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  1. Thank you for the information DannoXYZ. I will research more about the brand you recommend. I also see there is a brand named Antigravity Battery which makes Lithium Ion batteries as well.
  2. Thanks for the Information Grum. I will look into replacing the current battery with the YTZ14S instead. I will contact Shorai tomorrow to get the specific Lithium Ion battery that will fit the VFR800. Since they list it fitting a 2014 VFR800 then it should fit the 2015. This is their Battery which from reading comments elsewhere is a good purchase. I tested the battery again in the bike and the Voltage had dropped to 12.34 then 7.43 when cranking. It did not start either. I tried just a few seconds after that attempt got 12.68 pre-crank the 9.73 under crank load and it started. I have the b
  3. Has anyone here on the forum had experience with purchasing and installing a Shorai Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery on their 8th Generation VFR800? I checked Shorai's official sight and they only 1 such battery for a 1998 - 2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor, When I seek to match it to my 2015 Honda VFR800 Interceptor from sellers sights I get a Does not fit your bike. The Battery for the 2014 and 2015 VFR800's are the same. My current battery is the O.E.M. Yuasa YTZ12S battery which cranks okay when first starting, but after riding for about 30 minutes or such and shutting down, when you at
  4. I used the Permatex Aviation Form-A Gasket for the wiring grommet only. I used Hondabond 4 for the two spots on the gasket. The Grommet Sealed really well and is holding strong. Cheers!!!
  5. Thank you THUMBS for that information. I will look to purchase some, clean up the old crankcase cover and touch up the paint on it. Took the VFR800 out for a long ride after checking for leaks. Ran and shifted as normal. No leaks, Runs or Errors. Glad to have the VFR800 looking New again. Thanks to all who contributed and guided me in replacing the right crankcase cover.
  6. I decided to replace it because of a drop leaving from work and hitting loose gravel and sand on exit to parking lot. I should have gone slow with my feet dragging the ground out onto the main road and would have prevented all this repair maintenance. I was going to try and find the color paint for the cover, clean up the scratches and touch up the paint. Could not find any information on the paint for the crankcase covers. Replacement was successful. I paid attention to the inner dowel pins and the two in the crankcase cover. Easy to swap over the CKP Sensor and seal it in the new crankcas
  7. Yes, I do plan to drain the oil case per the shop manual. Because of the internal dowels I prefer to replace the cover while using the center stand. Thanks for the information and input.
  8. Thanks for all the input. I will try the Aviation Sealant for the Sensor since the Ultra Black Permatex would be overkill. A local O'Reilly's has it in stock. My VFR800 will be on it's center stand when I replace the crankcase cover. Taking all precautions to not lose any of the internal dowels as well.
  9. Thanks to all the replies. Great information and advise that will help guide me. I was able to trace the wire back and up to the P2 connector and of course it is buried and hard to access. If it were disconnected and pulled out it would take quite some time to feed it back and reconnect it. I will try the two person approach while swapping the unit over to the new crankcase cover. Does anyone know the type of sealant I should use when installing the grommet for the CKP Sensor to the new crankcase cover? I have the hondabond to install at the points shown in the shop manual. Yes, I remember tho
  10. Thanks for the reply and information. I am attempting to back trace the harness to the connector without taking too many things apart. I changed the Right crankcase cover on my old 2002 Honda VFR800 a few years back. I have been considering the option mentioned though. I have a new gasket and Hondabond on hand for the replacement.
  11. I will be replacing the right crankcase cover on my 2015 Honda VFR800. In the shop manual it reads to disconnect the CKP Sensor 2P connector. On the crankcase cover is where the CKP Sensor is located. I am trying to trace the wire up from the unit on the crankcase cover up to where it connects. Is it really necessary to disconnect the P2 Sensor connector in order to swap out the crankcase covers. Thanks in advance for any information or guidance.
  12. Thank you for the information. I will look into the source you suggested. I have been rethinking the HID mod and instead going with straight LED. Were the LEDS you linked straight plug and go, or did you have some extra modification to do? Thank you in advance.
  13. I purchased a HID Low Beam and LED High Beam Conversion kits from a seller named LED Light Street which they stated as kits compatible with the 2012 VFR1200F. These Conversion kits are FAR from compatible and usable on the VFR1200. I have seen here on the forums other postings of HID and LED conversions with links to sellers. None of those links work anymore so I am asking if anyone knows of a reputable source for the aforementioned Headlight conversion kits for the 2012 VFR1200. Any information is welcome and thank you in advance.
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