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  1. Good deals are out there, not sure why people buy new bikes with stuff like that https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/mcy/d/delray-beach-2015-suzuki-gsx-750z/7273922460.html Look at this guy 🤪 https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/mcy/d/miami-2005-vmax-only-954-original-miles/7277867138.html
  2. Quite story there Kiwi👍 I am stuck on treadmill myself but good to know there are people who live the life fully. I did the motorcycle endorsement on my ZRX in previous century, Lady wasn’t surprised but lectured me about not doing stoppie on brake check strip. Sorry, it’s my new bike lady ;-) Which TL you are looking for? Now and then I check for well preserved R model
  3. Good bikes for sure, I am looking at KZ with Arata titanium exhaust and it is like wow looking bike. I wouldn’t mind building one like that some day. Funny thing I rode sketchy and obscure bikes by today standard but there was just no other stuff available back in the day. Nowadays big city expressways become crazy, I need all the good stuff on a bike to play and survive dodgeball.
  4. Why not, after cleaning first with coca cola... 😝
  5. Great topic, thank you OP. I rather have bike to do more or less specific job for me. Why to mod if another bike can do different job better often for less money? I do mod, often extensively, but for a “good” reason. Fork tubes on my SV1000 got underchome corrosion (bumps) - time for gixer front end swap. In tank fuel filter issues, external filter mod... and so on.
  6. I find interesting how hard is this presumably dead concept of 600 being hyped all over the motorcycle media. Now being March do we know it is actually selling?
  7. Good looking bike. I wonder if you have any updates after season of riding?
  8. Yep, we don’t HISS down here...
  9. God gracious, looks like they rode them wheels off! So much work on a new bike? We are spoiled down here with low mileage, well taken care of bikes, whatever is less than 10 years old I call it new. People buy them for coolness factor then don’t ride much. My record so far was 2006 SV1000 with 295 miles on the clock, I got it in 2017. Owner tried to learn how to ride on liter bike...😇
  10. Yep, uk bikes are the tattiest. Not sure why... How it make too NZ? Bloody tourists?😀
  11. 😂 mate I have seen everything, almost, yeah I have seen oil in brake systems and other stuff too. Big giveaway, they didn’t have radial calipers 20 years ago..,
  12. Yep, that is how citric acid passivation works. Nitric acid removes iron on the surface but also penetrates and works below surface and is considered better passivator. From what I understand critic has issues with 400 series stainless as well.
  13. Congratulations. Looks like Corbin seat from back in the day...
  14. Passivation of stainless steel involves final nitric acid treatment after pickling with solutions of hydrochloric or sulphuric acids. It is doable with proper care and safety precautions...
  15. Love rex, I have it for 20 years now. Rex is an old school UJM bike with its pros and cons. Fueling is great, as long as carbs are clean and it has big bore power. I would use it normally to go about town, bike has great storage under the seat. It is also great on unpaved roads with its central upright seating position. It is not well suited though for high speed cruise, expressway or long distance. Wind gets quite annoying. Even with upgrades I did to it with Nissin calipers, brakes are still old school at high speed.
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