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  1. I've never heard of that before, sounds like entrapment. Also, the cop can't break the speed limit either without breaking the law. Given the general casual attitude towards speed limits and silencer legality in the UK, I'm surprised they'd go to that much trouble to catch bikers - standing by the side of most roads on a sunny day would be enough!
  2. I am in awe of anyone who can get away with a bike in bits in the living room. I get dirty looks for taking up driveway space. Mind you, your bike looks more like a piece of modern art than mine does!
  3. What an awesome adventure this has been to read about. The bike looks brilliant and I'm super impressed with everything you've done to it. As my '93 is sitting naked and tankless at the moment this is really inspiring me to try and get as much care and repair done as possible. Sadly my lack of any ability, knowledge, a garage to work in or much in the way of tools is going to limit it to plugs, filters and rubber hoses as much as I can. This is still a big step up from adding petrol, my previous best effort at bike maintenance 🙂
  4. That's really useful, thank you - more detail on some stuff than the Haynes, although still nothing on the breather tubes for the fuel tank. I guess if it ran OK before it should be OK afterwards. I'll share some pics once she's done and back together - I don't think it'll be as pretty as it was before, this is a bit of a budget refresh, but it was either that or give up on it (or make rubbish naked bike) and I really didn't want to do either of those things!
  5. Good advice, thank you - I have taken many pictures on my phone, hopefully they all make sense when I come back to it 👍 I have the Haynes manual, and it doesn't seem to offer any useful info on these pipes, other than they're connected to the fuel tank.
  6. Hey folks, been a little VFR-less since a poor choice and am unfortunate conversation with the ground last year left my gen 3 '93 veef looking much the worst for wear. Getting hold of replacement plastic has been as hard as you'd imagine, but today I dropped off what I've got to be resprayed and hopefully made beautiful again. As part of this process the tank had to come off, first time I've tried that. Other than the fuel line splitting from old age it went well, apart from removing the breather hoses. This I couldn't do as there weren't any. The bike ha
  7. Just to clarify, would you lean towards getting the suspension sorted first? Good advice - I know my rear caliper needs a rebuild at least, and all of those other things at least need to be checked, although the bike hasn't done too many miles since they were last sorted. As you fine gents both strongly recommend sorting the suspension, do you have any recommendations for a budget conscious biker to look at? I agree with you both that I would rather the handling was improved more than the sound - the V4 engine is pretty magical without any help.
  8. Hey folks, my '93 VFR is in essentially good standard order, with around 35k miles on the clock. Aside from the paint job, everything else is (I think) pretty much how it was when she rolled off the production line. I'm looking to slowly (because money) make some upgrades in terms of both rideability, performance and cosmetics over the next year or two. Obviously there are many places I could spend cash - new muffler or even full system, replacement shocks, replacement brake lines, and probably many other things I haven't thought of. As I said, money means that this
  9. Not even, its my brothers next door neighbours! His is the CBR600, a bike he's just bought despite the fact he hasn't got his direct access course until January 😂
  10. Hello folks, Graeme here checking in from the soggy side of the Atlantic. As I seem to be spending a lot of time scouring the forums, I thought I should sign up! I bought my '93 VFR eight and a half years ago having never sat on one before, which was with hindsight pretty dumb as it turned out my long legs and riding style left me banging my knees against the fairing frequently and painfully. Thanks to this, and general life stuff, the bike didn't get much use over the following 7 years, mostly it would sit for 6 months, I'd buy a new battery, ride it a little, hit a snag (rectifie
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