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  1. Basically all the things, but for example it's the first time the final drive oil is changed, and the coolant.
  2. Just booked it in for it's 24,000 mile service.... I knew this was a big one but £650!! fml 😞
  3. rtho782


  4. Givi screen fitted, which should keep the wind off me a bit more from all the reviews I have read. Getting the little centre upper cowl bit back on properly is an ass, it wants to lift slightly on the bottom, but I got it in the end. Edit: Just took it for a short loop around the A14 to test it, it definitely does it's job well, however it is.... easy to lose track of your speed shall we say!!
  5. It seems like this ECU dump/write software is used: https://github.com/hendriono/HondaECU And then TunerPro to edit the ROM: http://www.tunerpro.net I might be able to do this myself....
  6. https://www.facebook.com/pg/sabsteef/posts/?ref=page_internal This guy seems to be able to do ECU flash remotely if you hook up a laptop meaning I don't have to pull the ECU out and send it to the US....
  7. Interesting, thanks for that. The issue with LEDs seems to be that there are so many different ones to choose from and it's hard to know which are actually good and which are marketing lies, but I will look at them instead.
  8. https://www.ledperf.co.uk/honda-vfr-1200-xenon-hid-conversion-kit-p-17912.html Looking at HID kits, if I go for this one it will be the 55W kit, because you know, if I'm going bright I might as well go all the bright. Anyone have any more specific recommendations? The company you used in your 2015 post don't seem to exist anymore Skids.
  9. Full MCT rebuild on the front forks and the wilbers shock, the guy was saying that the preload siezes in the OEM shock (which I think perhaps is why I seem to be struggling to harden mine up, I think initially it was very soft which was why I thought it had been lowered). Unfortunately it's not booked in until Sept 24th as he is very busy!
  10. Thanks, I can't find the terminals I want so I think I'll just cut the existing ones off and put my own on. Powerbronze rear hugger turned up today, hopefully this keeps some mess off the back end. I was mooching at @Skids signature and looking at MCT, it seems they are in Stowmarket which is only 20 minutes from me and even less from work so might see what they can do for me! Edit: I may have it booked in with MCT (sshhhhh don't tell the wife!!) although their next appointment wasn't until September!!
  11. Anyone know where I can get connectors for this quad harness thing?
  12. The Givi E251 topplate turned up (the generic one) and I mounted it to the Honda bracket, and put my old topbox on. Seems pretty solid, if I shake it the bike moves not the box, box definitely isn't as pretty, but it actually fits both helmets in at 55L vs 45L for the Honda one. A friend of mine is having his FJR1300 boxes resprayed to match his bike, so I might do that. Pretty incredible to think that's like 5 extra 2L coke bottles of space.....
  13. From the service manual:
  14. Newest toys... R&G kickstand extender thing, easier than carrying a puck as it stays on, and came in handy parked on grass today while my friend hunted for random cans in the nearby bin to rest his fjr1300 on! R&G radiator guard, I always thought these were a little pointless, but having had a hole in the rad on my last bike convinced me otherwise! My first decent ride with the wife as pillion, to Mersea Island, also my first time with all the luggage on. Unlike the last bike, it really doesn't struggle with the extra weight at all, I adore this bike.
  15. Think I've sorted it. A couple of the tiny plastic clips holding that top section of inner fairing to the outer fairing had snapped, not sure if that was me or it was already liked that, but a slight application of araldite rapid has hopefully fixed it. There is no actual need for me to remove the inner bit from the outer bit so I'm happy with that.
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