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  1. MiniCarver

    Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

    If you get my way I'll let you ride it lol. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
  2. MiniCarver

    eliminating VTEC on 6th Gen

    Easiest way for me was dropping my 5th gen engine in my 6th gen frame. Now I get the beautiful gear whine, and the wonderful sound of dual underseat staintunes 😁
  3. MiniCarver

    Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

    Now that 8th gen parts are becoming more and more available via ebay. I was able to do all 2014 suspension/wheel/rotors with Brembo monoblocks.
  4. MiniCarver

    VFR with Corvette

    Red White and Blue?
  5. MiniCarver

    49 State Cams

    The 5th Gen has different cams for California and other states. I'm trying to determine if the 5th gen engine in Massachusetts has the Cams from California as well. http://www.ronayers.com/CAMSHAFT-C208009.aspx On the parts fische there is one cam for each 49 state and California. I'm trying to determine which cam is for which.
  6. MiniCarver

    49 State Cams

    When i check the internet, apparently these states adhere to California Emissions Standards "Other states which currently adhere to California emissions rules may choose to adopt the same mandate as well; those states include Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont." Does anyone positively know whether Honda places California cams or 49 state cams in bikes that were originally sold in these 9 states.
  7. MiniCarver

    Recognize This Vfr800 Streetfighter?

    i like how the back tire is still touching the ground even on the center stand...He's raised the rear correctly
  8. MiniCarver

    Cop For 5Th Gen Engine

    @Cornercarver, Pff bad engine or valve my ass...that engine is rock solid
  9. MiniCarver

    Cop For 5Th Gen Engine

    What browser are you using? On my computer google chrome plays the video but internet explorer does not.
  10. MiniCarver

    MiniCeptor Work

  11. MiniCarver

    5Th Gen Engine, 6Th Gen Frame

    As most of you know who attended the 10th annual Texasmac, I've got a pretty big project ahead of me and only about 360 days to finish it. I'm planning on attempting to put my 5th gen engine inside a 6th gen frame and i've seen one guy post a thread about it on here before but can't find the post. If anyone can find the link I'd appreciate it. Just wanted to read it a couple times before i dig myself another financial hole. Thanks.
  12. MiniCarver


    Proof you can't compress a liquid... :\
  13. MiniCarver

    Recovery ain't so bad.....

    That reminds me Kev, you going to Denver to recover at your brothers place? nice job K Ken! carver

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