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  1. I’m looking for a 4th gen VFR750F not picky on year model just don’t want any broken plastic. I almost had one found but it had a small broken piece of plastic on the rear end. I can deal with scratches on the tank and plastic from normal wear and tear and honestly not opposed to higher mileage on the block either, I just don’t want any broken plastic. I’m located in NC, but have no problem doing a distance deal via PayPal G&S, eBay, escrow.com or CC if you have a way to accept payment, and having it shipped. I should have never sold my mint 1994 a couple years ago. Here’s to hoping someon
  2. So can you still acquire OEM fairings for the 5th gen from Honda? I’m not finding it if so.
  3. Are these cheap Chinese fairings you’re all referring to? https://www.gomototrip.com/product/1998-2001-honda-vfr800-oem-red-motorcycle-fairing-kit/ and I see multiple kits on eBay as well. What other options are there? I have only ever owned a 94 and 95 VFR750F but I’m considering a 99 and fairings are always my first concern! What other options are there?
  4. Jump started my 94 off my 95 and took both of them for a quick ride in the sun before the rain set in
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