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  1. the patient mentioned this to me in conversation and asked me to warn my friends hence the post
  2. thanks for your post frommaine that was interesting timing . I work in a trauma theatre and had a patient in today who thankfully just had a gentle off #wrist who had break failure they just serviced at the week end the culprit was loose connection . Personally I would not accept any difference resistance on the pistons there the breaks essential stopping gear . if the seals are hung up or there is something could have a catastrophic fail at any point. my patient could have saved themselves the issues they have created for themselves by doing a long term com
  3. for the price of it I'm going to try the park thing from LIDL.
  4. which ever one you touched last is the one to keep. get rid of the other one, decision made. - I begrudgingly sold my 750 recently still unsure wether it was the rite thing to do I had stored it for months .
  5. if you would be kind enough to get the chap to give us update on how you get on. I have to live projects vicariously through others as have a tiny rented house in uk and a mrs who won't allow motorcycle in the house 😞
  6. actually my son has just commented it looks like they've been playing cross out . ?? apparently its a game where you canalise vehicles
  7. ok im in the market for a cordless rotary tool what do you guys recommend?
  8. I didn't realise this was that kind of site - talking of grinding and showing each other pictures of your tools!!
  9. two birds one stone- coke with a slice of lemon
  10. is this a transmission break or is it holding on the back break?
  11. that's also in cola -phosphoric acid. just don't drink it after you have used it for de greasing or rust removal - it ruins the taste!!
  12. Just done a quick google search There’s a whole wealth of information blog, forum about modifying motorcycles for veterans/amputees and disabled riders. There was one I read about a Spanish chap missing his right arm so all hand controls on left clutch and break. That was not a vfr and was a bit mad max style.
  13. That’s an excellent idea . How much room do you have on the handle bars on the left? I am guessing the DCT fill the usual space for placement. I am sorry but have to ask, if both feet are bad how do you support and manoeuvre the bike?
  14. if you are going to fit it just do it properly, solder all connections and locate it in a sensible place not in hotspot. to be honest I wouldn't put too much information on here as you never know who may be reading the information. for manuals try the bike alarm man (recommendation from a friend). he fitted data tool alarm for friend and also in a biker social article . https://bikealarmman.com
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