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  1. There's a youtube guy I look at from time to time. SuperfastMatt. He’s just posted a four minute blurb on slipper clutches. Something I knew nothing about and now know just slightly more than nothing. Its here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRRcRtimbDg There’s even a repsol vfr hopping down a track at 1:30 in… And whaddya know, it turns out I can get one of these clutches for my 92. And then I would be happily posting this on my renovation thread, however given the cost/benefit, I do not think I will. Maybe next life.
  2. This is a really helpful thread! Please don't forget to add occasional comments and updates.
  3. Oh, they're Sencys M6 50mm. I tried loading the link but it wasn't getting through...
  4. If you have limited economic possibilities you can try these, from Praxis: You get 5 bolts for €1.89. So that would be, you know, cheaper. They fit fine and have the shoulders you’re looking for but unfortunately they’re not stainless.
  5. I've been waiting for this last report! Thanks again for all your upgrade posts. The bike came out great. And Shenandoah has got to be terrific territory for a VFR. Have fun. 🙂
  6. Are the tulips out yet? The real tulips...not the plastic ones.
  7. What I think my bike needs mostly is a more proficient owner... 😁 But bit by bit I've managed to cobble it into better shape than when I got it. Cosmetics were always going to be the hard part because they'd been neglected, and they are an ongoing project when I get bored. 10 feet? More like 50... Mechanically I lucked out on mine. I give credit to Honda for that and the previous owners. I never had to tear into it the way you chose to do on yours. So I'm happy and confident enough riding the thing right now. Still, upgrade jobs occur to me all the time. I should really sort out the R/R stator circuit, as you've done. Repack and polish my yosh...as you have done. Things like that. If I ever decide on renovation to a higher standard, your thread will be one of the inspirations. Thanks for posting! Let us know when you get some rides in.
  8. Following up rebuilds like yours are both inspiring and depressing. They give me an idea of what my bike is supposed to be like and at the same time give me an idea that my bike is never going to be like that. 🙂
  9. It sure looks like you got almost all the rust out of the gas tank. In spite of all that work you've done, do you expect to use an extra fuel filter? Maybe something pretty big to collect random leftover bits of rust that might be hiding, but still allow fuel to flow. I'm just wondering if it'll take a while before there's no more risk of contamination...and I'm wondering if a standard fuel filter would be up to the challenge. Or does the fogging oil create a permanent sealant barrier inside the tank?
  10. If you follow up on this mtnpat, I’m interested too. 🙂 Yoshimura actually recommends repacking at least once a year(!). Seriously? I wonder how many of their customers follow that schedule. https://www.yoshimura-rd.com/pages/repack-and-insert-chart
  11. This is the thread I'll now reference if I ever get around to repacking my yoshimura. Thank you for the detailed tutorial! Was the original packing...assuming it was original...also steel wool wrapped with ceramic? It appears to be only ceramic or glass fiber wrapped with foil. Maybe? Also, you wrapped the ceramic blanket with blue tape (your picture below)? Is that some kind of super heat tape that comes with the rewrap kit? It doesn't look permanent. Do you then remove that as you slide the entire package into the can, or do you leave it in place, expecting it to just char once the exhaust warms up? As for your final product...now I know what mine is supposed to look like. 😁
  12. Everybody says the little Ninja's are loads of fun on a track. The guys have a pretty good website too, not just for ninja's but for general rider information. Nothing like VFRd. Nonono, nowhere near as good as this. 😉 But maybe worth a look. It's here: https://forums.ninja250.org/
  13. Nice job on the bracket and upgrade. When you install the new r/r do you use thermal paste? The cooling fins are obvious, but I wonder if paste is still helpful. Like on computer chips...
  14. It never even crosses my mind to take it easy because of my bike's age (1992), although I can't say I've ever ridden above the legal speed limit. 🤔 Like old airplanes, I expect these to just run forever...
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