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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the future VFR is going to look more like this? https://www.damon.com/ ...Sorry for the sacrilege... No offense intended.
  2. Like you, I also have another refinement in my head. Not snazzy stainless. I looped the zip ties under a tab welded to the gas tank. That's probably where you routed your coat hangers. The tab is there to anchor the front of the seat. So now it does double duty. But the alignment with the bagster isn't perfect. The zip ties are pulling the tank cover forward a little. A couple nylon hook tabs that could grab the lower edge of the tank itself might work better. I'm thinking on it. Thanks again for the very cool upgrade! As you know, it'll improve the performance of the entire machine. 😁
  3. Let's hope it's just about an inch of sawdust. I'm not getting a flooded out vibe from your pictures. I hope not. But no matter. There's a great renovation story of a flooded 3rd generation bike in the forum. If you get daunted, look at bdouvill's write up from the south of France. Meanwhile, if you're tempted to cut the rear fender down for a more contemporary look, you might think of scrounging a cut one off Ebay. They're around for not much money. As JZH says, the uncut fenders are non-existent. You can put yours on a shelf. Ya never know when it'll turn to gold. Just a thought.
  4. As it happens, a proper 3rd generation bagster tank cover has magically appeared from the UK in my mailbox. So I'm good for now. Just the same, if you do stumble onto any treasures... 🙂
  5. A while back, I measured the frame under my right knee at 165F on a hot day. And I agree with your assessment (ie that can't be good). But it mostly seems to be the way things are. Everybody lives with it. See if you come up with a similar number.
  6. Dutchy’s 5th generation bagster tank cover on his new 4th generation bike got me thinking again about finding one for myself. I have one on the cbr, along with the clip-on bagster tank bag. On the cbr, the cover protects the pristine tank from blemishes. On this bike, it’ll protect the blemished tank from looks of scorn. Yeah yeah, the tank isn’t all that bad. But I like the look of the bagster anyway. And wouldn’t ya know. JZH just happened to have an old one laying around. He sent it to me. Thank you John! You can still get these new, even for the older bikes. Here’s a source: ...Or like so many vintage parts, you can wait for one on EBay...if you don’t happen to have a generous friend with lots of extras... 🙂 There’s a strap for around the headstock, and two lateral clips for the lower sides of the tank. I had to rig those side straps with my old standby, zip ties. JZH recommended coat hanger wire. That'll be my backup. Like all bits on the bike, I’ll be keeping an eye on things just in case. Since it’s a cover specifically modeled for every tank, it fits pretty good. So the three attachments are fine. It’d probably sit there like a slipper with no straps at all. But the straps also allow you to snug it down and stretch it a bit, getting out any creases. As you can see below, mine is still creased in places. I expect these to work themselves out. Bagster says the creases come out faster in warm weather. No surprise there. Not much really warm weather expected in Connecticut for the next 10 months but maybe the infamous VFR frame heat will help. Or a hair dryer. I’m not concerned. I don’t have my matching clip-on tank bag here. But how hard can it be to scrounge a couple generic push clips to sew onto any suitable bag? Bagster even sells extra official push clips for the purist (not me). I’m thinking I might dig out an old backpack for the job. Something easy to toss over my shoulder at stops. The shoulder straps on any tankbag I’ve ever owned aren’t great for that. Meanwhile, my ALDI magnetic tank bag still holds on just fine even through the tank cover and whaddya know, I no longer I have to be extra careful about abrasive stray metal filings finding their way onto those magnets. Now a friend thinks the bike looks sortof stealthy. This was never my intention. Remember I was always aiming for a more updated traditional look, like Lorne’s ex. But it’s okay. Maybe I’ll rethink decals. Always something.
  7. I'm chuffed to see another vintage bike on a longer ride. Great trip. Thanks for posting. So, when are you gonna take the bike to South Dakota? It's screaming out from your rider map.
  8. Log in. Tap/Click on your login name scroll down to account settings. In settings you can change your account information. You'll find it.
  9. It's gorgeous. You're making a joke about buffing up, but it really can be brought back to life. We can't tell much from the pictures you've posted so far but it should have plenty of potential. Your back wheel alone is catnip to lots of folks around here. Don't throw out anything. Well, maybe old tires and filters... You might have trouble finding bits you think need to be replaced. And many of those old bits can be rejuvenated. Your concern about tearing down the engine are well founded but you'll learn that major engine issues are not typical even for a neglected vfr. It's a Honda! 😉 With luck and a little patience you might end up with a great ride. The guys here have been helping me for a couple years now. They still are. Keep us posted.
  10. Yes. You can change your user name. It's easy. I'm on my third one... Um, and now I don't quite remember how. You have to go to your account settings. It's in there somewhere... Sorry, I'm on a tablet right now. Can't navigate around very well. Just poke around a bit. Or ask admin for help if you're really stuck.
  11. Soooooooo, also possibly not? 🙂 I've been keeping my eyes open for a cheap used 3rd gen bagster. I have one on the cbr. It looks good, protects the tank and is handy with the tank bag. But since they are cut specifically by the shape of your gas tank, you have to be pretty careful of substitutes. No worries. It's not an urgent accessory. But as it happens, I may have got a line on one anyway. Maybe...
  12. 5th generation bagster fits your 4th generation bike? Would it also fit a 3rd gen? They pop up on ebay but in every bike model in the world. I'd guess the gas cap location would be a pretty important, even for a bargain used bagster.
  13. Still not quite getting it. Did the good guys run a cable from here into the canal to control boat traffic? Much as the highway traffic is apparently being controlled in this photo? 😉
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