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  1. Finally installed my Ermax Rear Hugger with Chain Guard and swapped out the Delkevich pipe with the Staintune pipe. The Delkevich is louder even with the Decibel Killer, but I prefer the Staintune’s Polished Steel as well as its Deep sound without the decibel killer. Installation of the Ermax Rear Hugger and Chain Guard was a little trouble deciphering the instructions but once figured out all went well. Love the look and functionality of it also. Installation of the Staintune pipe was very easy and fit like a glove. It mounted fairly easy and looks good as the pictures show. I have the Delkevich for sale with the original box.
  2. Yes, the Panniers should come with the Rubber Mounts, spacer and screws. I ordered and received the Lock Cylinders and successfully assembled and installed them in my hard bags with minimal trouble. Once one is assembled the second one goes together quickly. My experience with the same Honda OEM Hard bags for my 2012 VFR1200 GREATLY prepared me for the assembly of the locks for thses hard bags. Very Cheap of Honda to NOT include the inner lock cylinders with the hard bags. Glad to be finished with this process.
  3. Thanks for the information and responses. I found the thread on here discussing the Lock Cylinder kits being sold separately. I have since ordered a set from Partzilla.com. As stated the Lock cylinder assemblies were included with the Saddle Bag set I ordered in 2016 for my 2012 VFR1200. Those cylinders required the same assembly as the ones for the 2015 Interceptor Saddle Bags.
  4. Having successfully done business with Ron Ayers for over 17 years. I eagerly placed my order several weeks ago for the Honda OEM Saddlebag set for my 2015 VFR800. Upon receipt of the saddlebags and doing an inventory, it was minus installation instructions and the Key Inner Cylinder Lock assembly kits. I am inquiring if anyone else on the forum who may have bought the Honda OEM Saddlebags were also missing the Key Inner Cylinder Lock kits. Are they sold separately? I purchased the Honda OEM Saddlebags for my 2012 VFR1200 in 2016 and the Key Inner Cylinder Lock assembly Kits were included. The only packet included with the saddlebags shows it is a kit imported from Spain. Thanks for any and all input. I just want to make sure Honda is not pulling another fast one on its customers.
  5. Thanks!! I had a bottle of it on hand and finally dug it out and used it. Fixed my problem.
  6. I already have several unwanted scratches on the back left side of my tank despite taking precautions. What is the best method of removing them without causing further damage? All advice welcome and thanks in advance. I have the Honda tank protector on order.
  7. I just moved over to an 8th Generation VFR800 from my 6th Generation VFR800 putting 124628 miles on it over 17 years and NEVER had a valve clearance check accomplished and NEVER had any problems with the way the engine worked. I replaced the cam chain tensioners in 2009 and they are STILL running strong!! This IS a TESTAMENT to the ENGINEERING QUALITY of Honda.
  8. Today I joined the 8th Generation VFR800 family with the purchase of a 2015 VFR800 Deluxe. My first Mod is a Delkevic 8” Mini Carbon Fiber Slip-on Pipe. LOVE the sound with the baffle removed. So far I am impressed with the VAST improvement over the 6th Generation VFR800 in that it is narrower, smoother and more fuel efficient. It rides smooth as well. Love the LED Headlight which Honda should have done years ago. Overall it is a different beast than my old 2002 VFR800. I will post pictures below as well as post further comment on the new bike as I put my miles on it. Honda is DEFINITELY the BEST!!!
  9. Today I ended my Incredible 17 year ownership of my 2002 Honda VFR800 which brought to this forum as a member. I sold her to a good friend who will definitely give the bike a good home. I put over 123,628 miles on it doing my own maintenance thanks to the How to guides posted on this site. I purchased a 2012 VFR1200 in 2015 and LOVE it!! It will be around for years to come. A good friend who sold his 2001 VFR800 back in 2011 was itching to get a new VFR800. Upon seeing that Honda May no longer import them he decided to pull the trigger and purchase a 2014 VFR800 for $6,000 out the door. With my VFR1200 about paid off I wanted a newer model and pulled the trigger and got a 2015 VFR800 Deluxe out the door for $7,800. I made a trip this weekend to Dallas Texas, rented a U-Haul 5’ X 9’ trailer picked up our new VFR800’s and made the drive back last night. That trip was an adventure in itself for telling another day. Prior to releasing the bike I did a Headlight restoration using the Meguiars Heavy Duty kit. The results were amazing. I will post the pictures of that process. I will also post pictures of the bike sold with the final mileage put on it by me. That I got so many miles out that VFR800 is a testament to Honda’s Engineering, Precision and Excellence to detail. That I never had a valve clearance check done is another point of high quality. I will post in the 8th Generation VFR Forum pictures of the new bike. It is an Honor to be part of this Great group of owners and riders.
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