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  1. I do not think they know what they are doing. See if you can find reputable shop with DTC specific experience
  2. Spot on. Down here dual or dirt bikes become tools of the rebellion cops chase. New craze among rebels are minibikes with lawnmower engines...
  3. Low miles and overall condition. Personality I do not like when other people worked on the bike for profit beyond basic maintenance.
  4. Assumption. Just make reasonable one. Some base numbers here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.engineeringtoolbox.com/amp/drag-coefficient-d_627.html
  5. Welcome. 1200 is an amazing bike.
  6. In my case not the barrel but latch itself was frozen solid. I removed the fuel pump and made long reach tool to access latch spur. It finally gave up after evening of banging. Mind this was done on SV1000. After cleaning up white death I was able to reuse all fuel cap components. Fuel pump thingies have to be played with in order to remove.
  7. Was there some brownie left over from last week? 😉
  8. I just want clear assumption I made that you can differentiate b/w normal pattern blinking and error code blinking:
  9. That is good. Now you have to determine what ECU sees, just because you have determined switch is working fine doesn’t mean ECU see it that way. As far as dealer shop goes, call the insurance and see if they have affiliated shops on their list that can fix Honda. Calling those shops about DTC would be next.
  10. Interesting, so there is no check engine light, just bar is flashing where drive mode is displayed? There is no side stand sensor, just simple switch. Have you look at it at all? Loose connection, pinched wire etc?
  11. Can’t argue with that... it’s big bike.
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