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  1. I feel like this is just a safe assumption. With 4 valves open at lower rpms the air velocity is a lot lower seing as there is more area to flow, meaning you would lose the advantages of the two valves which hive a higher air flow velocity due to the smaller opening area which causes the air charges momentum to actually fill the cylinder with more air/fuel charge. thus giving better low end performance. On the converse, at the higher rpms you want the flow to be as unrestricted as possible as the induced drag on the faster flowing air through just the two valves would end up chokin
  2. I don't have a much life experience as most, being in my early 30's. But one thing I know for sure is that I never make any mod that can't be 100% put back to stock with the parts I remove or add. Sometimes you just never know the unintended consequences of the mods being made. Mind you, I certainly have no regrets with the mods i've made to my viffer - I really enjoy tinkering with my rapid bike software to make it run as smooth as possible.
  3. waiting for a detailed ride review and sound clip!
  4. What an amazing transformation. Great job, she looks brand new!
  5. I have the abs version but my calipers are dark grey/matte black. I believe there were some changes to the calipers made half way through the generation
  6. That looks like the stock white, with a red pin stripe added.. Looks pretty slick IMHO. I'd consider doing the same on my bike!
  7. I did see two different sets, one of them had a cracked housing and the other the lenses look no where near the condition of the ones I'm replacing. I'm pretty anal when it comes to scratches and swirl marks on my vehicles How did you find the fitment on them? I guess my biggest concern with the after market headlight is that in my experience with cars they don't come with the same UV protection on the lens and end up yellowing and cracking very quickly. But it seems like maybe these Chinese ones might be decent parts
  8. Let me begin by first asking if anyone might know where I can find a used mint set of OEM headlight assemblies (L&R) and a left mirror for my previously mint 2 wheeled child - my 2009 viffer? eBay, amazon and kijiji have been no help. I can get a brand new pair of head lights from bike bandit for about $650 CAD and a new mirror for $90. Has anyone had any experience with non OEM headlight assemblies? or Mirrors? How do they compare to OEM? I'm counting my lucky stars that only the headlights and mirror were the only casualties in a very bizarre garage accident
  9. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. Would be awesome to see a before and after(once complete) of all the restoration!
  11. I did some googling and found this You can see the only difference is the Stainless steel backers are given for one of the pads in each kit. The pads themselves are identical. Why Honda would do this is beyond me
  12. My guess is Honda most likely has a different backer spacer on the pads from left to right - meaning they would be a different skew number in the system but the actual pad might be the same
  13. From what I understand, the front left and right are the same, however depending on the year the front calipers may take different pads than the rear. Mine is 09 and I needed a different set for the rear than the front
  14. I don't know about the VIN situation, however, I did a VPN to Japan and did a google.co.jp and the only 6th gen VFR's that come up in Japan have the same Honda logo as the rest of the world - I'm pretty sure the "JDM" story is Bull Snot. Another tell-tale sign that this is a a respray/chinese fairing replacement is the VFR logo was installed on the wrong angle IMHO, because this guy is feeding you the Bull, i'd just walk away from it.
  15. Certainly will look much cleaner without the stripes! The pics really do make it look like a super clean bike and well taken care of. One other thing I noticed is he put what looks like black sheet metal riveted to the heat shields on the mufflers- maybe hiding drop scuffs? (just spit ballin ideas, might help with the price negotiations)
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