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  1. That's what I'm now asking for, but obviously I'd lose out on all the money I've spent on upgrades (Seat, suspension, etc) This is actually starting to put me off motorbikes in general. If this one goes, I won't be getting another one of these. Finding post 2012 DCT bikes is a nightmare anyway/
  2. So, I bought it from Superbike Factory Ltd in Macclesfield. https://superbikefactory.co.uk/ It broke down on 23rd April. It went to Honda in Bury for fault diagnosis, they said it needed a new ECU. SBF initially offered £250 compensation, I rejected this and threatened court action. On the day of me submitting court action, literally while I was filling in the forms, SBF then offered to collect the bike and repair it. They collected it on 1st June. They took ages about repairing, and returned it to me today, just over 8 weeks later, and over 3 months since it broke. They say they have replaced the ECU, but then, they also said they PDI'd it and test rode it, which must be a lie because the bike doesn't go into gear and there are literally panels missing, panels not fitted correctly, and the crash bungs are back to front.
  3. Bike was finally returned to me this morning, after 8 weeks. The same fault is present. Some of the plastics are missing. The crash bungs are on backwards. None of the plastics are fitted correctly, some of the clips are broken. Looks like it's time to go to court.
  4. Bike should finally be being returned to me next week (this has been over 2 months now!!) I have a suspicion as the dealer have had to cut new keys (supposedly to match the old ones) rather than coding the old keys to the new ECU, that they have replaced the ECU with one they have pulled from another bike or something. While I don't really mind if this is the case, how would I be able to confirm that TCS etc is working? (e.g., it could be a pre-2012 ECU)
  5. So the bike was yesterday collected from Honda, and is going back to the selling dealership, who after much pushing are going to repair the fault at no cost to me. I'm only out the diagnostics cost, so all in all this tentatively seems like a result! Will post back when it's fixed...
  6. Thanks, I spoke to these guys who said they can't help, but they suggested I contact some people in the Netherlands who they think might be able to. I have done that, waiting on responses. Also trying to push the selling dealership and the credit card company on it.
  7. Hm, I have a diagnosis from the dealer which has convinced me moreso that it is indeed the ECU. Still annoying, obviously. I'm in liaison with the original purchasing dealer about it, as I don't think it's reasonable to expect a 2nd hand bike of this age and price to die so thoroughly so quickly, and as the ECU isn't a maintenance item and is designed to last.... many years, it has to be due to some sort of manufacturing defect. I'll let you know how it goes!! Good idea, but the 2nd UK based one doesn't do motorbike ECUs and the other is in Australia!! I can't seem to find a motorbike equivalent in the UK.
  8. Just spoke to Honda UK who are completely uninterested and unhelpful, and seem to think that the dealerships are nothing to do with them and not their problem as "they are independant!!"
  9. The issue with a 2nd hand one is that it seems quite hard to find one from a >2012 DCT bike, and because it encompasses the immobilizer I'm not sure how complex it is to just swap. But yeah, right now I can either scrap the bikes or pay £2300 and maybe still scrap the bike. I would be better off if it had been stolen.
  10. The annoying thing, now that I think about it, is that they wouldn't commit to a new ECU definitely fixing the issue, so potentially I pay £2300 and am no further forward. Which also means I'm not quite sure what I'm paying them for if they haven't actually diagnosed the fault, and instead are just offering me guesses. I might just demand the bike back because this is a fucking joke.
  11. The dealer say the gearbox itself is fine, which to be fair is supported by the fact that when I eventually get it in D, it will ride normally and go up and down through gears as expected. It's the ECU throwing spurious faults and refusing to go into gear that is the issue. 😞 I've phoned around a couple of places and gotten similar "yeah that sounds about right we've known other Honda DCT bikes do this". I'm going to try to press Honda themselves on it as to me this isn't really an acceptable amount of time for an ECU to last. I have tried asking the wife if I can buy this to replace it, but she says no: https://www.kawasaki.co.uk/en/products/Sport_Tourer/2020/Ninja_H2_SX_SE__Performance_Tourer
  12. Just been told they need to replace the "control unit", and quoted £2,300 for the *part* with no guarantee of a fix.
  13. Ha, I could 3d print something like that for you, I'll have a go once my bike returns and I have something to measure it against.
  14. You could 3d print something like this quite easily. Out of TPU (soft and rubbery) if that suits....
  15. Still no news on it, which is wonderful. Guess I won't be going anywhere this weekend lol....
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