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  1. I like the bike a great deal but I’m looking for something with a bit more focusing on touring. By the way, rode the VFR today and it’s going to be hard to find a bike to beat it.
  2. Yea, it’s really a special bike and I hate to say this but…. I’m thinking of selling my Versys 650 and the VFR and going down to one bike. Three contenders right now, BMW R1250R(S), Moto Guzzi V100 or the new Trident Tiger Sport 660. Considering the new Suzuki GT and Ninja 1000 as well but they leave me kinda cold.
  3. The bike gets stored in the garage for the winter, however, good call about branches, summer storms drop lots too.
  4. I forgot to add in wintertime the shell folds in half and can be stored along a wall. It is expensive compared to a bike cover but it’s soooo much better.
  5. After a change in our garage space footprint last year I was having trouble figuring out where to store the VFR. Finally decided on a Cycle Shell and it's been great. Fairly quick to open and close and the bike is well protected from the elements. I can even store the bike with the luggage attached and unlike a bike cover I can put the bike away hot. The base is a very durable plastic with diamond plate for the kickstand, center stand and under each tire. Only the kickstand plate is mounted to the base when you buy the other three you have to measure out to match your bikes configuration. There are holes for anchoring the shell to the ground or asphalt. This wasn't the solution I wanted, I was looking to build a shed alongside the house or even add onto our garage but because of the additional cost and difficulty with building too close to the property line this became the next best choice. The bike will be stored in the garage during winter but for easy access and a nice protective home in the summer I'm pleased. There are three different size Cycle Shells, I bought the mid-size which is around $600... I've actually forgot the exact cost but you can find it on their website.
  6. I gave one of these a go a few years ago at a demo event in Laconia. Loved it! Such a great ride in every way. I’m not a fan of the design but you could say that about all Yamahas these days from my point of view but the bike was great. Talking with one of the Yamaha reps that owned one and his only negative comment was the range as you mentioned. It’s shockingly small to use as a tourer.
  7. Yes, it’s the latest model. Don’t misunderstand me, it was a fun and engaging bike and I needed to do two demo loops just to adjust to it and had far more fun the second try when I knew the route and bike better. The 900RS felt more torquey and responsive (more like a VFR) while the 1000SX was super smooth, maybe even a bit detached from road feel. My thoughts after the demo rides were wishing Kawasaki would make the 900RS into a retro or neo-retro sport tourer, similar to the Guzzi posted above with the nice touring features of the 1000SX.
  8. Agree about that black fairing, doesn’t help the looks at all. For years I had been trying to find a Kawasaki demo near me that I could attend to try the Ninja 1000. Finally did a few weeks ago. Other than the tech and a bit more comfort it didn’t wow me liked I hoped it would. What I did get a big kick from was the 900RS.
  9. Very nice Suzuki! Love the bright blue and even the mocked up candy red. I would like a metal flake deep yellow myself. Really any color, just so very tired of black, grey, silver, gunmetal, white bikes and cars. Really like that Guzzi too, just wish it had factory luggage.
  10. I really like this new Guzzi but I don’t see any hardware or attachment points for luggage.
  11. I don’t hate it and would like to give it a test ride but it doesn’t excite me too much.
  12. I’ve been watching her for a few years now. Agree with your assessment of her content. Worth watching, had family visiting over the holidays and many became fans that aren’t even interested in motorcycles.
  13. In all my previous bikes I checked and calculated MPG but I didn't really do that for my Gen 6 VFR. However, I was very surprised that I could get 200 miles out of a tank without trying too hard. It's a surprisingly efficient bike and that's great. I rode my buddies Gen 8 all over the Tucson area and beyond and was equally pleased with the efficiency. It's just nice to know when you are out on a tour that you got the legs to go the distance. Another big plus is that it only requires 87 octane fuel.
  14. This looks great so far. So wish Honda would make a streetfighter/standard with the V4.
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