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  1. Finally installed my Ermax Rear Hugger with Chain Guard and swapped out the Delkevich pipe with the Staintune pipe. The Delkevich is louder even with the Decibel Killer, but I prefer the Staintune’s Polished Steel as well as its Deep sound without the decibel killer. Installation of the Ermax Rear Hugger and Chain Guard was a little trouble deciphering the instructions but once figured out all went well. Love the look and functionality of it also. Installation of the Staintune pipe was very easy and fit like a glove. It mounted fairly easy and looks good as the pictures show. I have the Delkevich for sale with the original box.
  2. I just moved over to an 8th Generation VFR800 from my 6th Generation VFR800 putting 124628 miles on it over 17 years and NEVER had a valve clearance check accomplished and NEVER had any problems with the way the engine worked. I replaced the cam chain tensioners in 2009 and they are STILL running strong!! This IS a TESTAMENT to the ENGINEERING QUALITY of Honda.
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