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  1. that's also in cola -phosphoric acid. just don't drink it after you have used it for de greasing or rust removal - it ruins the taste!!
  2. Just done a quick google search There’s a whole wealth of information blog, forum about modifying motorcycles for veterans/amputees and disabled riders. There was one I read about a Spanish chap missing his right arm so all hand controls on left clutch and break. That was not a vfr and was a bit mad max style.
  3. That’s an excellent idea . How much room do you have on the handle bars on the left? I am guessing the DCT fill the usual space for placement. I am sorry but have to ask, if both feet are bad how do you support and manoeuvre the bike?
  4. if you are going to fit it just do it properly, solder all connections and locate it in a sensible place not in hotspot. to be honest I wouldn't put too much information on here as you never know who may be reading the information. for manuals try the bike alarm man (recommendation from a friend). he fitted data tool alarm for friend and also in a biker social article . https://bikealarmman.com
  5. Oh sorry this thread about 96- thanks again for help. This will help me negotiate the sail of my bike.
  6. Thanks but that’s the version after mine didn’t even think to try website 😬.
  7. thank you for this it was interesting. hopefully there is enough space between the unit and the lens heat won't be an issue . I have accidentally stumbled on a headlamp improvement with my vfr750fp. was using it for commuting and has shoe string budget. one of the h4 bulbs worked intermittently misbehaving . anyway settled on some LED h4 as (they were cheeper than one bulb didn't expect them to be any good )replacements from flea-bay. fitting them was easy as changing bulbs + cleaning the connector which was the real fault. ANYWAY - there brighter whiter light the real noticeable
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