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  1. EhViffer

    Selling my 2012 VFR1200F

    For what its worth on a trade in for a 2018 Goldwing a dealer in the spring was willing to offer $6k on my 2010 VFR. Decided not to go ahead as I still preferred my VFR over the Wing which is still too damn large. Have been tempted by both the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT and Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE. Honda appears to have no plans to offer a viable sport touring class update for the VFR with the kind of updates you see on other competitors. Hope you get what you wanted or can live with for your bike.
  2. EhViffer

    Selling my 2012 VFR1200F

    There are four I can find for sale in Alberta on the Kijiji website. These are CDN dollars. 2010 FA - $8,500 2010 FD - $8,499 2010 FD - $9,600 2013 FA - $8,200
  3. EhViffer

    Glacier National Park Aug 28 - Sept 5

    We did the Glacier and Going To The Sun Rd last year (2017) in August. Very memorable trip but there is quite a lot of traffic with the custom old-style tour buses and lots of tourists continually stopping in the middle of the road in their cars to gawk but we could not blame them, it was spectacular. If you are going stick around up at the Logan Pass make sure you have warm clothes as it got pretty cold and again unbelievable congestion. Well worth it all though. Bucket list item for sure. It was also the summer of the forest fire out there as we had to choose alternate routes to keep out of the smoke. That photo of the sign is from BC where we rode through days of smoke.
  4. EhViffer

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Hope that hound by the rear wheel is not doing a leg lift! Hmm first one I have seen with the same sliders I have on mine. Bike looks well looked after. That stock seat could inflict severe agony if you go long distances on your new ride. Welcome.
  5. EhViffer

    Guhl reflash at 55k miles?

    When I first posted on the topic about 5 years ago now I noted then I found the 2012 (at least ours) to have much better 1ST and 2ND gear transitions. It was noticeable enough it sent me on the road to tracking down the Guhl fix. In my sig you can see what Guhl changes applied on my 2010 flash. Love the flash but I'll tell you after going back and forth across Canada that first year getting rid of the OEM seat was the best thing I ever did.
  6. EhViffer

    Guhl reflash at 55k miles?

    Yes I do. From a standing stop at a light she has no problem staying right there. She is 60 pounds lighter. When I ride her bike I feel it accelerates similar to mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. EhViffer

    7th Gen Coffman's Shorty

    Your bike looks great! Love the paint and that Coffman exhaust. I already have a DAM on mine but my wife's 2012 still has the monstrous stock exhaust. This looks like a great option. I only see the VFR 800 version on the reseller site in Canada and on the US Coffman site though. It's not the same one for both is it? I see in your post that an email or call is recommended so I'll send Coffman a message. I like The Punisher touch as well. Heard from Coffman. The 1200 version currently only sold through eBay and not their web site. https://www.ebay.com/itm/222988408912
  8. EhViffer

    Guhl reflash at 55k miles?

    This is only my literal seat of the pants observation having had the seat of my pants on both a 2010 and 2012 regularly. I would on a 2010 model but would not on a 2012 (at least ours). The flash was a noticeable improvement on the 2010 but have not found it more responsive than the stock 2012. Just one man's experience.
  9. Never regretted sending seat pan for the 2010 to Sargent in Florida and had them recover it. Huge improvement.
  10. EhViffer

    Guhl ECU mod

    I have mentioned this in other Guhl flash related threads on this site. The Guhl flash was very much needed on our 2010 as it had noticeable lag through the early gears compared to the 2012. So we did that upgrade and the bike was much better. Not so much better compared to our 2012 however so we never did the 2012. The DCT on the 2012 was noticeably smoother and less clunky through the first three gears. Anyway, both bikes have been terrific.
  11. And so it ends, until you begin again. I'm sure everyone reading your tale had memories from their past rides and dreams of future rides to come. Here in the north winter is coming, but so is spring.
  12. Really great ride report! A vicarious treat. Wonder if I traveled solo would I take the time to try and do a better job of documenting my trip? My wife and I have done many of the roads you mention on this trip on our VFR's so it brought back memories of the many hauls from Toronto out to this area. Now that we have decamped to Calgary we did the Going To The Sun road through Glacier this summer and slogged through the many wildfires in BC for good measure as well. Have not done Pikes Peak and watched your entire video, hope to avoid the chappie on the new BMW wearing the safety vest who ground to a halt mid corner though! Considering Pikes Peak next summer and maybe make the SumSum trip. Safe travels slowbird.
  13. EhViffer

    2018 SumSum4 Location

    Recently (this spring) moved from Toronto to Calgary. For 5 years we rode out from Toronto to western Canada anyway so might as well move to where we like to ride. Know another couple who we just turned onto VFR's since we got here. She has new 8th Gen white VFR 800 and he has a 6th Gen black one he just bought last week. I'll see if I can't get a group shot before the shit weather hits here and haul out with the four of us to this event in 2018. Sure enough took this picture Friday and we had snow Sunday night. Hopefully we make the ride to SD this spring.
  14. EhViffer

    2017 Images

    Images from various rides in the summer of 2017
  15. EhViffer

    The call of the West

    After riding our VFR's across Canada to Calgary every summer for 5 years we thought we might as well stick around.

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