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  1. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Thank you Grum. It was the color that caught my eye first. The previous owner did a pretty good job of keeping the bike nice, but he did a few modifications that I'm undoing now. For some reason he blacked out the inside of the windscreen with paint. I have no idea why someone would do that. EhViffer, the dog back there, Odin, only pees on the tires of my truck. That's his thing. I rode about 415 miles yesterday and didn't have too much of an issue on my backside, but I wouldn't mind upgrading to something a bit more apt for two up riding. I'm also looking forward to a good top box with a back rest for my wife. It's been so hot here 95F/35C that it's hard to get comfortable at all. Sweaty butt syndrome is the reality down here in Texas.
  2. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Yes I do. This is when I first got it home and I had to take a while to bask in it's glory.
  3. thunderrun53

    New VFR1200 Owner Here

    Hello all, I'm introducing myself as the new owner of a slightly loved 2010 VFR1200. So far, I love this bike. I've been on sportbikes for 22 years and it was time to get something a bit more comfy. I look forward to reading and learning as much as I can from the smart people on this forum. Currently, racing takes up 90% of my energy and focus. I race with CMRA in the Ultra-Light Endurance series. I have a team called FMD Racing based out of San Antonio. We have 5 racers and 4 bikes all ridden by combat veterans and supported by Race for the Wounded and C&D Powersports. If anyone has time, check out Race for the Wounded and FMD Racing and give us a like on facebook.

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