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  1. TriumphTraitor

    Rear LED light cluster for 6th Gen

    That is a very interesting modification. I would really be interested in seeing how it looks all lit up. Curious to see if you would need a new relay or special resistors to maintaining the signal flash rate. Kudos on getting it all packaged in there nicely!
  2. TriumphTraitor

    RapidBike Evo Install

    Are you referring to that slight popping noise that you can hear coming from under the tank? If so, tha's actually the pair valve opening and closing
  3. TriumphTraitor

    RapidBike Evo Install

    The only benefit removing the snorkel has is you hear more of the induction noise. But agreed, it makes no difference in performance, however, I did notice with the PAIR mod, the bikes runs way more lean on the lower end of the RPM's and it ran much worse for me. The pair valve is N/O up until i believe 2k rpm where it abruptly shuts off. with the valve open, it creates a lean situation and the bike tries to compensate by adding more fuel. So blocking the valve makes the bike think its running rich and then it cuts back on the fuel which is why there is that drop in RPM when it is blocked off. I may be wrong on this, but i'm fairly sure this is the case. With the RB, I did disable the PAIR valve though and its so much smoother... I have done some more playing and modified the map quite a bit more.
  4. TriumphTraitor

    RapidBike Evo Install

    After months of scouring the internet it became apparent that my VFR was plagued by a similar issue that many have that has no apparent cure. Lumpy idling, stumbling upon acceleration and over all poor running. I did all of the Troubleshooting that's in the repair manual and all checked within spec. Even checking the balance of the starter valves - all was within spec. I have tried various combinations of he PAIR mod as well with very little success. There was a lot of recommendation to use a PowerCommander but there was generally a divide where it either exacerbated the problems or only mildly made them better. In my research I came across the RapidBike Racing and Evo modules. What piqued my interest with this module over the PowerCommander was this module utilizes the O2 sensors and has the ability to adjust the fueling in the lower spectrum of the RPM which cant be modified by simpler modules such as the PowerCommander. The biggest downside was the hefty price tag. a few more hundred over the PowerCommander. But the results reported by all seemed promising so I bit the bullet and ordered myself one. Well, it took nearly 2 months to receive which was incredibly disappointing especially specifically ordering directly through RapidBike Canada. None the less, I spent last week installing this module. I was't particularly pleased with trying to stuff this module under the seat (where we all know there is no space already) so i decided to make this installation as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible. Check out the photos. Its been about 400Km since I have installed the module and holy $H!T, I cannot express the difference this bike has in performance, smoothness, rideability and overall engine characteristics. The increase in low end torque is unreal! I have played around with a couple of the MAP settings in the module and its only getting better and better as the module self programs Km by Km. So for anyone who is suffering from a similar plague, I highly recommend the RapidBike Module.
  5. TriumphTraitor

    Custom Rear Mudguard Tidy

    i went with the redfox, it was one of the few available that didn't require drilling the swing arm. I was pretty disappointed with the fit though and I was not pleased with how the zip ties that fasten the lower portion of the hugger fitted. I spent several hours with a heat gun bending and remoulding the ABS plastic so that it fit perfectly around the tire - and I ultimately ended up drilling a small hole into the swing arm to eliminate the awful zip ties
  6. TriumphTraitor

    Custom Rear Mudguard Tidy

    Thank you! The guy who had it before me did a great job with the mods and keeping her in great shape. I wish I could give you the good news saying i finished up the carbon fiber, but unfortunately, living in the great old Canada makes getting the materials to make the mold very difficult and expensive. so this project ended up being put on the back burner. Had some other priorities to work on such as replacing the horribly located fast idle wax unit. I did however get the decals and tire hugger installed though and the world of difference IMO.
  7. TriumphTraitor

    Custom Rear Mudguard Tidy

    Hey All, First time VFR owner and first time poster. I've been a Triumph thoroughbred for a while now - owning both a Street Triple and Thunderbird - I decided I wanted something a bit more sport touring. A few family friends own VFR's from various generations and I have heard nothing but good things about them. So I decided to buy a 2009 VFR800 to add to my stable. The previous owner did some tasteful mods to it such as Honda hard bags, leovince exhaust, tail tidy and a double bubble windshield. To add my own touch to it I'm adding a few mods to it myself - honda logos on lower portion of the fairing, reflective rim stripes and a rear tire hugger from red fox (waiting for it in the mail). In addition I wanted to create a new tail tidy as I noticed without any form of mud guard, the tail lights get coated in road grime and dirt and muck which reduces their effectiveness (plus they are getting sandblasted.) I am making a new inner rear fender to cover up the gap in between the exhaust behind the tail tidy. My ultimate goal is to cast my prototype in carbon fiber. Take a look and let me know your thoughts or if you have any suggestions.

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