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  1. Don’t listen to that advice. You know how hard it is to get back into air filter box 😂
  2. Kambucha fermenting reactors. Honda was originally hoping for big sales on Kalifornia market....
  3. Obviously Tim you haven’t watched MadMax. That is the future..... surely some rich folk living a top of the global food chain will use some electro fanaberia but majority of humanity will run your trusty Honda until the end of times.
  4. Much obliged for the question, here is my favorite Englishman Matt working on this scary bike 😉 Fished from a canal? Not sure....
  5. Don't try to get me on technicalities good Sir, I didn’t see you brushing when OP claimed that English don’t ride over 4000 rpm at all because of enforcement. There is a large subculture in UK that goes nuts, with jurisdictions trying to respond with dark riders trying to catch them. There was even proposal to equip all the bikes with gps to track all the riders all the time... 😂 I linked little video for your enjoyment, many more available where it come from... I am not picking on Brits in this department, just pointing out people from outside do not really have full picture about lawlessness in western countries. In my home jurisdiction out of 2.7 million inhabitants 630 thousands have suspended licenses with majority still driving anyway. Mind 2.7 million are all the people including toddlers. 😂 I linked source article for your enjoyment also... https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article251679163.html
  6. You are making lots of assumptions but at least you can wrench 🙂 People oil starve their bikes all the time, failure is often not immediate but delayed. Then bikes run on their sides, knocked over, lay down etc. Mechanics or POs start bikes without oil another common buggers. Stuff just happens. Btw, Do not underestimate the English riders. They street race like mad... but also lots of tattered bikes there, not well cared for. Not sure why.
  7. Spearphishing, they are after awesomeness 😉
  8. You realize it is 10 years old machine with 100k car miles on it. Keep on trucking.
  9. I just checked calendar, yup still 2021. Thought is an old thread or something. With all the respect due to my English friends here, but buying 10 years old bike from England? Blokes, ride hard, year round, half of it in brine and do not care much for maintenance.
  10. .uman nature. I really admire Grum for helping all the needy here...
  11. Neither pump pressure or flow. Most engine moving parts generate own lift for lubrication. Oil just has to be delivered or kept between interfacing surfaces. Viscosity is important as it is directly proportional to the lift generated, higher viscosity higher lift. This is again for lubrication. Cooling side function of oil system is different animal.
  12. What you ought to be looking at is design of cowling of Focke-Wulf FW-190. Two stage cooling, radial engine and still better aerodynamic than Spitfire.
  13. Pumps get stuck because of crud, once unstuck and flushed should be as reliable as any 23 years old pump. Replacement is a nice option, but why stop at the pump whole bike is a museum piece 😉 Prices for Japanese armature are plain crazy. Trim motor just took a dump on my outboard the other week, 600 bucks from Suzuki. Damn Showa. We are being taken advantage off....
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