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  1. MiniCarver


    Look at that trail braking action 🚴‍♀️
  2. That's the spirit, i'd take my little bit melted v-dam with these performance headers over a stock header with clean v-dam any day.
  3. that's my point, he says no stator issues or burnt wiring but he hasn't actually seen the stator yet. and I pulled my cover off to have it powder coated.
  4. have you actually removed your stator cover to look at the stator and see if it's burnt? or have you checked the RR/Stator connector for indications of melting? this isn't a issue of riding conditions. it's an issue of it will go out eventually.
  5. I actually didn't have them run a test piece first. we just looked at the paint card next to the 10 spoke wheel and said "close enough" and went for it lol. ended up working out.
  6. I knew it wasn't be an exact perfect fit. Just letting everyone know what I had to do to get it in place. If you're trying to install this by yourself be prepared to become a novice contortionist.
  7. Finally got around to installing the pipe. The front was pretty far off and misaligned. CornerCarver had to lay on the ground and push the front right with his foot while I worked it into place.
  8. I've been running Titanium exhaust wrap on my 99 catless header and have seen a significant improvement to bike temp. someone had mentioned earlier in this thread that you "shouldn't" wrap SS headers so I contacted the manufacturer of the titanium wrap and they said it won't cause any issues with a SS header.
  9. Maybe someone wants to coat their exhaust for aesthetics?
  10. Just a heads up. delkevic has the 42mm gaskets back in stock now.
  11. All you have to do is swap the axle. The 8th gen axle will drop straight into the 5 or 6 gen swingarm if you don't feel like swapping to this gorgeous swingarm lol. However the 6 and 8 gen swingarms are slightly longer than the 5gen swingarm so that will also add a bit of length to the wheelbase.
  12. Not yet, i'm looking for a second set of wheels to powder coat white, because well...you can't have a Red white and blue interceptor and not have a set of white wheels for it. i'll probably weigh the extra set I find and compare that to both the 5 spoke and 8 spoke wheels.
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