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  1. Hello from Poland

    I love the cobblestone-like entrance:) You live in a castle or Krakow:)
  2. Should I?

    Is this the anniversary edition? Looks sick! Or it's making me sick.. To answer your question: do it, YOLO!
  3. Brake Bleeding

    I thougtht you start with the caliper furthest away from break reservoir. Is that what're asking?
  4. What to bring

    Water bottle with H2O in it at all times.
  5. What to bring

    Yeah, this guys is no b.s. I carry pretty much everything he said besides the bike lock.
  6. Basics

    I totally agree on CS being an instinct. In fact, the more I think about it the more confusing it gets because we don't steer bikes like cars, we push on the handlebars.
  7. Basics

    This video reminds me the importance of practicex3 as someone said before me. After long winter, guys, it does not matter how good you are, let's spend all make sure we practice basic bike operations in an empty parking lots. Feeling out the bike, doing basic drills that all basics that rider courses teach.
  8. Add the auxiliary lights. Riding at night is dangerous enough.
  9. VFR 800 F - Development story

    Let's do it. It's not like you're busy riding your bike
  10. VFR 800 F - Development story

    I wonder if anyone has compared the header design of the 8 gen vs 6 to look for any differences?
  11. VFR 800 F - Development story

    I'm yet to see stock 8 gen dynos with hp near high nineties. 6th gen has plenty of those dynos online. Also: from Cycle World: "The revised engine tuning has slightly softened output up near peak revs, though, causing the new Interceptor’s 138-mph top speed to be several clicks slower than its predecessor’s." https://www.cycleworld.com/2014/07/16/2014-honda-vfr800f-interceptor-sportbike-motorcycle-review-photos-specifications-performance-numbers#page-3
  12. VFR 800 F - Development story

    6 vs 8 is not the same peak hp-look at the dynographs I posted. 6th gen has a little more aggressive cams and thats why it makes top power a tiny bit later in the powerband. But, it's all bean counting.
  13. VFR 800 F - Development story

    Sorry, I don't understand your comment, when I'm comparing dyno numbers and not peak manufacturer numbers of the same manufacturer. All I wanted to add to this post is to point out that at first look the 6 to 8 gen dyno make 8th gen seem as a detune. It appears that 8 gen lost more peak tq and hp than it gained in the mid range. However, when you consider the the gas mileage improvements and the improved transition from 2-4 valves, than it start to make more sense why those improvements were.

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