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  1. Calculon

    1984 Miniceptor Refresh

    WOW! Looks so beautiful and to know it's not just superficial. Amazing tear down and rebuild.
  2. It's more than likely this has been posted before but if it has not it's worth watching. The first 40 minutes is a coffee ad, don't that dissuade you. A video from the original modder. And finally the paint job and final detailing. Enjoy!
  3. Calculon

    May Need a Gen 8 Now

    Doctor says there is no cure... Just need to manage symptoms.
  4. Calculon

    May Need a Gen 8 Now

    The only part I don't like about it are the white wheels, always thought they looked like plastic and cheapen the overall look of the bike. If they were a brushed aluminum it would be near perfect to me. And since I'm being picky, something needs to be done with the exhaust, never understood why manufacturer's make single-sided swingarms and then hang a ginormous exhaust muffler in front of it.
  5. I didn't think I would want to replace my 07 Interceptor anytime soon but then Honda had to go and paint the 2019 Interceptor red, white and blue. As far as I can tell this is a Japan only model and seriously doubt it will make it's way to the USA. You can view the link to Honda of Japan here if you are curious: https://www.honda.co.jp/VFR800F/
  6. Calculon

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    Ha! i can maximize space with the bikes by the wall as the front tires fit perfectly under the hull of the second kayak.
  7. Calculon

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    I peaked about a month ago and added the Interceptor to the fleet. And thanks to our nifty little Smart car I'm able to get all three in the same bay with the car. However, I wasn't riding the Ninja very much as it's too similar to the Versys so decided to sell. Now down to two but with the knowledge that I can fit three bikes in my garage. Nature abhors a vacuum.
  8. Calculon

    Picture Thread

    Just realized that this was an 8th gen thread. Sorry about the ol' 6th gen rwb above, need to look more carefully. To make it up to you here is a photo of my buddies 8th gen along with his FZ6R in the deserts of AZ near Tucson on a visit I had last year.
  9. Calculon

    Picture Thread

    Just riding around New England near Gloucester and Essex.
  10. It's that time of year around these parts when the weather is difficult to rely upon for consistent temps and the amount of sunlight diminishes significantly. What do you do before Winter sneaks up on you... you ride when you can. I took an extended lunch break this last week on a supremely beautiful day with temps in the 70's for a quick ride around Ispwich, Essex and Goucester. Had an enjoyable little hike to the ocean, a satisfying meal and saw some quirky roadside oddities. A great little stretch of road off of HWY 1, it's not fast paced, it's on the short side for distance but the scenery is really nice and the roads are a real treat with a few technical turns thrown amongst the sweepers, plus there is hardly any traffic which is so rare around these parts. Nothing beats the cod bites at JT Farnham's Famous Clams, so many clam shacks around this is my favorite with great outdoor seating. The Interceptor approves of the view. Hanging out at the gazebo in Stage Fort Park in Gloucester. I don't know the name of this location and I can never find it on a map but I find myself here often when I'm just meandering down roads that I like between Essex and Gloucester. The tree line before the ocean at Rafes Chasm Park. It's a very short hike off the road with some tremendous views. Some wildflowers along the hiking path at Rafes Chasm Park. Bird in flight looking south along the Atlantic coast. I saved the best pic for last! The elephant even has matching red, white, blue livery. Looking forward to a few more Fall rides before the bikes get packed away for the year but I don't think any of them will be as nice as this.
  11. There is the Yamaha FJ09 and now called the Tracer.
  12. I came so close to buying a Triumph Sprint ST a few years ago and was searching for both when I found an Interceptor I liked. Having said that I think the BMW F800GT and the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 are in the same neighborhood for comparative sport touring bikes.
  13. Don't think I'm crazy, from my experience the Gen 6 VFR is heavier and slower to turn into a corner and not as planted once it's over. It's also more sluggish when changing lanes or transitioning. I'm not saying it's bad at those things, it's a comparative statement. I had a test ride on a Gen 8 VFR and found that to be more planted and a bit more responsive than the my Gen 6. For what it's worth I have a Gen 3 Versys though I don't think that there is a major difference in handling characteristics between those models.
  14. I bought my Gen 6 just because I’ve always wanted one, I didn’t really have a plan for it. After a 200 mike ride this weekend I’m not sure I want it for anything more than weekend riding. I have a Versys 650 LT that is substantially more comfortable, has much better range and better handling that I will use for touring. Having just wrote all that I’m really enjoying my Interceptor and very happy with the purchase.
  15. Calculon

    Hello from the Midwest

    I noticed on my new to me VFR that the clutch engagement point is farther out in the release of the lever than it has been on my other bikes.

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