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  1. RWB VFRs are special, Ive always liked the color combo and how well the 6gen aged. I saw a red one yesterday with a modded single under the seat exhaust that was just rolling down the road slowly. I was like enjoying the look and sound of it. However, as I age, I understand the appeal of a more standard with better ergos bike. I too find myself looking at other brand even if they don’t have the V4. Cross runner would have done just as well as other similar bikes, if only Honda brought it here. Updated electronics and a few extra cc might be necessary to match the competition. Otherwise, the bike looks good and is priced well in Europe.
  2. Adventure style bikes are selling well or better than sport touring bikes in US. So I’m a little surprised that Honda did not bring the cross runner into US. Their 2 flagship bikes (Goldwing & AT) is where their focus seems to be. In other parts of the world, smaller bikes are probably selling like hot cakes. Leaving our small minority of V4 lovers in “not so important category”.
  3. I’ve always like ST Sprint, looks and sounds wicked. Triple headlights and tailpipes. Nice!
  4. Great riding- nice and smooth controls. And that sound!
  5. I have not read the book but I could imagine why a view like that would evoke some feelings. I absolutely had to stop as soon as I reached above the fog because I did not expect it to look so interesting. A guy approached me on a bicycle and commented that he lives in the area and how rare the unique fog formation it was.
  6. Tiutis

    Lookout Mountain

    2019 - Managed to time this rare fog over the city. Lookout Mountain is in Golden, CO. It was kind of surreal riding through the fog and just a little higher up was nice and sunny.
  7. Bags are expensive, $900 at least. Other things are cheap but nice additions. Moose thing must be the batter tender.
  8. It’s a beauty. Those Michelins should serve you well in the torrential rains of FL.
  9. That’s a trip of a lifetime! I’m in Denver, CO. Keep me posted, maybe things will align. I’d love to ride with you for a little while..
  10. Changed the coolant draining only the water pump plug. I got about a little over 2 quarts. That’s about 80% of the coolant capacity. I think I’m content with that, if I change every other year going forward. Despite it was the 1st coolant change (almost 6years and 24k), it looked nice green color, not too dark at all.
  11. I do, and I see in the picture what it looks like. I removed the right side fairing but I still don’t see it. I actually see a what I think is the cylinder head drain but I’m not certain, and it looks the like access to it is very limited. I wonder if anyone got this step done and if so which side of fairing it’s best accessed and how much coolant actually there?
  12. That might be what I end up doing doing. How do you drain the coolant reservoir tank?
  13. Hi! Has anyone done the coolant change on their 8th gen? I can't find the cylinder head drain plug. Does draining it lead to much additional coolant loss? I wonder if I could getaway draining only the water pump plug? Or perhaps drain it twice to make sure most of old stuff is gone..
  14. Normally, black color seems to hide the lines. But it looks good in pics and I think might be even better in person. Why does Honda dis not bring this color to US is beyond me?!
  15. I thought lithium batteries are lot less maintenance?
  16. A little bit of adventure! I know the stress of keeping the bike upright and worrying about any damage to the bike. This where a proper adventure bike would have been so much better!
  17. I did nearly 5,000 miles this season. What stands out the most: a couple 1,300 ish mile trips trip to Vernal, UT and Taos, NM. And finally, a beautiful day fall day ride through a few CO night mountain passes.
  18. 1. My center stand and side stand are little slow to revert back to the original position. It still does it but it does not have the pop to it. Does the spring need to be changed? 2.Does anyone replace a chain without replacing sprockets or is it a big no no? My sprockets look good by my chain looks like it’s running out of adjustment. 23K on both: chain and sprockets.
  19. Nice report: enjoy reading about different beautiful roads and sights! Enjoys this once in the lifetime opportunity!
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