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  1. Thanks, I’ll try to do that tomorrow and post it here.
  2. Hmm. That’s weird, the video is showing and playing in my post. I used “choose files” “photo library” and selected it, took a little while to appear but it’s definitely there. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’ll attempt to describe what’s happening. Bike on main stand, front wheel on ground mudguard removed. Phone was on left side of tyre looking at right fork mudguard mounting boss. I pull the bike down by the upper fairing, the wheel stays stationary but the fork leg moves forward. I expected it to stay stationary like the wheel as the stanchion slid into the slider. I’ll try uploading again, original file was 22mb this one is 20.9mb. F41D7F5B-018A-40C0-8E46-7CD9743B441B.MOV
  3. This is a friend of mine’s 3rd gen VFR. He was riding near his home yesterday travelling at 30mph when a fox ran across the road in front of him, he braked and swerved missing the fox but managed to run into the kerb (curb) on his right hard enough to twist the forks in the yokes (triple tree). He bought it round to me with the bars pointing left when the wheel was straight and said it felt “hard” on the front. I’ve fixed many forks twisted like this so by undoing all bolts and bouncing the front end I’ve got everything straight again but it does feel very stiff, lots of stiction, when exercising the forks. The mudguard was removed as it had split in the left mounting bolt area to glue it back together, it was then I noticed the forks moving as in the video when compressing them (without applying the brakes). Is this normal or is the leg bent? F41D7F5B-018A-40C0-8E46-7CD9743B441B.MOV
  4. Sorry for the late reply, been away on holiday. Perfect, thank you so much. All now fitted correctly. Really must make a note of everything I remove in future just in case refitting is delayed! Kindest regards.
  5. Thanks JZH, Got to work later than anticipated today so now plan fitting them Wednesday.
  6. Thank you V4 Rosso, will attempt to refit them on Monday when I’ve got some time off. Did manage to find the middle part 19137-MT4-000 pictured on a fiche on the Partsfish site yesterday so have a visual idea where it should be but the others don’t appear anywhere so your help invaluable.
  7. I wouldn’t mind so much but every time before I’ve removed something, I’ve either photographed it; drawn it or noted it down. Every time except this time! (My last question re: what turned out to be a pillion handle washer/bush doesn’t count as I didn’t know it had fallen out when I removed the tail plastics) Saturday evening, I take these bits off intending to clean them and put them straight back, no need to document, they’re going straight back. My memory though sketchy at times is not that bad that I’ll forget where they go. Then the Wife calls, she’s got a flat tyre so off I go on a 40 mile round trip to rescue her, too late when we get home to carry on in the garage so I’ll do it tomorrow. Sunday and….., well I’ll skip to the chase, it’s now Thursday and I’m in the garage staring at three bits of rubber. I know one goes on the left, one on the right and one in the middle but no matter where I try to place them, they don’t go there. The Honda workshop manual shows every zip tie and screw placement but not these rubbers, nor do Clymer or Haynes. Ive searched and searched on the ‘net and all I get are pictures of the parts but none of them in situ. Does anyone have a picture or a link to any that show these in place? Thanks in advance.
  8. Steve1, you are a star. Thanks for that, can see plain as day where it should be now as the other one is still in place. It must’ve been loosely stuck to the side panel when I took it off.
  9. Ok everyone, here’s a puzzle for you to solve. First one with the correct answer gets a warm fuzzy feeling for helping an idiot out. I’m resurrecting my ‘92 FN, new seals; fluids; bearings etc etc. Consequently all the plastics are off and broken lugs/posts being repaired. In order to renew the rear brake master cylinder seals I took off the right side footrest hanger and found this bit nestling between the hanger and frame. It’s obviously dropped there but from where? It’s threaded on the inside and looks like it should sit in something and have a bolt go into it.
  10. Thanks so much for all your replies. I made a wooden tool to jam the cartridge, which it did, but the bolt kept spinning even when pulling the damper rod & stanchion. So I gave up and went to a mechanic, he seemed very confident he’d be able to get it out “…you just need to shock it out with a rattle gun”. He came back after 5 minutes, “The bolt’s just spinning. It’s like the valve is spinning because something is jamming the bolt, I need your help.” So with the fork fully extended and the stanchion held in a vice he pulled on the lower leg while I pulled on the damper rod then gave short bursts with an impact driver (the kind you use to fix screws into wood rather than the rattle gun) and YES it came out! On inspection he said there was a piece of thread locker jammed in the threads of the valve body which was preventing the bolt from screwing in fully which was causing the valve body to turn instead. After carefully re-tapping the thread he was able to assemble the fork without any more drama. He said DON’T use any thread locking compound on these bolts, it’s not necessary and whoever had used it on this one had used far too much. Well I know who did it, it was a Honda main dealer around 15 years ago when I had a leaking seal replaced while on a touring holiday. Now to get the front end back together before starting on replacing the rear shock. Fingers crossed for that going smoothly.
  11. Not the usual problem of not being able to undo it, had no trouble with that. It’s getting it done back up that I’ve messed up. First leg went back together perfectly. The second one, I was doing the bolt up with an Allen key and not really paying attention, it felt like I was tightening up ok and I went to nip it up before getting the torque wrench when…… spin, spin, spin. Now one of two things has happened; 1. The bolts fine, it’s the damper rod assembly that’s spinning or 2. I’ve cross threaded the bolt and have now stripped a thread, hopefully on the bolt but possibly the rod. Scenario 1. Ive tried assembling the leg completely but the bolt spins. Ive pulled the rod, I’ve pushed the rod, pulled the leg, pushed the leg. The bolt spins or rather it gets “tight” then loosens off. What do I do? Scenario 2. Help. What do I do? Drill it out? Looking forward to an easy solution!🤞
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