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  1. I have googled, and come across some various universal fairing bolt kits that are tagged and sold specifically for 4th gen VFR750Fs, but haven't seen anything that looks specifically built for the bike. I would appreciate any suggestions, even if it's for a universal kit that worked great for you. If someone has bolt sizes in an easy format, that would be neat also. PDFs, or anything related to bolt, fastener sizes, or full bolt kit suggestions. I appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. Jump started my 94 off my 95 and took both of them for a quick ride in the sun before the rain set in
  3. Thanks for everything. I'm new to this site, but the community has been amazing so far, so thanks to you and everyone here.
  4. I'm looking for this guy to complete my project bike rebuild; https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-vfr750f-1995-s-england_model5648/visor_37110mz7008/ Part #8 in the included diagram. Thanks.
  5. I'm still new here, and I don't want to break any rules. This site has been really helpful to me so far. Where is the appropriate place to post a "Looking For" ad for parts. I'm in need of a specific and slightly obscure part for my 95 VFR750F that I'm rebuilding, and figured I would ask here before I start fabbing something custom. Thanks!
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