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  1. Ah its ok, Ive just a picture, its written on the regulator!
  2. Does anyone have a picture of their regulator so I can work the wiring on mine? I took a picture of mine when i removed it from the bike, but that was 2 years ago and I cant find it anymore!
  3. much appreciated, Ive ordered a couple from these guys - https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/
  4. Hi All, Been a while since I have posted anything about my ongoing project bike - so long that my original thread has been locked and I cant get back into it anymore 😞 Ive messaged the admins but i never seem to get a reply. Anyways, its been a while, mainly because I have moved house. Even after I moved its taken me a long time to get my garage into a position where I could actually do any work in it! some pics to kick off again: In its new home: Ive discovered a great way to make short work of polishing headers. Using my powerfile with an old sanding band in there is abrasive enough to remove the corrosion and tarnishing from the headers, without actually touching the metalwork: headers modified, link pip welded up and exhaust in place: Ive made the bracket to mount the main header and collector box to the botom of the frame, but I never took any pics of that. I will do that later. I have the exhaust hanger to fabricate,, but as soon as my exhaust gaskets arrive I will be moving onward to the next Job. I looking for a bit of inspiration and a motivation, so the short term objective is to the get the bike fired up and hear it running for the first time in a couple of years.
  5. yes number 13. do you know dimensions of them?
  6. Hello everyone, Its been a while since I pulled the old VFR apart to start my project, I am fitting the exhaust back up, but I had removed and disposed of the 2 graphite exhaust gaskets that go in the join between the rear header pips and the rest of the collector, behind the RH footpeg. I need to buy some more, anyone got a link, or got the dimensions so I can source them please?
  7. Hi everyone, Looking on ebay you can get a set of Delkevic headers for a crosstourer, I noticed they dont have the big loop around the front at the bottom. anyone bought a set and tried them on the VFR1200F?
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