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  1. The pads were newer the previous owner had changed them. But how is it that they worked fine for the first 500 miles. Before this ride I checked my brakes and they were all quite meaty. Both brake pads are worn evenly to the metal. As far as the brake fluid goes I have no idea since it was all leaked at the scene. The rear was releasing and working fine I did not notice any drag. My biggest issue is that lets even imagine the rear brake pads were installed incorrectly the fact that the ABS cut off the front brakes is a big safety issue. I need to see if this is how the ABS is designed on this bike. It senses the rear brake locking up and it deactivates both front and rear brakes? Because the front brake and calipers were working flawless once I restarted the bike after the incident, I even rode it very slowly back home using the front brakes. The rear was still disengaged. I changed all the damaged equipment on the rear brake with new components today turned the bike on and go for a slow spin what I noticed is that the ABS light is on orange and it never goes away, it stayed on the whole time.
  2. Hi everyone. I had a near dead experience past week due to my 2010 Honda VFR1200 having a major braking malfunction. I have owned the old school 2002 and 2004 vfr800 and they have been nothing but a blessing to ride, so I decided I give the vfr1200 a try. Got one a few months back in almost pristine condition and with only 13k miles. The other day I took this bike out for a ride in the back roads. Towards the end of my ride (I was riding a pretty good pace) Im going about 60 mph I apply the front brakes and nothing I apply the rears and nothing. The entire brake system it seemed was disengaged. I thought for sure I was going to crash but I somehow managed to make it out of the turn (If I didn't I would have been on the bottom of the mountain and pretty dead). When I came to a stop I noticed fluid dripping all over my rear tire which seemed to be coming from the rear brake caliper. After I came to a stop and restarted the bike in like 2 mins the front brake was working fine now but the rear brake was still gone. I got home inspected the brakes and I will include pictures of what I saw. I have never seen anything like this. The rear brake pads which were pretty new have been grinded down to bare metal, the disk pad is shredded and the caliper pistons have been pushed out with such force that they have peeled back into themselves like a banana, in the process the o-rings have blown and all the rear brake fluid has been leaked out. I would like to add that the front brake system is absolutely fine. You can imagine at this point I'm quite upset. I have a few questions from the VFR experts and mechanics in here. Look at the pictures and give me your input on what might have happened here cause i'm clueless. Can the ABS system on this bike completely disable both the front and rear brake systems? If yes isn't that a big safety issue? What would cause the pistons to act in such way? Any input appreciated I will soon talk to an expert mechanic that will inspect the bike and a lawyer.
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