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  1. Sold the red 2010 VFR FD this weekend and ordered a 2020 Honda CRF 1100L (Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES). We will hang onto my wife's blue 2012 VFR 1200 FD until we get to do a good evaluation come spring when both the new bike and decent riding weather appears. If Sarah likes the AT as well we'll swap her bike out too. We ride together and the bikes are different types of tools. She'll leave me in the dust on the highway and I'll leave her on the highway when I'm in the dust. 

    Nothing wrong with my VFR at all. It was a flawless and exhilarating ride for the just under 100,000 km I had it. My sign off shows everything we added to it. No more room in garage for another bike (or time to ride two) so off to another lucky rider it will go. We still have the blue VFR so I'll keep hanging around VFRD to observe the goings on.

    1. Tiutis


      The adventure AT model looks like sweet touring machine. Honda is definitely paying attention to that market segment.

    2. EhViffer


      Ya that's what swung me over. Looks like a good touring bike with some off road chops as well. Looked at Gold Wing last year but just too heavy for what I wanted. The new AT will probably have an 80/20 bias to asphalt touring for my use so hope it does the trick.

  2. Recently (this spring) moved from Toronto to Calgary. For 5 years we rode out from Toronto to western Canada anyway so might as well move to where we like to ride. Know another couple who we just turned onto VFR's since we got here. She has new 8th Gen white VFR 800 and he has a 6th Gen black one he just bought last week. I'll see if I can't get a group shot before the shit weather hits here and haul out with the four of us to this event in 2018. Sure enough took this picture Friday and we had snow Sunday night. Hopefully we make the ride to SD this spring.
  3. EhViffer

    2017 Images

    Images from various rides in the summer of 2017
  4. EhViffer

    The call of the West

    After riding our VFR's across Canada to Calgary every summer for 5 years we thought we might as well stick around.
  5. Just follow this URL and put in your VIN. You will see a PDF with a notice from Honda Canada. https://motorcycle.honda.ca/safety/recalls
  6. We have a recall on all SC 63 and SC70 models produced between 2010 and 2013. No doubt anymore (even in the UK)...It says a lot about your dealer how he deals with your concern. Nada! Of Course, this is my opinion! You've jumped to a conclusion a little hastily there. Forgive me, I paraphrased, what they actually said is bear with us while we check, no nothing showing and we are not aware of anything yet. If Honda UK do make us aware of anything we will let you know straight away.I also checked for myself on the Honda UK website against my VIN and that also states "no recall or updates" against this vehicle or some such similar words. http://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/my-bike/maintenance/recalls-and-updates.html I'm not sure what more a dealer can do if Honda haven't reported anything? I don't see why some people are getting on their high horse over this. These things happen! I've been designing products for the best part of 30 years and even I didn't get everything right and I'm a genius ;-) Internet fueled rage is a transitory thing overtaken in short order by the next bright shiny object worthy of derision entering the field of view.
  7. Saw my Honda dealer here in Toronto on the weekend and he confirms Canadian recall notice and to expect a letter. Says they will fix before we get back on the bikes in the spring. Bikes have been flawless in four years of across North America riding. Just rolling with it as I have had many recalls on many vehicles over the course of my motoring life. This will not be the last and too shall pass.
  8. EhViffer

    Sargent seat and Kappa bags

    After the trip out West the stock seat on the 2010 had to go.
  9. EhViffer

    Niagara Falls

    Things we learned after making the Toronto to West coast trip twice. 1. Don't over pack - Panniers and water proof 40L bag is plenty. 2. Garmin Zumo GPS great for locating gas stations when you are running low in middle of no where. There will be stretches where you need to keep your eye out for next fill. Keep in mind your bike takes premium but some stations only have low grade. 3. Get cruise control or at least a throttle lock as there are stretches where your wrist will go numb. 4. Consider fresh tires before setting out - its a long way. 5. Consider a taller windshield if you still have factory version. Cuts down wind for a more comfortable ride. Both Givi and Zero Gravity make VFR 1200 versions. 6. If you are doing hotel or motel stops use an app like www.booking.com on your smart phone to book next days hotel the night before. Nothing worse than being dead ass tired and no place to stay at end of day. Gives you a destination goal as well. 7. Consider OEM heated grips - even in summer the morning can be cold on your hands. 8. Take along good rain gear. It will rain and even hale. 9. Adjust (tighten) hand brake on DCT before you leave as it will be useless part way through your trip from constant use. 10. Watch out for moose and deer especially at dawn and dusk. 11. Make plenty of stops along the way - as they say "....it's the journey". 12. Looks like you are from Northern Ontario so you know the OPP are eveywhere so watch your speed. Once you hit Manitoba and Saskachewan open up that V4 - its flat and fast and almost devoid of police who bother with speeders. Its still not a race but much fun to see how stable the bike is at speed.
  10. Only been on VFRD for a couple of years and never would have found this thread. What a great tribute! We will try and do the coast trip this summer so I'll see if I can track this spot down.
  11. Some pics of our August 2013 journey from Toronto to Vancouver and back again
  12. EhViffer

    Adventures in 2013

    Various photos of our VFR activities in 2013
  13. EhViffer

    Sarah pick's up her new bike

    The first exciting day of picking up a new ride
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