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  1. Fall is the best for sure: September if you like it really warm or October if you want a tad cooler weather. Spring is a second option, but can get stormy, windy with snow in the surrounding areas and mountains.
  2. Nice roads and beautiful scenery! Heading up there with my family just to vacation, w/o bike though:(
  3. The torque of 8th is overstated. Just like the hp prowess of the 6th gen so is the torque of the 8th gen. The main benefit of the new bike is the tourque dip. Otherwise, it’s not making any more torque than the 6th gen. I think the new bike is geared a little lower so that’s why it may feel like that. All of which can be addressed on the 6th gen with power commander and a good dyno tune and new set of sprockets.
  4. Not quite, it’s got smaller side cases that can hardly fit one small helmet, rear swing arm covered by an ugly exhaust and a whopping 2-3 hp less than 6th gen:) Now, everything else is better on 8th gen.
  5. I rode to Deckers last week, and there were lots of gravel but still fun. Let’s put something together for 3 rd week in May or anytime in June.
  6. I would too if I had such bike! Ride safe!
  7. Let’s do it. We can meet at MoCo in Morrison, stop for Deckers for a snack/drink and finish the loop through Terryall with a final stop inJefferson.
  8. Need a VFR riders get together for a a loop of Deckers and Terryall roads. That’s a 200 mile loop (from Denver) that would satisfy most viffer owners.
  9. Sorry to point it out, but it's childish/bean counting comparison. Even though you are probably right about those observations. In real world, sport touring wold-who cares which bike is 0.01 second faster,-you will not feel much of the difference. That beemer is no way a better bike, I bet it it has that annoying buzz that most bmw800s are known for. I bet the weight difference once you going would not seem that significant. The BMW carries less gas too, by the way. Honda reliability/V4 engine, looks, over bmw. Having said that, you're obviously going to get skewed recommendation here so it's best to ride both to see/feel for yourself.
  10. On the other hand, 6th gen pros: bags fit a full size helmet, better lights (illumination) for night riding, sounds a tiny bit more throaty. Open rear swing arm and yours in RWB with 25ed sticker. One day it may be collectible for those that like stickers:)
  11. Keep the RWB. The only reason I would upgrade if I owned a high mileage 6gen and and was looking for a newer reliable VFR, that would need less maintenance. Power differences are so minuscule that are not worth talking about.
  12. Tiutis

    new VFR Owner

    Nice bikes! Welcome!
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