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  1. The reason I haven’t considered the VFR 1200 is simply that it’s too big for my liking. I would have added a Concours and an FJR if that was on my radar. I’ve test rode an R1200RS as well as an R1200R in the past but never a Ninja 1000 of any generation. I have sat on one a few times and think the latest version has a more comfortable ergo compared to the RS. I also agree that the boxer motors have great character as was mentioned earlier. In fact, between the R and the RS I find the R more comfortable and had better handling in the twisties. I would consider the R decked out in touring gear. We shall see, I have plenty of time to think about. Would be happy just keeping my VFR if it were more comfortable.
  2. If you were to choose between these two bikes and price wasn't a factor which would you prefer and if you're feeling chatty, why? A BMW R1250RS or A Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX
  3. In all my previous bikes I checked and calculated MPG but I didn't really do that for my Gen 6 VFR. However, I was very surprised that I could get 200 miles out of a tank without trying too hard. It's a surprisingly efficient bike and that's great. I rode my buddies Gen 8 all over the Tucson area and beyond and was equally pleased with the efficiency. It's just nice to know when you are out on a tour that you got the legs to go the distance. Another big plus is that it only requires 87 octane fuel.
  4. In the end I didn’t go through with it but I thought the Delkevic exhaust was a real good choice. Gobs of excellent YouTube videos, just search vfr800 Gen six exhaust.
  5. Thanks! The Cycle Shell is 45 inches wide so it should work. And she's not fat, just full figured.
  6. Could someone do me a favor and measure their sixth gen's width with factory luggage? I would do it myself but my bike is tucked away for the winter and hard to access, plus the luggage is removed. Need to find out to see if it will fit inside a Cycle Shell this summer. Thanks!
  7. Calculon

    Cycle Shell

    Has anyone ever used a Cycle Shell four outdoor storage? Looking to keep my bikes in one during the summer. Wonder first if the VFR (6th Gen) with luggage fits. Next curious about the quality. Anyone with experience let me know. In case you are not familiar you can view here: http://www.cycleshell.com/
  8. Not sure about that. I was just over at Zero’s site and they state it takes eighty minutes to charge to 95% and you can travel at 55mph for about 100 miles. My Electric car (Kona Electric) will charge to eighty percent in about 50 minutes on a level 3 charger and will do about 230 miles at 55mph. A Tesla Model 3 on a supercharger should get to eighty percent battery in under 30 minutes. What I couldn’t figure out from the Zero is if it’s limited to a level 2 charger or EVSE. if anyone is curious EV manufacturers rarely report charge time to 100% as the software that manages the “fill up” slows the charge down as it reaches maximum capacity so they will not damage the battery.
  9. As an owner now driving my second electric car I can in fact saying that I’m never going back to gasoline powered car. Having said that I love gasoline powered motorcycles and the VFR in particular. Since there is a lot of wishing going on in this thread and if I could get my way I would love to have a V4 powered Honda in a touring roadster like the BMW R1200R. I would be happy with the current power plant too but certainly wouldn’t mind an updated design.
  10. Not only can you get very good mpg from a VFR but you can do so with 89 octane (US), the bike doesn’t need premium unleaded. I’ve easily achieved 50 mpg on my sixth Gen.
  11. Have not seen this kit but sure am curious about either. Love my VFR but it’s tough for me on long multi day trips.
  12. I also think the eighth Gen is a superior bike to the sixth but I loved the RWB paint job on the sixth and the under tail exhaust. I know the under tail exhaust is heavy and all that, I just like the look. I also think the luggage is better on the sixth, not the mounting hardware but the cases themselves.
  13. Welcome Khibbs from just north of Boston in Stoneham. Good luck with your restoration and maybe I’ll see you on the road in the Spring.
  14. I haven’t watched this guys videos in years as I generally find him annoying but this was actually funny and well done. My VFR is actually the cool bike in my garage as the other is a Versys 650.
  15. I definitely have more issues with full faired bikes in heavy winds. I rode my Versys and VFR on the same day in the same windy conditions and the Interceptor was a handful on the interstate while the Versys hardly bothered.
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