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  1. Been plucking away at cleaning up the bike, refurbing parts and figuring out the wiring mess. I about gave up on trying to repair the harness but the only replacements available right now are outside of the US and I don't want to pay $40+ just for shipping so will be doing an in-depth look at the wiring diagram and ordering OE-style connectors and pins to replace and repair everything on the harness I have for now. O-rings for the coolant piping under the carbs came in along with new steering head bearings. Put the front end back together to hold cables and such while I continue on my journey to get the thing running correctly. Makes me happy seeing it start to come back together! I put the carbs back on and tightened all the clamps and tried firing her up... would crank and try but no idle was achieved. I could get the bike to fire right up with a couple sprits of carb cleaner but not with a flow of gas. Seems like the bike isn't getting enough fuel. Anything I should try to troubleshoot this? I'm gravity-feeding the carbs as I have no fuel pump yet and bowls have gas in them.
  2. Carbs are all cleaned, rebuilt and put back together. Taking them apart was pretty daunting for me to replace the fuel lines and o-rings but I got through it with the help of Joe's tutorials at V4 Dreams! I leak tested them and no gas was found weeping out anywhere that it shouldn't. @Thumbs The PO stated that the carbs had been rebuilt throughout the years he had tried to get it running again and the float valves seem to have shown that. They were in good condition so I gave them a good scrub (though they didn't really need it) and called it good, time will tell if this was a good decision on my part.. lol. You were correct about the o-rings in the coolant piping and thermostat housing falling apart, i'll be ordering those, along with some new steering stem bearing to begin reassembly of the cooling system/ front end and (hopefully) get the bike running reliably here soon.
  3. Progress has been slow going this week waiting on carb parts and trying not to bite off too much at once. Carb parts arrived today from Joe at V4Dreams and I got to work disassembling the carbs and replacing the fuel rail o-rings, with the intent on getting the carbs all buttoned up today and leak test them overnight... but ran into a tiny issue. The large 'air vent' tube o-rings fell apart when taking apart the carbs and will need to be replaced. I'll try to find a place to source these o-rings locally, along with the 2 small coolant hoses that live underneath the carbs tomorrow after work. I'll also need to take the metal coolant fitting and thermostat hosing off for a good cleaning before re-assembly as there is a lot of build up inside the entry way's of the tubes.
  4. I'll be sure to give them a spritz of WD40. And as for mileage.... The PO claimed the bike has 100k miles, and I just don't believe that. The bike didn't come with a cluster and I think a bike that is capable of hitting 100k would have had to been maintained MUCH better than this poor bike has, if maintained at all. I do plan on replacing the steering head bearings, and my parts list grows larger and larger everytime I take something else off the bike.
  5. Spent the evening cleaning carbs... The bodies are (mostly) as clean as I want them and I got through one set of jets and a bowl, the bowls require EXTRA attention. I also ordered all the carb parts I need, including fuel rail o-rings and others from Joe at V4 Dreams and after a shipping mishap on my part, they're on their way! Also took the rear wheel off to start looking over all the rear end components.
  6. @RC1237V Thank you so much for the offer!! I think mine is good, but will need further inspection and testing. I'll let you know! Had to work late tonight so no progress to report.
  7. Took the top triple to a lock smith this morning to see if I could get keys made (those ignition bolts were NOT coming out) and they were able to whip up a pair in about 5 minutes!! No questions asked lol! I'll order some electrical connectors from the recommended sites here soon and keep plugging away (ha-ha) at the wiring harness and get the keyed ignition hooked back up and tested. I also was able to finish tearing down the carbs and got a list of new parts that need to be ordered, hoping to find a complete rebuild kit for a decent price. I'm going to look at tutorials and talk myself into replacing the fuel o-rings while I have everything apart. Hopefully I'll get some parts in by this weekend and make some good progress over the coming week or two.
  8. Hi all, I definitely plan on getting to the hydraulics soon enough, but they're not on the top of my list just yet. As for the ignition I'll be taking the passenger peg/ bracket assembly with the keyed seat latch to the lock smith tomorrow in hopes they'll be able to make a key for it, and crossing my fingers that it's the same key cut and it'll match my keyed ignition so I can wire that back up properly. After sitting at work all day today itching to get home and continue wrenching on the bike, I realized the reason I probably hadn't been able to get it started was I kept giving it gas (flooding the carbs) and using the who-knows-how-old gas that was left in the tank. After I got off from the ole' 9-5, I picked up a new bottle of carb cleaner and filled my portable gas tank with new, fresh gas. I drained the old gas out of the tank, filled it with new gas, sprayed the intake stacks with a squirt each of carb cleaner... and after a few pops and bangs, got the bike to idle for a full 10 seconds!!! Even enough for a quick rev!!! I was beyond excited, and the bike sounded healthy, aside from the gummy carbs. I decided that hearing it run for that split second was justification enough to start doing the basics of getting it running and idling reliably. I then took off the carbs and gave them a quick once over. pretty much every jet is clogged shut and found a broken off choke-plunger, but they look good on the inside and may only need a good solvent soak and jet cleaning/ bowl gasket replacements. My hands were too dirty to grab my laptop to view the amazing write up by the lovely gentleman that made this guide http://v4dreams.com/maintenance.html and continue the carb teardown, and I was too lazy to wash my hands, so I tore down the front end to give myself more room to continue repairing the harness up front and start mounting the radiator/ oil cooler. Honda does know how to make a practically indestructible bike!! The moped you may see in the back ground of my pics is an 18' Grom with 4k HARD miles. I've redlined the thing in every gear since I purchase it new and have tried to blow it up so I have an excuse to build the motor, but to no avail. It's the most fun bike I've ever owned and will probably never part with it! Better to go fast on a slow bike, than slow on a fast bike!! Tomorrow is beers with my buddies, so probably won't make any more progress until the middle of the week.
