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  1. I would not worry about the tires. If it was stored inside and mostly on the center stand; ride on. Those OEM will wear off in 4k and you can but your favorite tire.
  2. Only 20lbs in 37 years-doing good, man! 🤪
  3. They will sit on that ST for a long time. I too find ST on paper a touring rig, comfort is draws me to consider as a future bike. We are not getting any younger, you know. However, at that price, a new style Goldwing can be found for $16K. I guess f you are looking at 700lbs bikes, why not go all the way and consider the king of touring 🤪
  4. Lots of them on the wildlife loop. Happy prairie dog’s Father’s Day!
  5. Sorry to hear that; I am in the same bot so I feel you. Please do take the ride and take care of yourself.. Once you get a job, you wish you had the time to ride! It sucks hearing about all the layoffs and the economic impact. It's good that we have a therapeutic hobby.
  6. RWB w/ white rims is my favorite looking VFR of all.
  7. Yeah, I'm trying to keep it positive and make the best of it! Thanks!
  8. In Black Hills, it dipped to 48F at night. Not bad in my opinion but sleeping in a hammock for the first time and so I got cold. Next day, I was in Buffalo, WY and it dipped to 50F at night but I was in a cabin so it was kind of stuffy. Temps are probably getting even warmer as we are approaching summer. The pics with all the snow is way up on the top of Medicine Bow mountains in WY. A great place to ride through but it gets way too cold at night.
  9. Best advice I can chime in is to make sure the VFR you want is comfortable for you. Take it in a freeway, see how the air flow is for your height, knees, elbows feel, etc. Is the suspension soft/harsh for your roads and riding style?! DLX has some adjustment but it’s pretty minimal. There is little adjustment with seat, the handle bars can be raised with Honda or custom risers, foot pegs can be lowered a tad, but overall it will be a sporty ride. If the bike fits you and you feel comfortable in a stock form, you are more likely to have it for a long time and enjoy the ST scene.
  10. How did the tire feel near the end 4-6k of life?
  11. Lost a job recently so decided to spend some quality time on my moto. Took a 3 day tour of SD/WY, solo keeping a generous 6+feet distance from most individuals and animals (luckily) Day 1, left Denver and arrived Hot Springs, SD. I was immediately greeted by lovely twisties of Hwy 395/87 and the bison on a way heading to Custer. Stayed overnight in the Center Lake campground, roughing it sleeping in a hammock (my first). Dipped to 48F overnight so I was a little chilly. The campground is awesome: clean showers, beautiful lake, wildlife around.. Day 2, left the campground and I was immediately on the Needles Highway. I’ve been on it a few times so I did not bother stopping to take pictures because I was enjoying the road basically to myself early morning. The is super twisty and has a few on way tunnels carved out in the rocks. Epic ride! I continued riding to the Spearfish Canyon after a short stop for breakfast in Hill City. SC is another must do: flowy, moderate speeds ride! Left SD heading to the oldest National Monument in US. The roads around it are triple digit sweepers but kept it sane being alone and seeing some cops around. After a quick picture at Devils Tower, rode to my cabin in Buffalo, WY. Day 3, after sleeping not that great, I stopped for a drive through coffee at Macdonalds:). I wonder if I was their first customer on a motorcycle going through a drive through 🤪. After slurping the god-sent beverage, off I went over the Big Horn mountains. It was a cold foggy morning in the mountains so I missed some of the scenery. The fog lifted as soon as I reached the peak, and I was happy to be able to see more than 20 feet in front of me. Again, did not stop for pics, I was just happy to avoid any potential collision with the wildlife and being warm enough to enjoy the corners. The west side of Hwy 16 is better anyways, smooth pavement and nice views. Stopped in Thermopolis, WY at Bear Cafe for brunch-great food! The canyon heading south of town is beautiful!! Then, the boring shit of 120 miles to Rawlins.. Not terribly so but after all the good roads, this was definitely a drag. The highlight of the ride back to Denver was a ride through the Medicine Bowl mountains (Saratoga to Centennial). Nice road and lots of snow still on the sides.. In summary, the best part of my trip is the Black Hills, SD. You literarily can spend 3 days and explore some of the neatest roads and not have to go far. They also take care of their roads, and the wildlife is the icing on the cake: watch out for wild turkeys, deer and bison of course.
  12. Sounds good; I like it. Now, I wonder if it's smooth like the VFR? If so, we have a potential contender for VFR replacement.
  13. It’s sounds normal. It should settle to 1.2-1.4K when warm. There is idle adjuster on the left side of the fairing.
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