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  1. update in pictures: selling the ohlins, wood is the new gold!
  2. Definitely keeping the shaft drive. it was one of the things that made my mind up to go with the 1200 instead of a none Vtec 800. the weekends (slow) progress. I did a lot of seam welding up the joints I hadnt finished off, which doesnt look like a lot of progress has happened but it took an age! main bit of work I did was this: if you look at the picture above you can see the bottom part of the frame that I made, poking out from under the front of the swingarm. I wasnt sure how I was going to fit that into a tubular frame setup, so I decided to do this: I basically chopped the parts off that are not required, plated it up, and extended the 32mm tubing out at each side. Once that was done it allowed me to do this: I have the leg to make up on the other side, but that effectively completes the structural part of the frame. I am going to have to get some different rear sets as the vfr stock ones are miles away from the frame now. I would have to make some plates that extended at least 3 inches backwards! I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
  3. Hi, does anyone do silicone hose kits for the vfr1200? I cant find any from samco or ebay.
  4. Hiya, Unfortunately there will be no cadwell mountain shots of this bike, its going to be road only. One of the things I plan to do is add another few litres to the fuel tank to give the bike a more road range.
  5. So I started the VFR project a couple of month back. going has been pretty slow to be honest. I wanted to make a poor mans ariel ace, and as I want this to be a bit special I went about sourcing an Ohlins TTX shock, a set of ohlins forks from an RSVR 1000R, and a pair of Brembo M40 monoblock calipers. I also sourced the back end from a 2015 speed triple as that will work with the look that I was going for. Honda use different spacings for brakes and things that the european manufacturers, so I ended up having to buy a front wheel from a Ducati multstrada to finish the front end: I made myself up a little mock up of what I wanted it to look like: The bike was stripped (I still have a few spares if anyone is look for something) apart completely, just leaving the engine and the swing arm sat on my ramp. I used the VFR frame to build a jig and copy the original bikes geometry Then I started bending pipes for the top tube: checking that the bends clearance the engine, and follow the right lines on the engine: Triangulation Next up was the rear shock mount: Mocking up the tank and seat unit: And this is pretty much where I am up to for now. Hopefully I will have the lower engine mount picked up and potentially the rear seat unit on the bike over the weekend. I am reluctant to make the framework for the seat unit before the bike is back on its wheels, in case I get the angle wrong.
  6. Hello everyone, First post here so a bit of an introduction. I am Coxy, I like taking things to bits! I thought I would come on here to document my VFR1200 project build. I've built a few bikes in the past, the start was putting a TDM900 engine into a TRX850 chassis, I used this on the road and the track and it was great fun: Eventually I got to the point where I wanted a bit more power on track to keep pace with the big boys on the litre bikes, I ride at Croft and Cadwell mainly, so no massive long straights. I figured around 120bhp would be enough to limit the losses on the straights so I decided to fit an MT09 engine into the TRX. Power went up to 120bhp, and the weight of the bike was slashed (the mt09 engine is 13kg lighter than the TDM lump). I spend 2 years refining and tuning it on track and its now its this current condition as featured in Practical Sportsbikes: Fitting the MT09 engine turned out to be a lot more involved that I originally anticipated, and I ended up rebuilding the frame around the headstock and the top tube. Here's a video of the one of the last session from last year on it: So, after all this i started thinking that I wouldnt mind building a bike virtually from the ground up. and I always fancied a V4. I like the look of the shaft drive VFR1200 setup, and after about a year of searching I managed to locate one at the right price: The plan is to use the engine, swingarm and wheels, and build a bike around that. I'll put another post up to show where I have gotten to so far!
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