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  1. Looks a tad different now...
  2. Thanks all, Think i will get hold of some 36/2 top caps with the pre load screws, then upgrade the springs and use heavier weight oil and see if this helps things, dont get me wrong it feels fine at bimble speeds but push on and it turns into a soggy bottomed sponge cake ! Onwards & Upwards.......
  3. Hi all, Just an ask regarding the front fork possible swap, i have a 92 rc36-1 and wondered if the 94 rc36-2 forks were a straight trade as they have a preload option ? I find that with shall we say "spirited" riding the front is too soft and dives/moves around on me, or is my option to fit stiffer springs and 10 weight oil ? The rear is great as got a yss in there Thanks in advance Steve
  4. Have you checked for any air leaks along the intake tracts, perished rubbers etc, maybe the brain is over fuelling to compensate ? Just a thought Cheers...
  5. Hi mate. Its from the rear grab handle mounting point under the seat, goes on with the washer type flange uppermost, and then the grab handle/rear rack on top then the bolt, check the other side for fitting if thats still in place, it stops the rear side panel from being swashed/broken when tightening ! Tah Dah Cheers
  6. Well, got her where I want it to be for now....
  7. Hi chap, No didnt manage to get her out, but today will be fine weather wise, so Matlock Bath time i think ! Cheers......
  8. Hi, its just a nod to my late 80's ypvs, they are red Honda wrist bands lol, everyone has wrist sweat bands around their fluid reservoirs....didnt they ? As a side note, finished the bike now along with the wrap etc i have fitted a db killer and a small box for w/proofs and such I am also chuffed that my redex bath has worked ! Fine weather beware......vroooooooooooom
  9. Finished the wrap now, looks well imo, lever guards are now fitted along with the small adjustable screen extension, changed the oil & filter and air filter, found the snorkel had come off the front of the airbox so fitted that back in, changed the rear plugs and my god people are not kidding about the fronts !!!!&*$£">@ me....there has got to be an easier way than having to drain the system and move the rad out the way surely ! Anyway, put a set of iridium's in so hopefully wont be touching those for a while. Let the carbs sit overnight with a good dose of redex in them and some carb cleaner, put everything back together later next day and fired her up, gave it a handful and after about 20 secs the smoke cleared and she now picks up just off idle so much sweeter. When the weather improves will put 20 odd miles in and see whats what ? Cheers ....
  10. Hi, yes it will follow the original lines of the grey background and terminate in a point just above the bulge. It just tidies things up and follows the lines, it has a carbon tank guard. Think that will do for the wrap, i am adding a smoke screen extender and a pair of lever guards and thats the lot ! Cheers.........
  11. Think the lowers look better now...will extend the wrap along the sides soon. Cheers
  12. Cheers man..... Riding it feels like an old friend, like i have had it years ! Booking in soon for a full service just for more peace of mind as 65k on her now. Think i will show her some corners later as weather is fine here for a change Laters
  13. The lower fairings where the grey strips where the frankly crap vfr stickers are are now gone, the grey strips are now carbon wrapped along with a pair of better red vfr logo's, i also plan to do the seat side panels in the carbon to match as feel it looks a hell of a lot classier, the silver vfr stickers have been removed ready. i may do the top fairing panels each side of the headlight to preserve the paint ? I have removed the bar risers aswell, feels better when i drop it in to a corner....no noticeable strain on my wrists either. Will update with a photo when finished Cheers all
  14. Figured out the noise... It was the tank hitting the frame near the headstock, there are rubber cushioning spacers on each side of the frame where the tank sits but none near the headstock ? I sliced an old bike grip into half lengthways and sandwiched between frame and said tank,,,dahdah easy fix for once but god it was annoying.....
  15. Cheers... Went for a little spin out yesterday into the Lincolnshire Wolds and everything good with the new R1 r/r, showing a steady 14.1v with side lights, dropping to 13.8v with mains lit according to the voltmeter, gives me so much more confidence... She even lived with an Aprillia rsv on the twisties as the rider seemed to be a staright line merchant lol If i pushed a bit to hard into a corner then the front became loose, maybe fit some upgraded springs if i continue that, but perfectly good enough if rode conservatively. Really enjoying my first experience of a vfr, that sound track ........
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