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  1. Nice footpegs, could you tell me who makes them?
  2. Fellow member ctsmith hooked me up with that glorious sounding Arrow exhaust!
  3. I now have the best sounding, best looking, most functional motorcycle in Wisco!!
  4. The Deluxe version has adjustable suspension. I tinker with the settings quite a bit (I switch between two up and solo regularly).
  5. After a ride, there used to be grit on the valve cover. I wanted to prevent the beautiful bronze from getting sandblasted over time.
  6. I've had the bike for a little over a year and put 5,800 miles on it. In that time, I've never set off the TC. Took it out to top of the gas tank for the winter. Air temp was in the mid-30's and the tires weren't much warmer. Grabbed a handful of throttle and BOOM the TC light lit up and the revs jumped. I don't think the rear broke loose more than a second or two. My question is: Have any of you triggered the TC in more ideal riding conditons?
  7. +1 for the Roadcrafter. The ease of putting it on can't be understated. Plus, I think it's like a badass flight suit!
  8. I installed a front fender extender to minimize the gunk I'm picking up from the road. Too bad the front wheel had to come off.
  9. That looks awesome. Love seeing the rear wheel exposed. I ride with the sidecases attached AND the 45 liter trunk, aesthetics is not happening :). My wife absolutely loves riding on the back. Which brings me back to the search for a full exhaust system. A few more ponies is appreciated, but I don't need to alert the authorities we're having a spirited ride. FWIW I owned a bone stock 2011 Haybusa before this. Plenty of power for two up riding, but A LOT of smacks on the helmet to slow down!
  10. As the temp starts to dip, I'm thinking of a winter project. Does anybody besides Delkevic make a full exhaust system for an 8gen?
  11. I changed out the brake and clutch fluid. I bought the bike new last summer (it was in the dealer warehouse for 4 years). And thought it was probably due. On the beer-o-meter it was an amber, now a lager! Clutch was much darker, maybe a Scotch Ale.
  12. They arrive SUPER STIFF! I had to resort to using a pliers to zip them up at first! Once on, they do feel fantastic and provide a gel-like sensation when transferring weight onto the footpegs.
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