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  1. The cat! It's that little b******s fault! Honestly, if my partner hadn't been with me then I'd have still been sat on the bike until my arse was on fire 😅
  2. Thanks Tim, the scouring of eBay has already started! Don't know the full extent of the damage "under the hood" as the fire melted the seat release cable, and I don't want to start getting heavy handed until after the insurance people have been out to have a look, not that I quite understand why they need to - there's no way they don't declare it a write-off.
  3. In December 2020 I managed to bin my bike and properly trash the plastics. Despite knowing it was going to be difficult to get things sorted, I decided I couldn't give up on my bike. After much fairing hunting, a full respray, new exhaust and screen and an 8 month wait, she was back and beautiful. However, after her lie down and prolonged lay up, she wasn't running right, and eventually left me sitting on the side of the road in November last year. It wasn't until March that I was able to get my mechanic to sort the carbs and get her running like as well as she looked, but by mid March she was ready for all the glorious days Spring and Summer had to offer. And then on a ride out with my partner last weekend she started conking out again. I pulled in to the side of the road and tried to restart. Luckily my partner hopped off, and told me I needed to get off real fast as smoke was pouring out from under the seat. Something had gone very wrong with the fuel pump... Half an hour, one fire engine and a lot of water later and I'm back to square one, except this time it's the rear of the bike that's screwed, not the front. I'm not sure what the moral of this story is. If anyone in the UK has a line on some rear fairing panels or a seat (no matter how scruffy as I'll need to get re-covered and reshaped anyway), please let me know!
  4. What an awesome adventure this has been to read about. The bike looks brilliant and I'm super impressed with everything you've done to it. As my '93 is sitting naked and tankless at the moment this is really inspiring me to try and get as much care and repair done as possible. Sadly my lack of any ability, knowledge, a garage to work in or much in the way of tools is going to limit it to plugs, filters and rubber hoses as much as I can. This is still a big step up from adding petrol, my previous best effort at bike maintenance 🙂
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