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  1. Thank you. The ‘95 will be up for sale once I have it pieced back together. Haha Thank you. I see what you are talking about now. It seems I have hit a snag. I am missing this bracket for the shifter side of the bike. It’s what the left and right fairings attach to. I searched eBay and Google. Any recommendations or am I looking into fabbing a new piece?
  2. Looks like I need 20 and 21 to attach the windscreen to the rest of it. Also the fairings are stock Honda off a 94. Only thing is the owner started on removing the VFR stickers.
  3. These are my bikes. The naked one is a 1995 VFR750F, with current plans to add these fairings to it and replace the tank. I just joined the forum and wanted to start an introduction post, and I will also be updating this post as I bring the 1995 back to life. The other bike is a 1994 VFR750F in mint condition, original sales receipts, as well as shop manuals and original owner’s manual. I also have to ask a newb question. I need the black plastic windshield mounting brackets, so if anyone has some they are willing to sell, then will you please let me know? I hope you guys enjoy a project build thread, and hopefully I can show things others might have questions about, and hopefully you can answer any questions I have or offer advice.
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