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  1. Volume will be fine on the bike. I've had multiple Scala riders from g4 to g9 to g9x to pack talk, packtalk bold, and now packtalk slim (best headset made to date hands down) The packtalk has software that picks up wind noise or increased ambient noise and increases the volume of music or calls while riding. It also works as the inverse. When coming to a stop, the volume will lower itself when the wind noise cuts out.
  2. All you have to do is swap the axle. The 8th gen axle will drop straight into the 5 or 6 gen swingarm if you don't feel like swapping to this gorgeous swingarm lol. However the 6 and 8 gen swingarms are slightly longer than the 5gen swingarm so that will also add a bit of length to the wheelbase.
  3. Not yet, i'm looking for a second set of wheels to powder coat white, because well...you can't have a Red white and blue interceptor and not have a set of white wheels for it. i'll probably weigh the extra set I find and compare that to both the 5 spoke and 8 spoke wheels.
  4. I had my clutch cover, stator cover, cylinder head covers, and upper triples powdered to match the 2014 wheel and prismatic Powders triple bronze was the closest I had found.
  5. I liked the wheel color on the 91. It was just a bit lighter if I recall correctly.
  6. Searching through Honda's parts fiche one day I noticed they originally stuck a 170 rear on the 8 spoke wheel so for shits and giggles I stuck a 170 on my 10 spoke 8th gen wheel and I love the way it makes the bike feel. Transformed it and it feels so light and flickable now.
  7. I've always been partial to white, but bronze has seriously grown on me. Can't bring myself to powder coat these white so I'll snag a spare set to powder white and keep an extra set of tires mounted and balanced to swap between.
  8. I have a factory pro kit installed in my 2001 engine, but it's technically from a 2008 cbr1000rr, the star is identical, but the spring and arms are not so I reused my vfr ones. so I think i'm interested in getting the actual ceramic vfr factory pro kit, but i'm also about to put new suspension in my car so i'm trying to figure out funds lol.
  9. trial and error is exactly what I've been doing lol. I use the service manual for torque settings, but the microfiche will give me the bolt lengths and size, piston sizes, and will also tell me which parts were used on which different models/years. I literally just bought a new dogbone for my suspension on ebay just for test fitting because it was 14 bucks lol.
  10. Yes They both use a 14mm master cylinder, but Honda did change the part number. Could be the way the new switch boxes hook up to the master cylinder for horn/brake switch. Or it could just be a different color. As far as the "answer to this can be found in the service manual" I have to disagree. These parts (to my knowledge) have never been swapped between these bikes thus far so you won't just find an answer for these conversions.
  11. I'm working on a build thread but i'm working with 150 gb of data between timelapse video's and pictures so it's taking me more time than I thought. and theoretically the 6th gen master cylinder will fit on the 8th gen but i'm not sure what the difference in the bore size is between 6th and 8th gen master cylinders. I would just try to find a used 8th gen master cylinder on ebay if you don't want to cough up the extra money for a radial master cylinder. as far as the upper fork tubes, they're both 43mm tubes and the length is the same, when I had my forks rebuild by traxxion they used my 2002 fork tubes because the 8th generation fork tubes were slightly bent.
  12. When trying to figure out how to fool the 6th gen ECU and trying to check resistances to see if I could jumper it or eliminate it completely, I actually found that the v-tec solenoid valve plugs in to the wiring harness as a single blade powered wire, and to complete the circuit, the solenoid valve itself is grounded to the top of the engine block, inside the V underneath the thermostat housing. so I removed the solenoid valve from a donor 2002 engine and bolted it to the outside of the frame just above one of the engine mounts and ran the wire through the opening for the coolant line and it works perfectly. We actually did a track day after I finished the build and I mounted a gopro on the lower right hand fairing and the recorded video picked up the solenoid valve "clicking" attempting to engage v-tec every time I got up to the engagement rpm range. little does my 2002 ECU know, my 5th gen engine has v-tec engaged at all times 😈 lol
  13. forks were never bronze, 14-16 the fork lowers were black forks with a silver base, in 2017 to current, honda swapped the 2 colors and made them silver with a black base. of course here in the US we only got the 14-15 so any vfr800f you see in the US will have the black fork lowers with a silver base.
  14. If you get my way I'll let you ride it lol. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
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