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  1. much appreciated. is that an US site or can you order from the UK?
  2. does anyone know where I can get some new exhaust studs and nuts?
  3. been playing with adding some detail to the panel:
  4. sorry guys, been a long time since I posted anything up on here. this is the current status in pictures: chopped all the brackets out, plated and welded the fuel tank: I then lead loaded it, and its currently ready for a final skim of filler and then paint. I reckon i might have gained about 400ml in fuel capacity. that might have to do for now. 180miles is fine for a tank range for me. 200 would be better but i am not crying about it. I also ditched the 2 fillet pieces I was going to weld on as I couldnt get the shape of the tank t
  5. wow. thats good news for crosstourer owners, upgrade headers and remap and bosh massive power increase! does the crosstourer have much more low down torque? in reality all these detuned engines just seem to be completely neutered in all areas.
  6. eh?! surely not! so an exhaust change, and ecu flash and you go from 127bhp to 170?! seems like a massive leap in performance.
  7. had a fairly productive afternoon yesterday. I managed to get a load of jobs ticked off my list. one of them being a bracing around the headstock -pics: I then realised I was nearly at the point where I could stand the bike on its wheels, so i quickly fitted the forks and built the thing back up: This has been a big motivational boost for me as its turning out exactly as I planned. really keen to get cracking with it now. I can see this 2 to 3 year project being roadworthy by August.
  8. IWorking from home 3 days a week. its amazing how much you can get done at home compared to in the office. no commute either so i am ending up with a bit extra time on my hands. Managed to get a few more bits ticked off over the weekend: Rear tank mount https://i.imgur.com /em5N80F.jpg[/img] Needs the welding finishing and dressing up with some radius ends, but it does the job. its probably the heaviest duty tank mount that ever existed! Sticking with the tank I decided to make a start on the modifiations to the tank
  9. Sidestand build: Thats in the same position as it is on the original bike. In the folded up position it does look a little lost now there is no big meaty aluminium frame back there but theres not much I can do about that at the moment. I was talked out of using 12mm steel plate to make this up and went for 6mm. I just shudder when I think of the amount of weight pressing on it, especially when you do that balance on the sidestand trick to spin the bike round. for my pease of mine I am going to fit some webbing on it to give it some lateral support. Radiator mounts ne
  10. update. back end is done and tacked in place:
  11. update in pictures: selling the ohlins, wood is the new gold!
  12. Definitely keeping the shaft drive. it was one of the things that made my mind up to go with the 1200 instead of a none Vtec 800. the weekends (slow) progress. I did a lot of seam welding up the joints I hadnt finished off, which doesnt look like a lot of progress has happened but it took an age! main bit of work I did was this: if you look at the picture above you can see the bottom part of the frame that I made, poking out from under the front of the swingarm. I wasnt sure how I was going to fit that into a tubular frame setup, so I decided to do this: I b
  13. Hiya, Unfortunately there will be no cadwell mountain shots of this bike, its going to be road only. One of the things I plan to do is add another few litres to the fuel tank to give the bike a more road range.
  14. So I started the VFR project a couple of month back. going has been pretty slow to be honest. I wanted to make a poor mans ariel ace, and as I want this to be a bit special I went about sourcing an Ohlins TTX shock, a set of ohlins forks from an RSVR 1000R, and a pair of Brembo M40 monoblock calipers. I also sourced the back end from a 2015 speed triple as that will work with the look that I was going for. Honda use different spacings for brakes and things that the european manufacturers, so I ended up having to buy a front wheel from a Ducati multstrada to finish the front end:
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