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  1. I have my akrapovic exhaust for sale if anyone is interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/264930349743
  2. I think people take youtubers too seriously. Their opinion is as good as mine. It’s just somebody’s opinion so that we can shoot some shit. I did not watch it but I see that Honda 700nx or whatever is on it. Is dorky? Maybe but who cares if your goal is to have a practical road based bike? Most people who buy it have no desire or interest n the “bike nights” crowds who gather up trying to impress somebody or take picture of girls in the bikinis on it. By clicking on the video you support more stupid videos and bloggers who need click and bait you into their stupid YouTube channel.
  3. An Akrapovic exhaust for sale for your 8th gen! 3.5lbs with removable silencer. Fits with OEM saddle bags. $350 with shipping in lower US. Honda even recommends it for 8th gen. It’s probably one of the best performing exhausts for our bikes. Wicked sound!! https://www.akrapovic.com/en/moto/product/15112/Honda/VFR-800F/2014/Slip-On-Line-Titanium?brandId=30&modelId=137&yearId=3445
  4. For this route, I’d suggest wine bottle opener as a must 🙂
  5. Congrats! 100K is definitely celebration worthy! Way to go; it must have been hard to keep maintaining and sticking with your “old” machine throughout the years while seeing other new bikes on the market. Congrats for sticking to one bike and keeping up the love for the bike and motorcycling.
  6. I think it’s fine to go if you follow the same preventative measures. Eating out may be not the same experience as pre-Covid but if you camp and bring your own food or do some take outs you might not miss on anything. Everyone’s risk tolerance is different, but I am glad I went.
  7. I would not worry about the tires. If it was stored inside and mostly on the center stand; ride on. Those OEM will wear off in 4k and you can but your favorite tire.
  8. Only 20lbs in 37 years-doing good, man! 🤪
  9. They will sit on that ST for a long time. I too find ST on paper a touring rig, comfort is draws me to consider as a future bike. We are not getting any younger, you know. However, at that price, a new style Goldwing can be found for $16K. I guess f you are looking at 700lbs bikes, why not go all the way and consider the king of touring 🤪
  10. Lots of them on the wildlife loop. Happy prairie dog’s Father’s Day!
  11. Sorry to hear that; I am in the same bot so I feel you. Please do take the ride and take care of yourself.. Once you get a job, you wish you had the time to ride! It sucks hearing about all the layoffs and the economic impact. It's good that we have a therapeutic hobby.
  12. Yeah, I'm trying to keep it positive and make the best of it! Thanks!
  13. In Black Hills, it dipped to 48F at night. Not bad in my opinion but sleeping in a hammock for the first time and so I got cold. Next day, I was in Buffalo, WY and it dipped to 50F at night but I was in a cabin so it was kind of stuffy. Temps are probably getting even warmer as we are approaching summer. The pics with all the snow is way up on the top of Medicine Bow mountains in WY. A great place to ride through but it gets way too cold at night.
  14. Lost a job recently so decided to spend some quality time on my moto. Took a 3 day tour of SD/WY, solo keeping a generous 6+feet distance from most individuals and animals (luckily) Day 1, left Denver and arrived Hot Springs, SD. I was immediately greeted by lovely twisties of Hwy 395/87 and the bison on a way heading to Custer. Stayed overnight in the Center Lake campground, roughing it sleeping in a hammock (my first). Dipped to 48F overnight so I was a little chilly. The campground is awesome: clean showers, beautiful lake, wildlife around.. Day 2, left the campground and I wa
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