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  1. That idea was courtesy of boOZZIE and it worked like a charm. I should have called him out in my first reply, thanks boOZZIE!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Got it sorted using a hand sanitizer pump.
  3. Didn’t realize when I changed my oil that I overfilled. It’s over the top line in the sight glass by a small amount and I’ve noticed some oil drips below the bike. Is is there a way to extract the oil without doing an oil change?
  4. Recently and I don't know why I moved way up on my VFR's seat to where I was right up against the fuel tank and two things happened. The first and most notable, I was very comfortable and the VFR almost became pleasant to ride around town and on extended rides. Secondly, the handling of the bike improved markedly, especially slow speed city riding. I get the comfort thing, by sitting so far forward my back straightens up and it's easier to lock in my core and take weight off my hands. As for the handling, the only thing I can think of is that I'm putting a bit more weight over the front wh
  5. This looks great so far. So wish Honda would make a streetfighter/standard with the V4.
  6. Hello nunia and welcome to the group. I grew up in Milwaukee and only moved away eight years ago. Good luck finding your bike, don't forget to check the classified sections here and on other VFR sites.
  7. Wow, that's really generous and appreciated but I'm going to pass. Not sure that will fit a gen 6 with OEM luggage.
  8. I just saw a video on YouTube, Ari from Revzilla, showing the foil trick. Never thought of that before. I just wiped mine down afterwards but I think next time I will give that a go.
  9. My bike will be spending August and September out of the garage and I would like to find a decent motorcycle cover. Not too expensive but not garbage either. Needs to fit over the OEM side cases too. Any thoughts?
  10. The bike has been updated frequently since it's inception. The last two generations are so much nicer than the previous. I've never taken one out for a test ride either but sat on a few and they seemed to have become more neutral in ergonomics over time. Yeah, the look is typical Japanese style origami with all the folds and hyper stylization.
  11. Or look at a 2017 or later Ninja 1000. Lightweight, integrated bags, gobs of power and much easier on the wallet.
  12. I don’t mind the width too much. I think the bags look okay. It’s the additional weight that I dislike.
  13. For whatever it's worth if you liked the RT but thought it was a bit bulky take a look at the R or RS. Personally I like the R just a bit more, sure it's a roadster but you add a windscreen, integrated OEM luggage and maybe some hand guards and you have a three season tourer that is light and flickable with the same great motor as the RT.
  14. I spent a great deal of effort to get my new to me OEM luggage onto my VFR and I'm real glad I did but... the bike is so lardy now. I never really concerned myself with the portliness of my Interceptor before the luggage, yeah it was on the heavy side but still fun to throw around and no sweat in parking lot type situations. What a difference a couple of bags can make (and the metal frame). I still really like riding the bike but not as much. I know I can take the bags off but they are really, really handy. Such a dilemma.
  15. This is something I should've done. It's a great tip and I'll employ something similar next time.
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