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  1. This looks like such a great bike and don't forget if you're short on funds you can still get a Ninja 1000 and save about $6k. While not the bleeding edge of the H2 it is still a bike that puts out 140 hp, comfy ergos, sophisticated electronics and the same sweet luggage system.
  2. Welcome! That's a beautiful paint job on that VFR. Enjoy!
  3. No worries, just thought I would ask.
  4. Hello Davide and welcome! I'm going to be visiting Italy in a few weeks, the Milan area. Was thinking of renting a bike for a day or two. Are you familiar with the area, any advice about roads or traffic?
  5. Question. The second had set I purchased has some missing hardware. Could you tell me what the grab rail riser/spacer, the piece that sits between the luggage rack top and the grab rail bottom, what material is it made of? Is it plastic, rubberized? Does it essentially seal around the opening of the rear cowl, is that what it is for? Thanks. This is the part number: 08L41-MCW-80012
  6. That looks so nice. Nothing like new factory accessories for a twelve year old bike.
  7. No, that was the highway that leads into the Salt River Canyon.
  8. I’ve got a friend who thinks it may be possible to 3D print the spacer. Tells me he needs an STL or at least a CAD file for best results. Are these types of files possible to get?
  9. A couple of nice photos of my buddies VFR that I rode during a visit to Tucson early Spring. I'm tempted in trying to find a pearl white gen 8 deluxe but I'm still really fond of my gen 6.
  10. Yes and thanks. I found the part numbers and haven't had any luck either. I'm not too clever with modifications and tools but if the parts cannot be found I was hoping to find a workaround. The previous owner simply removed his grab rails but that would leave the top of the brackets and bolts exposed, not too tidy. Plus I'm not sure how tight it is too the rear cowl.
  11. I lucked into a set of OEM luggage and received all the parts plus mounting hardware with the exception of the spacers required for the grab rails. Is it possible to find the spacers? A substitute? For those that don't know what they are, they are small molded plastic pieces that nest between the hardware bracket and grab rail and raise the height of the grab rails, I'm assuming to make space allowances for the luggage.
  12. That’s great news. I looked there when I got my RWB last year but was put off by price. Way to dig into and get your bags.
  13. Calculon

    Old Tires

    Done. Got new RoadSmart 3’s put on the bike and whoa mama, what a difference. The turn in responsiveness is really quick and the new tires have waaaaay better road feel. It’s like a different bike. Nice! Thanks to all for input and advice.
  14. Thanks again, Grum. Just wrapped up routing the wire this morning. Had a lot of excess at the business end by the forks that I had to coil up. I'm not the most handy but It looks okay. For the record if anyone is going to install the same mount on a Gen 6 here are a couple of tips. Get thicker o-rings for the stem. The stem has two o-rings that fit into a sleeve that drops into the hole where the rubber cap is on the top clamp of the bike. There is a hex bolt at the top of the stem which expands the sleeve. The sleeve is too loose with the supplied o-rings. Second, the manufacturer supplies a wet wipe to moisten the o-rings before inserting, it's okay but I recommend liquid soap as the o-rings tend to leave their channels when pushing into the collar.
  15. I would love it if Honda made a VFR into a roadster like the BMW R1200R or Yamaha XSR 900. Looks like real nice work on your custom.
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