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  1. Tip over sensor stuck? Handlebar kill switch corroded?
  2. Did you find a replacement TPS? If I remember correctly, I didn't think they were available.
  3. Did anyone else find it odd that it kept revving at 2k+ even when the fast idle lever was turned all the way down and it was only just a little over 100°F? mine will idle at less than 1k if I do that. With it instantly shutting off like that, I think a fuel pressure check would be good too.
  4. I was just going to suggest trying to bump up the idle speed. What is the current idle speed before it dies? If I remember correctly, it should be around 1200-1300 when warmed up.
  5. Like DannoXYZ said, a leakdown test on the low cylinder can pinpoint the issue. That will take a lot less time than pulling the engine and swapping another one in. When it dies, does it slowly idle down and die, or just shut off like you hit the kill switch? I agree that even on 3 cylinders, it should rev past 2000 rpm. Sounds like there is another issue.
  6. I would replace the spark plugs, and run a heavy dose of fuel system cleaner. I second the question of "what is the idle speed set to?" It may just be idling too low. Are you using the fast idle (looks like a choke) lever when starting?
  7. You should seriously check out the blog posts and how-to's at v4dreams.com He does a great job at restorations and has some very good tips for saving plastics and other original parts. I go just to see what the guy is up to every week. Saving clear-plastic windscreens: http://v4dreams.com/shop-blog/saving-a-windscreen http://v4dreams.com/shop-blog/project-23-update Reviving black plastic mirrors: http://v4dreams.com/shop-blog/mirror-magic Cleaning out a rusty fuel tank: http://v4dreams.com/shop-blog/fill-er-upwith-vinegar
  8. If this would fit a 5th Gen, I'd probably be in for one. My center stand doesn't contact my two brothers exhaust in the correct place.
  9. paulmeisterpk

    My 2004 vtec

    Man, I love that color!
  10. Cool. I didn't even know this pic of my bike was featured a while back!
  11. I recognize those places. Go by them quite often.
  12. Check with Jamie Daugherty http://www.daughertymotorsports.com Does he get them custom made?
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