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  1. A good suggestion. I'm leery though of investing so much money in a bike for which replacement plastics are a difficult buy.
  2. I continue to ride this bike - what an amazingly fun machine. I want to start amassing goodies for a mid-level service. I have a bike tech that is going to come and work with me on it in my garage who is proficient so will be some OJT for me. This bike has 13.5k miles. Has always been in Colorado and now Utah so very dry climate, nada humidity and likely never saw rain. List of what I want to address: - RR as discussed here including Stator check - Air Cleaner - All Fluids - Fork service Everything is working well. Shifts beautifully. Runs at 3 bars temp. Would appreciate comments as to whether it would be prudent to service the following: Clutch master cylinder - rebuild kit? Water pump Thermostat Brake master & secondary cylinders Stainless brake lines are also of interest - though my aim is to enhance reliability rather than up the cool factor.
  3. I'd like to address the R/R issue fairly quickly. Which one to buy guys? Is there a thread anywhere that has links to goods purchased for updating 5th Gen?
  4. I installed this bar set which allows about 2" up and back. Also moved the fork tubes back down about 1/2". I pulled the Givi tank bag off another Honda I'm selling. I bought another OEM seat locally and it had already been shaved as deeply as can be. Perfect for me.
  5. Thanks guys. Plan on getting to these items very soon. I've been riding it a bit - blurping the throttle for 110mph bursts is highly addictive.
  6. I like the look here but my wheels are showing some oxidation so I'm going to powder coat them silver.
  7. By habit and preference I do tend to go into neutral at stop lights, which necessitates use of both feet to get back in gear and underway. I know most advise against that practice.
  8. Wish I could try one. I'm leery of spending $200 for the try. That said, my bike came to me with a heated Corbin on it which I suspect is quite a bit taller than the OEM low narrow.
  9. Yeah. Not looking to drop it more than about 1". Center stand would be tougher but doable.
  10. Hell yes I did. Always do. Any other kind observations?
  11. Thanks. I'll look into this one. They have used pics for the 1200x but list that bike separately. $255 for link & stand may be a palatable solution.
  12. Reach to the ground. I can't back it even on level concrete
  13. I'd like to bring the rear down an inch or so. How can this be done? As an aside, it's going in for the recall shaft replacement within a week or two.
  14. Well cool news I met up with the seller and bought the OEM seat. On getting home I found that someone had already peeled the rider section and shaved it exactly as I needed, and did a very neat job of it. Saved myself the trouble of buying an electric knife!
  15. Yeah now that UPS is emphasizing pkg size vs weight it would be very spendy to ship one.
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