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  1. Ohhhhhhhh. There it is. Um, I might find a use for it, but this isn't quite the same design on the earlier bikes.... Disconcertingly, my bike does have a gap under the shield there, above the meters. Just one more thing. An apparent misalignment from before my time? Or maybe I'm missing number 27. It doesn't seem to pose any problems, but there it is. Or not. Number 8 might fill the gap... When I'm in there installing the air guide, I'll take another look. Gap. There doesn't seem to be a way to adjust that, so I'm thinking the support bracket might be bent. In any event, I sure won't throw anything away. I can bring the bit back to you, or hang on to it for that time when somebody in here needs just that piece. 🙂
  2. Air Guide I was advised I was missing something called an Air Guide (see post 29 August, above) for under the headlight valence. Happily, one was up for grabs! In Holland! I picked it up and brought it back to the States. Security didn't even question me at the airport... I guess it doesn't look very dangerous. I labeled it properly, as you can see, and I'll patch it so that it will be a proud new part of the bike. However it being Christmas time here, and cold in the garage, I don't anticipate installing it just yet. Thankyouverymuch Leon. Your cosmic energy will continue to travel around New England now. Leon also gave me a second bit...unlabeled in the picture. Mmmmmm. It looks like another air guide but I'm not exactly sure how or where to to install that one. There's no part number on it. I'll think about it. It might fit inside the instrument panel. Tool kit I also finally found a tool kit cheap. Yay. The bag is in rough shape. The screwdriver handle is missing. Otherwise it's just fine. All I really really wanted was the chain adjusting tool. I've hardly ever used these kits except for the specialty tools. But they're always good to have along of course. Now that I have it, I'm pretty sure I'll never need it at the side of the road. Knock on wood. 🙂
  3. I'll have to take a look at this in the local automart. From your pictures, it looks like you're cracks and fractures are in the same places as mine...like around the blinkers. So I'll guess the design was notorious for weakness in certain spots. Thanks for writing up your solution.
  4. Thanks so much for the updates. These are my favorite kinds of postings. Both the sunny days and the rainy ones, and the little misadventures. They all make the ride better, even for some of us sitting behind computer screens. 😁
  5. Well, it's better anyway. Nothing has fallen off or cracked this past week after several rides, but I'm sortof expecting stress cracks to appear where I've used zip ties and made fairing repairs. I'm keeping a close eye on things. I'll relax a bit as I get more miles on the repairs and once I scrounge the missing dzus bolts to replace my zip ties. No progress on polishing even the seat cowling. My expert friend says I'll have to use his electric polisher to get a gloss but others have commented it all looks fine in the current matte-like metallic finish. That's about all the encouragement I need to do nothing extra 😉 For the moment, I'm just enjoying the ride. 😁
  6. Can you tell us please how you fashioned the tabs? Did you make a mold of existing tabs? With clay? And then just use abs glue for the new tabs? Did you use Plastex for that part of the job? I’m using zip ties in a place where a couple tabs are gone. A poor solution. thanks!
  7. Progress Report I took a couple pictures of the bike. It’s not anywhere near finished, but it’s better than it was... Before... ...After I'm giving myself a 6 out of 10 so far, on the Lorne scale. (where Lorne gets a 10) You can't easily see flaws in the photograph, but they're there alright. Look closer. (I can point them out if any of you are all that interested) And what do I do next? Well, I tried polishing and waxing the seat cowl. It didn't make much difference in the appearance. The next step will probably be to either try compounding or 0000 steel wool...and then polishing again. Let's see if that brings out the gloss. Not that I mind so much the metallic matte finish, but it's just not finished finished. Besides that, I haven't tested the paint for resilience. Will it dissolve when exposed to a drop of gasoline? How about rain? I don't plan to put any decals on it yet. I don't even think they'd stick very well. I have a set of aftermarket decals already, the traditional blocky VFR style from the 90s. In silver/grey. I got them anticipating a black bike. Real black. I have to keep reminding myself that, yes, this is real black paint. 😒 But since it's just not black to anybody who isn't completely color blind, I'll probably send away for another set of non-traditional decals. I haven't decided on a color for those. I was leaning to neon to brighten things up, although well, black, yes again, real black, now comes to mind. No foolin. The paint scheme is similar to this understated Ducati, and it doesn't look so bad... Ooooo, I can get Ducati decals! That'll fool 'em. 😁 Here are a couple more current pictures. Of the VFR, not the Ducati. Yeesh. It's never gonna be done, is it? There will always be at least one more task to do on this bike...
  8. Seat Cowl Sorry everybody. I took a perfectly usable bright red seat cowl and turned it Krylon black. It didn’t take long and it didn’t even hurt much once I finished sanding. I am aware that there is somebody out there who could’ve used it just the way it was. Unfortunately, today that person wasn’t me. Here it is, or rather here it was... And here it is again after maybe 2 minutes of wet sanding with 500 grit paper and a wipe with alcohol. It took more diligence to get that red covered up with krylon. It just didn't want to surrender. The rest of the bike, being blackish to begin with, covered up faster. Having done that, I now have the final piece of the first respray done. Just about three 12 ounce cans of paint. There is still polishing to do…one of these days. But knowing myself as I do, that day may be a ways off. The cowling will be my experimental piece for that next step. And now that I have a matching dark grey seat cowl, I will almost never use it. Am I the only one who finds these things annoying? I keep hitting my butt on the bump pad. I mean, sure, it looks cool I guess, but is it making me a better rider? Is it supposed to train me to move my weight more smoothly? Am I having more fun? I don’t think so. Mostly it just bugs me. Plus it’s so fragile, I keep wondering when I’ll snap the tabs. We'll see.
  9. How do you people know this stuff? You guys are like mystics. Motorcycle mystics. Motorcycle mystics with clairvoyance. I don't mind sayin I'm getting a little spooked here. 😁 I'm not sure it would be all that convenient to transfer the CBRs air guide to the VFR every time I slogged back and forth across the ocean. But it's good to know I could! 🙂 I'll try to get a second one...
  10. Ouch. I was afraid of that. On the positive side, isn’t it reassuring that bits live on in new incarnations…and on new continents. We’ll have to dedicate the air guide to your old bike. Maybe etch the name in there, hidden from the world. I’ll be back there soon. We’ll work something out. 🙂
  11. .......annnnnd yes, I have no part number 10. For that matter, I don't see a part number 8 laying around. And it's not obvious to me how #8 even fits in there unless it's a substitute for #7? I'm also wondering if bolts number 52 are the ones I used for the lower fairing...replacing the JIS(!) screws. If they're the same thread, then that could be the case... So thank you again. I'll try to scrounge a part #10 from somewhere, although I also think I could make something up pretty easily from scraps of my tv/vcr casing. 🙂
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