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  1. Is the clutch slave cylinder working properly? Fresh-ish fluid and bled?
  2. Same thing here. I thought they looked great.
  3. They seem to have pretty bad reviews when I look them up. Sounds like a lot of customers never receive their order.
  4. If this would fit a 5th Gen, I'd probably be in for one. My center stand doesn't contact my two brothers exhaust in the correct place.
  5. paulmeisterpk

    My 2004 vtec

    Man, I love that color!
  6. Cool. I didn't even know this pic of my bike was featured a while back!
  7. I recognize those places. Go by them quite often.
  8. Check with Jamie Daugherty http://www.daughertymotorsports.com Does he get them custom made?
  9. Where can I get a stiffer spring for a 929 shock? I looked at racetech and they don't seem to have anything. I'm thinking around an 1100-1200 lb spring.
  10. I always wanted my bike to be that dark blue color. Love it.
  11. Awesome build! This is going to be probably the best looking VF that I've ever seen! I love the Black frame, with the blue and white bodywork! I may just have to take some tips from you when I restore my '84 700.
  12. paulmeisterpk


    I would also like to see it larger. Awesome photo!
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