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  1. You can just swap rear axles and the 10 spoke 5 lug 8 gen wheel will bolt right up to your 6 gen swingarm. I liked the look of the new swingarm too much to go that route. Unfortunately the brembos didn't work out. There was something with the spacing of the brake pad internally in the caliper that made them offset the rotors and I got a large amount of chatter under braking so I went to stock tokico calipers. But if you cross reference the part numbers, Honda uses the exact same calipers on their cbr1000rr and 600rr bikes, delinked with radial calipers and 310mm discs they work re
  2. You can mount 8gen fork lowers directly to your 2003 fork tubes, Honda kept the upper tube length, diameter, and spacing of the triples identical between 6th and 8th gen. The problem you're going to run into trying to retain the wheel and discs is that the 6th gen has 296mm discs that mount with 6 bolts, and the 8th gen has 310mm discs that mount with 5 bolts. So using the 6th gen wheel and discs, the brake pad won't actually make full contact with the disc. And trying to use larger diameter 8 gen discs won't bolt to a 6 gen wheel to try and retain the wheel. Best option is finding a used fron
  3. MiniCarver


    Look at that trail braking action 🚴‍♀️
  4. That's the spirit, i'd take my little bit melted v-dam with these performance headers over a stock header with clean v-dam any day.
  5. I knew it wasn't be an exact perfect fit. Just letting everyone know what I had to do to get it in place. If you're trying to install this by yourself be prepared to become a novice contortionist.
  6. Finally got around to installing the pipe. The front was pretty far off and misaligned. CornerCarver had to lay on the ground and push the front right with his foot while I worked it into place.
  7. I've been running Titanium exhaust wrap on my 99 catless header and have seen a significant improvement to bike temp. someone had mentioned earlier in this thread that you "shouldn't" wrap SS headers so I contacted the manufacturer of the titanium wrap and they said it won't cause any issues with a SS header.
  8. Maybe someone wants to coat their exhaust for aesthetics?
  9. Just a heads up. delkevic has the 42mm gaskets back in stock now.
  10. trial and error is exactly what I've been doing lol. I use the service manual for torque settings, but the microfiche will give me the bolt lengths and size, piston sizes, and will also tell me which parts were used on which different models/years. I literally just bought a new dogbone for my suspension on ebay just for test fitting because it was 14 bucks lol.
  11. Yes They both use a 14mm master cylinder, but Honda did change the part number. Could be the way the new switch boxes hook up to the master cylinder for horn/brake switch. Or it could just be a different color. As far as the "answer to this can be found in the service manual" I have to disagree. These parts (to my knowledge) have never been swapped between these bikes thus far so you won't just find an answer for these conversions.
  12. I'm working on a build thread but i'm working with 150 gb of data between timelapse video's and pictures so it's taking me more time than I thought. and theoretically the 6th gen master cylinder will fit on the 8th gen but i'm not sure what the difference in the bore size is between 6th and 8th gen master cylinders. I would just try to find a used 8th gen master cylinder on ebay if you don't want to cough up the extra money for a radial master cylinder. as far as the upper fork tubes, they're both 43mm tubes and the length is the same, when I had my forks rebuild by traxxion they used my 2002
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