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  1. Nice report: enjoy reading about different beautiful roads and sights! Enjoys this once in the lifetime opportunity!
  2. FZ6 was also a bike I wanted really bad for my 2nd bike. It looked good, sounded good, and like 6th gen, which I ended up getting, had the sexy under seat exhaust! Sounds like a great bike for sure!
  3. 1. In SD, what is worth the ride is the Needles Highway, just make sure it’s during the weekday. 2. In MT/WY, I hope you’re not missing the Chief Joseph. It connects Beartooth hwy to Cody, WY. 3. From Craig, Co make sure to hit Twentymile Coal Rd, it is right after Hayden and goes around Steamboat Springs. Then you can take Gore Pass to Kremlins and onto RMNP.
  4. Interesting to know about the fueling of 2016 Versys 650. I had ridden one early generation 650 and it left me tingling everywhere. Lol, should have named it Vibrator 650 instead. Hopefully they have addressed that later models.
  5. Tiutis

    Screw in tread

    Should have put Angel ST on the rear match GT’s longevity upfront-so that they wear out about the same time. I have gotten a nail a couple weeks ago. Had to put 3 plugs (luckily at home) to see if it can stay leak-free. So far so good.
  6. Yeah, I’d be always worried about riding with patched up tire anyways.
  7. I a similar size nail puncture my rear tire last weekend. I have put 3 plugs but it’s still leaking air. I wonder if an internal plug is my only chance at this point to resurrect this tire?
  8. Fall is the best for sure: September if you like it really warm or October if you want a tad cooler weather. Spring is a second option, but can get stormy, windy with snow in the surrounding areas and mountains.
  9. Nice roads and beautiful scenery! Heading up there with my family just to vacation, w/o bike though:(
  10. The torque of 8th is overstated. Just like the hp prowess of the 6th gen so is the torque of the 8th gen. The main benefit of the new bike is the tourque dip. Otherwise, it’s not making any more torque than the 6th gen. I think the new bike is geared a little lower so that’s why it may feel like that. All of which can be addressed on the 6th gen with power commander and a good dyno tune and new set of sprockets.
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