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  1. Funny, after I bought my 7th gen just saw noticed another one that was always parked, less than one km away from where I live. I always thought it was strange bike looking at it from far away. This is Germany however, not sure how many of these units are on the streets. Other than the one parked near the corner, I don't remember seeing one in the flesh.
  2. I think now the bike has Road Attack 2 on it and they are certainly not bad tires! During the training course it was raining heavily and I was able to brake from 50-60kph (35-40mph?) within 2 bike lengths without taking any risks. They braked like it was dry - obviously in a straight line. The funny thing happened - today I was riding a bit more and I decided to try and flick the bike at ~80, which previously took considerable effort - it took my entire body to do it (hand, chest, shoulders, core, knees). Now I could flick it only with the palm of my hands, almost without effort. I believe the previous owner did not deviate too much from the middle line and this ruined the tires. Sure, you can go ape (Bubba) on them and reform them with something abrasive, while they are spinning on the central stand, but I'm too old and well-off to do that. My younger myself however... On a different note, took my GF for the first time on a ride with this bike and she's (slightly) complaining that she's too far behind me and always slides forward even under light braking. Any tips for passengers? I would guess knee bracing would work, but she says it's not so easy on this bike.
  3. Thank you all again for the replies. I managed to find a tire shop that can deliver the rubber and mount it within a week. I took your recommandations into account but could not find matching pairs of the recommended brands. For example, I could find Angel ST for the front but only GT for the back. In the end went with Continental Sport Attack 2, the shop (which is also an official reseller) assured me that all tires are not older than 1 year. Not sure what happens to the older ones though. As it was a safety issue for me, I just went with the option that provided the least amount of hassle - go into the shop, make the order, make an appointment for next week to have them changed, done.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I bought the bike off a friend, I have all the invoices for everything he did, most of the stuff was done at the dealership. The tires are not more than 2 years old, I think. But a hot straight highway will chew through new rubber like crazy. Not sure why the front is so worn out compared to the rear, he said he checked pressure before and after each trip and there was no discernible difference. The biggest issue right now is finding a service that will change motorcycle tires, most of the small shops around the area are closed. I'm pretty new to this place so there are a lot of connections that I need to set up (service shops, MOT, doctors, riders, etc.). The front tire looks the worst, I might try just changing that one first, if I manage to find a shop that can manage everything - in my neighbourhood I haven't seen anyone refilling washing liquid, much less taking wheels off. Stupid question: I see Conti Attack (1) for sale but I think the model is several years old, they are now at their 4th generation. Would that mean that the tires have an old production date? Or do they produce them in parallel? Asking this because there is a Continental subsidiary near me that can provide a complete solution and their prices are fair.
  5. Here are some photos of the tires after a ride today: https://imgur.com/a/UUk5TU8
  6. I checked the pressure, it was ok on both tires, but the front tire is worn out almost to the markers. I adjusted the angle of the brake lever, seems like the wrist is more relaxed now. I still have a feeling it steers very heavy, but I've gotten slightly used to it - and built up more muscle in the process. Did an 8h riding course over the weekend, I was the only one struggling to flick the bike at high speeds (obstacle avoidance).
  7. I think I already found the answer to the first question: 🙂
  8. Hi all, my first post here. I just bought a VFR1200FD from a friend, 2015 model, low mileage. 10 years ago I had a VFR750 from 89 or 90, it was a joy to ride, but not too long. I find the 1200 much more comfortable on long rides and the fear of its height/weight was unfounded. The beautiful stock exhaust has been replaced with a BOS one, I think I will try to get the stock one back. The clacking sounds at low speeds and slippery seat and everything else - this was expected and they don't even seem that bad (to me). But on to my main issue: I find the bike really heavy to steer at high speeds. Basically above 80 kph it's requires struggling, weight-lifting to get it to lean. It may have been 10 years since I rode a big bike, but I still know how to counter-steer. One-finger this is not! The only thing I found that helps is accelerating a bit. Perhaps this raises the frontend a bit making it lighter to steer. No idea, not a race driver, but I don't want to accelerate before I know how the turn ends. The bike is in tip-top shape, serviced at Honda, I doubt foul play. I will check the tire pressures, but I don't expect anything funny there. The front suspension seems to be at stock settings, the guy before me didn't even touch it. Anything else I can check? Is this normal? EDIT: 2nd big issue, but I think it's kind of normal. After the first ride (200km) my right hand went numb, it's still tingling. My older VFR had a lot more vibrations but I didn't have this sensation even after longer rides. No idea if this can be improved.
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