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  1. Brilliant, thank you, I'd planned on doing an oil change once I get the fuel tank back, I'll hold off painting till then.
  2. With the return of my resprayed fairing and tank imminent it's time to get the scuffed and flaking paint on clutch and alternator cover painted, but I've never sprayed anything before. I've bought some TechCote high temp paint, any advice on how best to proceed much appreciated - I'm tempted to mask off and spray in situ as Ive not taken the respective covers off before and have no idea what to expect, is this dumb? Thanks in advance
  3. Well, I made it back in one soggy piece and am now the proud owner of this very scruffy NX650. Having never owned an upright bike like this the first few corners and roundabouts were a bit alarming as I had to relearn how to ride, but I got there in the end. Had a really fun ride home despite the pouring rain, certainly a very different riding experience from my VFR which is just what I wanted. Now I just need to attend to, well, pretty much everything on it 😂 Should be a good place to learn some spannering skills on a machine that's less likely to kill me if I get i
  4. Quick update on this (because I'm still waiting on my fairing and fuel tank to come back from the paint shop so I've got no VFR adventures/misadventures to amuse me). After too much time looking at stuff on the internet I've pulled the trigger on a rough and ready 1998 Honda NX650 Dominator. It's a runner not a looker, but is only costing me £1500 which is about as good as it's going to get in the UK for this sort of thing, and seemed like an appropriate amount to spend on a bike which may not get a ton of use. Looking forwards to collecting it on Sunday - a 3 hour ride
  5. That definitely looks worth checking out - my boys live down in North Devon so I've even got a place to stay. Thanks for the headsup!
  6. I've been looking at these for my gen 3 - they describe the system as having an "improved lighter design" - is this just bs then? Or at least not enough of an improvement to make them worth swapping out a functional original system for?
  7. There's nothing quite like getting smacked in the head by a large bug at speed to really wake you up 😂
  8. The above questions about realistic opportunities to go off road locally are totally fair, this is definitely not the best place to be for it. There is a local group that meets (or at least met) up to go on rides and trips out, and we do have the Ridgeway nearby, but if definitely want to explore that option in the company of someone with experience. I really like the idea of being able to visit family in Devon, or go back to where I grew up in Wales and having some fun, but I know this might be a pipe dream. As much as anything I'm after trying out a dif
  9. You know that thing when you're spending a lot of time on ebay/Autotrader/Craigslist looking at bikes you probably shouldn't buy, but really want to buy? Thought I'd ask for a quick reality check from folks who've ridden more... Quick catchup to where I'm currently at bike wise - bought my gen 3 VFR in 2012, but never really clicked with it and didn't ride much between then and last year. In 2019 I bought an XJR1300 to replace it, but didn't get around to getting the Veef on the market till March 2020 and then, well, you know. Over the summer I decided to roll the dice
  10. As has been mentioned above, sales of bikes of all sorts are significantly higher this year as people look for stuff to do outside, and people who's income wasn't negatively affected by Covid haven't been able to go on holiday or go to the pub, so money for leisure spending is burning a hole in pockets. And then there's just the gradual but continual death of these machines due to accident, exacerbated by the lack of replacement plastics for gen 3 and 4. After my low speed off last year, I nearly gave up on mine - a '93 in average condition, worth maybe £1500 on a good
  11. Lovely job making it look it's best! I think your next project should be to ride up to Oxfordshire and help make my gen 3 look half as smart! 😅
  12. That's where I ended up. Other than the lifespan, which is in reality longer than most of us even keep bikes, then short of swapping plugs and doing dyno runs and trying to measure fuel efficiency etc for each set it's all a bit of a head game. If you feel that one plug is better than another, that's probably as good as it's going to get regardless of whether or not there's any actual truth to it. My bike was running pretty damn sweetly for a 28 year old with the plugs she had, so I stuck with those. If things are working, don't mess with them is my motto! Also, I really didn't wa
  13. Oh man, that's a project! Great to hear that it's already making positive headway - Honda do seem to have made a bike which, at it's core, is almost indestructible by human hands! See a lot of this kind of thing on eBay, people have had the idea of making a streetfighter after binning the bike, got as far as tearing it all apart, then given up because it's hard to do and left the poor bike to languish for years. It's a real bummer that so many gen 3's especially are going to end their days like this as the aftermarket parts just aren't there for them. In the UK the number of listed
  14. It's a 4x5 field camera, actually the newest camera I own! It's built by a company in the UK called Chroma cameras, and is mostly made out of carbon fiber, you know, to help it go fast 🙂 It's really fun to use - much like biking you have to give it all your attention or bad things happen. Rarely painful things though, so that's something.
  15. While the Veef is all sad naked, I got to take out the happy naked chugger today. Big bike, need a big camera to strap on to it 😂 Both of those things probably say a lot about my fondness for low tech
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