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  1. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Either way, the new screen is installed. By this stage, I've learned the value of cooling compression wear. I'm not above skin tight underwear...as long as they are hidden under something else. The Race for the Wounded guys are helping me out! I just get to race under their banner this year. I was very fortunate to have that organization get me back on bikes after getting blown up in Afghanistan in 2011. They gave me the chance to be competitive and have fun again without getting in over my head. I can't say enough good about them.
  2. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    I am in South Texas, so yes, it gets pretty stuffy here on occasion. Thank you MaxSwell.
  3. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Thank you Grum. It was the color that caught my eye first. The previous owner did a pretty good job of keeping the bike nice, but he did a few modifications that I'm undoing now. For some reason he blacked out the inside of the windscreen with paint. I have no idea why someone would do that. EhViffer, the dog back there, Odin, only pees on the tires of my truck. That's his thing. I rode about 415 miles yesterday and didn't have too much of an issue on my backside, but I wouldn't mind upgrading to something a bit more apt for two up riding. I'm also looking forward to a good top box with a back rest for my wife. It's been so hot here 95F/35C that it's hard to get comfortable at all. Sweaty butt syndrome is the reality down here in Texas.
  4. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Yes I do. This is when I first got it home and I had to take a while to bask in it's glory.
  5. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Hello all, I'm introducing myself as the new owner of a slightly loved 2010 VFR1200. So far, I love this bike. I've been on sportbikes for 22 years and it was time to get something a bit more comfy. I look forward to reading and learning as much as I can from the smart people on this forum. Currently, racing takes up 90% of my energy and focus. I race with CMRA in the Ultra-Light Endurance series. I have a team called FMD Racing based out of San Antonio. We have 5 racers and 4 bikes all ridden by combat veterans and supported by Race for the Wounded and C&D Powersports. If anyone has time, check out Race for the Wounded and FMD Racing and give us a like on facebook.

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