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  1. Thanks for your input all. I may have confused matters by stating it was white smoke then putting a link to a thread about blue smoke........sorry! 🙂 It was definitely white smoke upon start up, from either hot or cold. Yesterday I carried out an oil and filter change (I had 5w30 in there and have gone back to 10w40) and it's stopped! So weird! could the different grade oil have caused the issue?
  2. Been getting a puff of white smoke on start up but with barely any oil usage. I read this thread, where some with the same symptoms have found it to be either o'rings on the back valve cover or the two o-ring seals on the head covers for the PAIR valve air joints. Does anyone know the part numbers for both sets of o'rings? I live in Spain now and trying to explain to the local dealer in my hick town will not be easy so would rather go in with the numbers. TIA
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