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  1. Anyone please have a set of Helibars, Variobars or Convertibars to fit my manual VFR1200f, they are willing to sell?
  2. Just started looking at these but there doesn't seem to be a dealer in UK 😒
  3. Just had a reply from Moto cnc, they will not make these risers for the 1200 😞 anyone found any others?
  4. I've emailed them to see if they do/will do them for the 1200. I too don't want to wreck the heated grips, I believe that you can get away with a 30mm riser without affecting the cables........hopefully we'll see!
  5. So weird, showing up fine on mine. Here's a link https://moto-cnc.com/honda-bar-risers-blackbird-cbr1100xx-96-08
  6. Anybody know where I can get this type of bar riser?
  7. Thanks for the info, will check on the recall especially. It's a manual and comes with the luggage and heated grips. it's coming via a dealer who will be doing the valve check service before it comes to me (I will be buying it remotely tho so won't actually see the bike in the flesh until it's delivered (might be mad!). They seem to be pretty up front and have sent photos of two little scuffs that, they say, is the only damage.
  8. Hi All, I'm about to pull the trigger on an 2013 1200 in black with 18k miles on the clock, is there anything that I should be looking for aside from the usual service history etc? Also, will I need to reflash the ecu to get it running properly low down/derestrict or would this have already been sorted in this year model? Apologies if these are annoying newbie questions!
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