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  1. They don't require maintenance but they can discharge on their own when the bike is not in use for an extended period of time. That's why the trickle charger is very important.
  2. I decided to buy this Battery Tender from Amazon for $150 along with a dedicated lithium trickle charger. These batteries have four terminals so that the wired connection for the trickle charger can be attached to one side while the other to the bikes electrical system. The battery is smaller than its lead/acid counterpart. Included is a set of small foam blocks take up space so the battery doesn't move around. This battery has a three year warranty. We're fortunate that a battery lives beyond two years in this oppressive Texas heat.
  3. Have you any experience with lithium batteries? Battery Tender has marketed one in the past and recently introduced a new line of batteries. So what do you say...stay with the lead/acid or go lithium.
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