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  1. A lot of cars these days have hydraulic lifters or hydraulic tappets which eliminates the need to adjust valve lash as the lifter/tappet automatically compensates for wear. Unless the Lifter/tappet has gone bad. A lot of motorcycles do not have hydraulic lifters or tappets because it adds complexity to the engine as there now has to be a complex route of oiling channels to provide oil pressure to these components. From what I understand as well, higher RMP engines generally don't use hydraulic lifters do to some issues with supplying proper oil pressures and function pr
  2. Taking part in those discussions on industrial consumer products was entertaining, followed by horribly boring statistical calculations padded with safety margins. So I can only imagine that the initial testing efforts for larger products like motorcycles would be awesome! Minus the math
  3. Yes, however, just shows that they have made updates to the internals. What those updates exactly are I don't know and I'm sure it's more than just the cams. But, it is possible that those updates helped with the keeping the clearance within spec longer
  4. It would appear that between the 6th and 8th Gen, honda has updated their cam shaft part numbers. This could partially be a reason why
  5. I was able to get a few more of these made if anyone is interested https://www.ebay.ca/itm/124593348750 Any questions, let me know! PS, Soon ill have some non-VFR branded ones as well. my supplier ran out of material so hopefully early next week ill have those too.
  6. For racing applications, of course!
  7. I was using a scrap piece of wood at one point, but in my move it got lost in transit, and I did want something that would look factory under the seat so it wouldn't get lost again. Boredom has me tinkering under the "hood" more often than not these days
  8. That's actually where I got my inspiration from. My old SV650 had a prop rod similar to what I am assuming you had on your SV1000. I have a GPS mount attached through the center of my stem nut, so I couldn't use the stem nut. Bonus is though, the ABS lines and the tank fastening bosses give a pretty secure spot to put the end of the rod. Once it gets warmer out, I may try to find a more elegant way to mount it somewhere
  9. The locks downs have me going crazy these days finding any excuses to tinker. In the process of doing a full PAIR delete and prepping for heated grips. I decided to make a prop rod for the gas tank. Honda's solution of using the chain tensioning tool just seemed silly to me. Bent up some 3/16" rod, added a rubber bumper and presto. Simple prop rod that fits perfectly with the tool pouch in the bike
  10. It sounds like it has a bit of a stumble when you open the throttle. Does the smoke have a very sweet smell to it? Does it have a very pungent, acrid smell? It is quite possible that it is running a bit rich. It's also very possible that the ambient air temperature and humidity is currently at the perfect temperature that the exhaust gasses hit the dewpoint .
  11. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. Have you noticed that it makes much difference? I've really been considering on getting one for my 6th gen, but haven't been convinced it was long enough to provide much benefit - Cheers!
  13. There are rumblings of our Govt lifting the lock down restrictions shortly. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get a few more made! I'll let you know as soon as my mfr opens back up.
  14. I'm starting to get some more interest in these again, so I certainly will get a few more made. Only part holding me back now is my area is currently under strict lockdown until beginning of February. Once our gov't allows us a bit more freedom I'll have more made
  15. Hey all, now that the cold weather is upon us... Just curious to find out how high the cold start high idle should be right after fire up when the temp are just above freezing
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