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  1. About to put on a set of Metzelers. I run the tires down to near cord and it's vibrating above 90mph, so it's time.
  2. I used a 5/8 countersink bit on a 12" locking extension, all on a drill. But first, start the holes with a 12" drill bit then go in with the countersink bit. I drilled a few holes down each of the 4 exhaust tips. It has a little rumble sound now. Bought another oem exhaust to do this on & shelved the original. I want it louder, may do some more drilling!
  3. Tidy install! Please tell me more about that voltage gauge. Fit an '09? Thanks!
  4. I'd plug it until a new tire was procured. I carry a plug kit with CO2 cartridges for immediate use.
  5. There's a good video of that technique on youtube. Looks very simple, might try that oneday.
  6. And I thought adding mirror extenders to my '09 was a mod.
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