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  1. Klim offers a 30% military/government discount with their VIP program. The ultimate two piece would have to be the Badlands Pro A3 (it's rated CE AAA).
  2. I immediately thought of the Hardanger, the lack of a full length zipper on the updated version dissuaded me and the potential for a wet lap on the older version put it out of the running. I commute to the office rain or shine and wear shirt and tie under my gear, overpants/suit is at the top of the list. The Transit looks great for weekend riding, but I have reservations about wearing dress clothes under it. Thanks for all the great suggestions.
  3. Thanks, how did it hold up in the rain? One thing I like about Aerostich is there's no need to stop to put on wet weather gear, especially if it's just a light or intermittent rain.
  4. I picked up a new R-3 to replace my 5 year old Roadcrafter (50,000 miles and it shows on a Hi-viz suit). I'm a huge fan of their suits, but the seam split within a month. Aerostich took it back no questions asked, AFTER I rode with it for a month! I don't think there's anything comparable out there. So my question: Anybody try a Klim Kodiak at an eye watering $2,000? And does it seem like it can compete with an R-3 Roadcrafter?
  5. Nice footpegs, could you tell me who makes them?
  6. Fellow member ctsmith hooked me up with that glorious sounding Arrow exhaust!
  7. I now have the best sounding, best looking, most functional motorcycle in Wisco!!
  8. After a ride, there used to be grit on the valve cover. I wanted to prevent the beautiful bronze from getting sandblasted over time.
  9. I installed a front fender extender to minimize the gunk I'm picking up from the road. Too bad the front wheel had to come off.
  10. I changed out the brake and clutch fluid. I bought the bike new last summer (it was in the dealer warehouse for 4 years). And thought it was probably due. On the beer-o-meter it was an amber, now a lager! Clutch was much darker, maybe a Scotch Ale.
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