  9. Thank you every one for the replies!! @Grum, I took your advise and just directly connected the 3 yellow wires together to simplify the repair. I also went through the 'main' wiring for the stuff that makes the bike run and repaired all the hack jobs/ mice damage I saw. I also found some blue tape and thought it was more 'work' from the PO, but the seem to be OE solutions (see second pic). I'll leave those alone for now. After I was satisfied with the condition of the wiring I had been working on, I moved to the front of the bike to address the ignition switch that the PO had put in place of the keyed ignition because he lost the key to the bike. Cleaned the switch up and checked the fuses up front, had to replace a blown ignition fuse. After that, I again took the advice of @Grum and @Dutchy and hooked the bike up to my cars battery and shorted the starter wires to see if it would even crank... and viola!!! At this point I was feeling VERY good about my self and got most of the connectors hooked up, including a disconnected neutral safety switch. I then tried the bike with the starter switch and it turned over from there as well!! I then moved on to see if the bike had spark and hooked up all the coil packs and tested each spark plug... all 4 had spark, things were looking good. I threw the dirty plugs in that I did my best to cleanup, and sprayed some carb cleaner in the air stacks, just to see. It almost roared to life but needed a more consistent fuel flow. I grabbed the beat up tank I was given with the bike with some left over gas in it and gravity fed the bike. I tried for about 10 minutes to get the thing to fire up with no luck. I did get it to putter a bit and it sounded healthy (other than the carbs pissing gas everywhere, probably due to open drain screws that I didn't check prior to starting) I called it a day after that. This week I'll take the carbs off and give them a quick inspection/ clean and go from there. I'm beyond excited to almost have the bike running a this point and can't wait to see what's going on inside the carbs. I don't intend to keep the current ignition switch in place, nor do I plan on keeping the old rotten plugs or anything else for that matter on the bike if I'm able to get it running reliably. I'm still seeing if the bike is salvageable, mechanically speaking before throwing any new parts at it. Will spend tonight researching carb rebuild videos/ threads. Again, thanks everyone!!
  10. Hello all! I recently bought a 95' VFR750 basket case with the intensions on having a fun daily driver and to knock a bike off of my bucket list of 'bikes to own'. After purchasing it and getting into my garage to give an in depth look over, the thing is in VERY rough shape. The bike is in pieces (hence basket case) with every electrical connection disconnected from it's original place and no service history or proof of actual mileage. The wiring has been hacked up and eaten up by mice it looks like, over the years of sitting, and after pulling the plugs I found oil on them, one heavier than the others, which concerns me. Below are some pics of the bike after it was unloaded from the truck. I got discouraged after the in depth inspection of the condition of the bike, but after looking into several threads by other members, I am confident I may be able to get this one at least running/ road worthy. The title is bonded so not too worried about returning to stock or making anything pristine, so my plans are to make it into a 'street fighter', 'naked' build. My first trial with the 'Disaster' was trying to see if it would at least crank with the battery provided after having it sit on the tender over night. That did nothing... but keeping in mind the battery hadn't been used in 4-5 years along with the rest of the bike I wasn't too concerned. I then ripped a battery out of my other bike and tried that, and got nothing. After a night of more thread reading and a further look at the manual I had another set of things to check the next day. So this morning I checked the main connections to the battery, 30 amp fuse and starter relay.. that's when I found this.. After some short video tutorials on wire/ connector repair, and keeping my VERY small budget in mind, I decided to try and salvage/ repair the existing burnt up connectors the best I could to see if I could at lease get the bike to crank. I made the below repair, using my cheap Radio Shack soldering iron I purchased several years ago, but it gave out on me halfway through the joint. So that's where I'm at, I'll purchase a new soldering iron tomorrow and get to work repairing the rest of the connectors and wires as much as I can. The community surrounding these bikes seems pretty amazing, so I'm looking forward to anyone willing to offer advice and insights and seeing if I can keep another viffer on the road.
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