel to match. Looks totally factory
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