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  1. My 18 Wing has DCT, I only ride it in manual mode and enjoy it in sport mode. I plan to do the same with this one. I'm short & round-ish with knee flexibility issues at 55 years old. With marginal reach to the ground, I figured not having to work the clutch pedal at start & stop would probably save me an embarrassing drop several times over. And once one is accustomed to manually flicking the fore/aft triggers the DCT is quite enjoyable to use.
  2. I did call my local Dealer and fed them the VIN and they confirmed the bike is eligible for the recall. Here she is BTW. Will be here in about 3 weeks.
  3. Well here we are in late '18 and I'm buying one of these bikes, VIN showing up as "open recall" and in the effected SN range. Is Honda still issuing these parts? I do have a good relationship with my Dealer and would expect they'll be helpful.
  4. UpArrrow

    Shipping VFR1200f - tie down points

    Very nice Andy. That must have been a fun day
  5. UpArrrow

    Shipping VFR1200f - tie down points

    Well, I'm 5'5" with short legs so if the Corbin raises me up too much it may very well be made available. It's the heated version.
  6. UpArrrow

    Shipping VFR1200f - tie down points

    Thanks GR I've got this one coming to Utah. I'm VERY tempted to pay $200 or so to have the luggage removed and shipped via UPS to prevent damage when the bike is shipped. Or I might send the seller a roll of stretch film and ask them to wrap the bike up for me after it's palletized. Yes, I'm paranoid lol https://brucewaltersford.net/2010-Honda-VFR1200FD/Used-Vehicle/Pikeville-KY/9150525/Details.aspx
  7. UpArrrow

    Shipping VFR1200f - tie down points

    Darren thoughts on your method vs a canyon dancer used on the bars ? Heli-bars in my case.
  8. Hi All Just joined up and my first post here. I've arranged purchase of a bike and need to have it shipped from Kentucky to Utah. On the rear I'd assume the grab handles are the go-to tie down spots. But I've no idea of what's available on the front end. Also, anyone have a great experience with any of the shipping co's that advertise for bike shipments? The driver will have to palletize the bike as part of the service. I think anyway. Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving! Mike Salt Lake City

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