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  1. Well... I'm a few days away from departure and I'm concerned about the situation regarding crossing borders. I don't want to find myself stuck in a country unable to get home for months. Mmmm - gonna keep monitoring the situation. I've been checking these websites daily: https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions https://www.wanderlust.co.uk/content/coronavirus-travel-updates/ Any insights much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for all your replies! I'm planning on camping for most of the trip - staying away from groups of people as much as I can due to the COVID situation. That kinda sucks, but I'm quite happy in my own company too - so that's good. I'll post again when I return.
  3. I'm hoping to start the trip next week. I live in Spain and, at the moment at least, there don't appear to be any border restrictions with any of the countries I'm planning to go through.
  4. I'll likely return via a different route - perhaps through Italy and then follow the coast.
  5. Thanks all for your replies! Duly noted. Attached is the gist of my route. Spain to Bulgaria. 🙂
  6. Yes - I put it in the tail section - see photo attached. Ok - I'll attempt to locate the wire for the tail light !!! If anyone knows which one is is - please let me know 🙂
  7. Hello! I have one of these handy things: https://www.fuzeblocks.com/Fuzeblocks-FZ-1-Distribution-Block_p_1.html I've wired it to the battery for constant power. Now I need to decide which wire to attach the posi-tap to for switched power (in the attached image, it's the line labeled "+12V Switched Source"). Does anyone have any suggestions? (a photo would be jolly helpful - because I'm not an EE!) TIA, Adam
  8. Hello everyone! Perchance... has anyone put together a list of tools to take on a long trip? If so, please would you post? Or if you can rattle off what you consider to be essentials, please go ahead! Thanks 🙂
  9. Just to close this out... I did a bunch of research based on your suggestions and decided to buy the Kreiga US Combo 40 🙂 Thanks again y'all.
  10. thanks everyone! sorry for the late reply - I lost my password and then forgot about all this! hahaha. Anyway - I'm off on my trip in a couple of weeks so I'll check out the Kriega bags.
  11. I’m planning a big trip! Anyone have any recommendations for bags that can be mounted on top of the left and right hard cases? And mounting suggestions welcome! TIA
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