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  1. Since you plan to ride a lot, and you do two-up riding, you have to figure out what type of riding you will do and which bike is the most comfortable doing it. The beemer is the versatile machine of the bunch and it makes sense why you're leaning towards it. The VFR and the Valkyrie are definitely two special machines; you will regret selling them.
  2. ha ha, good one! Don't wait till you're old because it will not be easy to find or you may not want to handle a big heavy bike. I was seriously considering a nice low mileage 5th gen vfr before picking up this bike. I know that I would have loved another vfr but it made more sense to try something new. And man, I'm glad I did. It's a special bike with another cult-like following fan group. Cheers!
  3. Here is what this sounds like with aftermarket pipes:
  4. Even though I’m not into cruisers, the Valkyrie has a special presence to it. And when you ride it, the sound and pretty light handling really is what makes me love it. The only other bike that sounds better IMO, is the CBX1100 but that’s an ultra rare bike.
  5. I got myself another bike. To an unexperienced eye, it looks like a Harley. To a Porche fan, it’s sounds kinda familiar, and to a VFR fan it may look like an old man’s bike. What do you think I got?
  6. I wonder if the study compared to miles travelled per year on average for US vs other countries? Nonetheless, other contributing factor is that intersections are highly prone to accidents, and in Europe, they have mastered roundabouts. In addition, our vehicles are on probably twice the size and weight which probably contributes to increase in deaths especially for motorist vs bikers. Then, you have lane splitting pretty much legal in most European countries..
  7. I think 8th gen sounds good until you compare to 6th gen, followed by 5/4th gens. For now, Akrapovic with a silencer is the best sounding for me. It produces a little more pronounced low rpm rumble without being too noisy. I miss the sound of 6th gen, not going to lie though.
  8. A flashlight can help pointing it at the Rez from a side.
  9. My deluxe friends, can you check if my heated grips are operating ok. So when, you turn on the bike and press the heated grips button (regardless of the heat setting) how many times does the grip indicator flash? For me, it flashes 3 times and then it stays on. Is it normal? I am changing my heated grips (warning, major PITA), and I changed my left handle so I now want to make sure my grips are flashing like everyone else's. Thanks!
  10. I have my akrapovic exhaust for sale if anyone is interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/264930349743
  11. I think people take youtubers too seriously. Their opinion is as good as mine. It’s just somebody’s opinion so that we can shoot some shit. I did not watch it but I see that Honda 700nx or whatever is on it. Is dorky? Maybe but who cares if your goal is to have a practical road based bike? Most people who buy it have no desire or interest n the “bike nights” crowds who gather up trying to impress somebody or take picture of girls in the bikinis on it. By clicking on the video you support more stupid videos and bloggers who need click and bait you into their stupid YouTube channel.
  12. For this route, I’d suggest wine bottle opener as a must 🙂
  13. I have not read the book but I could imagine why a view like that would evoke some feelings. I absolutely had to stop as soon as I reached above the fog because I did not expect it to look so interesting. A guy approached me on a bicycle and commented that he lives in the area and how rare the unique fog formation it was.
  14. Tiutis

    Lookout Mountain

    2019 - Managed to time this rare fog over the city. Lookout Mountain is in Golden, CO. It was kind of surreal riding through the fog and just a little higher up was nice and sunny.
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