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  1. True. One of my biker friends does very well for himself and rides Ducati. Recently he told me he sold the Ducati for similar reasons but more the inability to park an expensive bike just anywhere. I can park the Honda anywhere and it doesn't attract attention. When he parks the Ducarti there's usually a crowd gathered around the bike. He fears it'll be gone one day. That and the increased traffic.
  2. My first VFR was an '86 VFR 750. I rode that until I saw a beautiful '97 VFR 750. That was my ride until 2010 when I found a dealership in Dallas that had a new/unsold 2008 VFR 800 for $3000 under MSRP. For all those years I was divorced and had both a Honda Accord and a Honda motorcycle. About three years ago I met a beautiful woman on an internet dating site. She's from the Philippines. She relocated to the US and we married last year. Now that she has her green card, SSN and a drivers license she's found a position near downtown. I don't mind riding the bike to and from work since I live less than a 5 minute ride. But the writing is on the wall that I'll need to move on from the bike to another cage. Three of my biker friends have sold their bikes for similar reasons including the increased traffic gridlock in and around town. There's rarely a time that I don't run into congestion. More people on the road and more people distracted with their IG, Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter. They take their eyes completely off the road so they can view the latest internet banality. Commenting on their dog doing stupid human tricks and their children doing stupid dog tricks. I've had more near misses the last couple of years than ever before. Others have argued that I can keep both. There isn't enough room in the garage for two cars and the bike. I don't wish to store the bike outside. We know what that can do to the appearance when a motorcycle is left outside. The weather isn't kind at all to the aluminum. It was a good run, of about 17 years. My bike as been my daily rider during the warm and cool weather months for those years but the winters can make a short ride unbearable so I switch to the car. My wife hasn't said anything to me nor has she made any negative implications about the bike. But marriage has a way of changing more than we think when we go down that path. My wife has embraced American college football, photography, fishing and possibly hunting. I'm fortunate for that. It'll be a few weeks or more before we buy another car due to the inflated prices of used cars in the US due to the supply chain and chip shortages. I might be able to get a few hundred more for my bike than before.
  3. The assembly is bolted to the frame with four bolts, two are 8mm hex and two are 4mm hex. I cannot seem to find those specs and I don't happen to have a manual. I took a spill making a right hand turn going about four or five mph. The results were a chipped and bent brake pedal. I have the replacement pedal but need to remove the foot peg assembly to replace the brake pedal which is mounted on the back side of the foot peg assembly. I called a Honda dealership and they were less than helpful. Since these are aluminum parts I run the risk of over tightening and stripping the bolt head and/or making it nearly impossible to remove the assembly in the future if necessary. I plan on adding a small amount of anti-seize paste on the bolt threads but I'd rather have those specs. Thanks!
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