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  1. You could be right in all respects. We might try to contrast that with the membership and activity here on VFRd. Has that been changing much? Fewer VFRs for sale...fewer VFRs...fewer VFR riders... I took this picture off Craigs List northeast a couple weeks ago because every bike in it was arrest-me-red... Maybe there's some kind of correlation there too. 🙂
  2. Electrical advice starts right here: https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/forum/7-electrical/ Honda was diligent enough to maintain its dodgy charging system through several generations, so some of the links are not specifically for your fourth generation. ...And this is a good idea. It'll only take a second. Bad electrics might keep you sitting by the side of the road. A missing back wheel might make you part of the road. 😬 Have fun!
  3. Have you tried it with the reservoir diaphragm and cover installed? I wonder if something simple as that would provide back pressure needed for proper operation.
  4. Oh rats...Jefferson that's discouraging news. And the first review of any kind I'd heard on E3 plugs. I'm not sure how I'd identify bad plugs without taking a plug reading and I'm not inclined to do that unless one or more cylinders simply stopped firing completely leaving the engine running on three or two cylinders...or not at all. For now, I'm only going on my amateur seatofthepants judgement. The bike seems to run fine, so like moroseduck, I'm not prepared to mess with anything. To be clear, I'm not absolutely sure the thing has E3 plugs. I only know the previous owner told me he'd install
  5. Spark Plugs Moroseduck started a thread on spark plugs for his gen3 here: That got me thinking about my own plugs. Something I hadn't considered before. I mean, so long as the bike runs... As it happens, I got an extra set of official, unused Honda NGK CR9EH-9 plugs with the bike. Presumably the official Honda NGK plugs are better than the unofficial regular NGK plugs and therefore worth more from the Honda dealer... 🤔 So far as I know, the CR9 plugs are hotter than standard CR8 plugs. What operating difference that might make is beyond m
  6. For zero dollars, it looks like you're doing great! There's a youtube guy that might be worth a look. He goes by Superfastmatt. I think he's in California. https://www.youtube.com/c/SuperfastMatt/featured I don't know him. Only his videos, which can be helpful. And funny. Here's his self described bio: Matt Brown is an Automotive Engineer who has spent the last decade working at places like Tesla, Apple, and NASCAR. This channel is here to answer common questions like "How did you do that engine swap," and "Is that a good idea? That doesn't seem
  7. I've been waiting for this last report! Thanks again for all your upgrade posts. The bike came out great. And Shenandoah has got to be terrific territory for a VFR. Have fun. 🙂
  8. JZH lists scads of paint codes over at vsource. He includes several versions of white, starting with White NH-0, but without further elaboration. 'WheelWhite' does not seem to be a choice. Just the same, you might glance there for inspiration. https://www.vsource.org/VFR-RVF_files/BHondaPaintCodes.htm
  9. ...Maybe they'll put these things back into production. VFR-RRoom!
  10. Are the tulips out yet? The real tulips...not the plastic ones.
  11. You've already got your wiring sorted, but I came across a recent video for rewiring that might be generally helpful to others. Maybe. Some helpful tips if you have 20 minutes. The guy talks mostly of rewiring cars, but includes bikes in his approach. I didn't ask for linking permission...so if there's a problem, we might hear about that too.
  12. What I think my bike needs mostly is a more proficient owner... 😁 But bit by bit I've managed to cobble it into better shape than when I got it. Cosmetics were always going to be the hard part because they'd been neglected, and they are an ongoing project when I get bored. 10 feet? More like 50... Mechanically I lucked out on mine. I give credit to Honda for that and the previous owners. I never had to tear into it the way you chose to do on yours. So I'm happy and confident enough riding the thing right now. Still, upgrade jobs occur to me all the time. I should really sort out the R/R stato
  13. I checked my 92 to discover the weight is not there. Lost somewhere in its dark history. And not necessarily surprising for my particular bike. I've never much noticed the bike to suffer from any drastic resonance vibration dampening handling problems, but of course, I have no before/after to compare it to. I wonder what I'm missing...
  14. Following up rebuilds like yours are both inspiring and depressing. They give me an idea of what my bike is supposed to be like and at the same time give me an idea that my bike is never going to be like that. 🙂
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