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  1. Ya try out the Heli bars. We have both a regular stock 2010 VFR1200 setup (the one I ride) and a 2012 with Heli bars (the one my wife rides). To each their own. We have been across the country many times on the bikes and I have had no issues with handlebar comfort but my wife found stock quite uncomfortable so we installed the Heli bars. When we have switched bikes each finds the other not to their liking. Neither of us find the bikes uncomfortable with the setup we have and are close to 100,000 km ridden on the bikes. Hope your handlebar adjustment does the trick.
  2. We did the Glacier and Going To The Sun Rd last year (2017) in August. Very memorable trip but there is quite a lot of traffic with the custom old-style tour buses and lots of tourists continually stopping in the middle of the road in their cars to gawk but we could not blame them, it was spectacular. If you are going stick around up at the Logan Pass make sure you have warm clothes as it got pretty cold and again unbelievable congestion. Well worth it all though. Bucket list item for sure. It was also the summer of the forest fire out there as we had to choose alternate routes to keep out of the smoke. That photo of the sign is from BC where we rode through days of smoke.
  3. Never regretted sending seat pan for the 2010 to Sargent in Florida and had them recover it. Huge improvement.
  4. I have mentioned this in other Guhl flash related threads on this site. The Guhl flash was very much needed on our 2010 as it had noticeable lag through the early gears compared to the 2012. So we did that upgrade and the bike was much better. Not so much better compared to our 2012 however so we never did the 2012. The DCT on the 2012 was noticeably smoother and less clunky through the first three gears. Anyway, both bikes have been terrific.
  5. Recently (this spring) moved from Toronto to Calgary. For 5 years we rode out from Toronto to western Canada anyway so might as well move to where we like to ride. Know another couple who we just turned onto VFR's since we got here. She has new 8th Gen white VFR 800 and he has a 6th Gen black one he just bought last week. I'll see if I can't get a group shot before the shit weather hits here and haul out with the four of us to this event in 2018. Sure enough took this picture Friday and we had snow Sunday night. Hopefully we make the ride to SD this spring.
  6. EhViffer

    2017 Images

    Images from various rides in the summer of 2017
  7. EhViffer

    The call of the West

    After riding our VFR's across Canada to Calgary every summer for 5 years we thought we might as well stick around.
  8. Switched out my McCruise unit when the vacuum failed and installed the unit Prez built. Had some initial issues that were self-inflicted (a bolt not tightened near the housing on the cruise control unit where the throttle cable attached caused erratic on and off behavior). Used the cruise for a three week trip across Canada this summer and the cruise worked as advertised, including surviving truly biblical rain storm in Saskatchewan.
  9. Have finally gotten around to having the new VeeFour cruise designed and built by Pres installed and it works just as advertised. This ride by wire unit replaces the old McCruise system that failed. We will do the same replacement on the 2012 VFR 1200 when that McCruise unit fails.
  10. Just follow this URL and put in your VIN. You will see a PDF with a notice from Honda Canada. https://motorcycle.honda.ca/safety/recalls
  11. We have a recall on all SC 63 and SC70 models produced between 2010 and 2013. No doubt anymore (even in the UK)...It says a lot about your dealer how he deals with your concern. Nada! Of Course, this is my opinion! You've jumped to a conclusion a little hastily there. Forgive me, I paraphrased, what they actually said is bear with us while we check, no nothing showing and we are not aware of anything yet. If Honda UK do make us aware of anything we will let you know straight away.I also checked for myself on the Honda UK website against my VIN and that also states "no recall or updates" against this vehicle or some such similar words. http://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/my-bike/maintenance/recalls-and-updates.html I'm not sure what more a dealer can do if Honda haven't reported anything? I don't see why some people are getting on their high horse over this. These things happen! I've been designing products for the best part of 30 years and even I didn't get everything right and I'm a genius ;-) Internet fueled rage is a transitory thing overtaken in short order by the next bright shiny object worthy of derision entering the field of view.
  12. Saw my Honda dealer here in Toronto on the weekend and he confirms Canadian recall notice and to expect a letter. Says they will fix before we get back on the bikes in the spring. Bikes have been flawless in four years of across North America riding. Just rolling with it as I have had many recalls on many vehicles over the course of my motoring life. This will not be the last and too shall pass.
  13. EhViffer

    Sargent seat and Kappa bags

    After the trip out West the stock seat on the 2010 had to go.
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