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  1. Having looked through all the replies, I have a bit more perspective to add. I'm approaching 2000 miles covered with the bike so far. The vibration, again primarily in the bars but also in the pegs, is RPM-related. It becomes noticeable right around 5000 RPM and increases with engine speed. To hit some of the points above, the tires on it were good but old. I had Pirelli Angel GT2s installed at the local shop where the tech is not only very experienced but a VFR fan. The tire change made no difference in the vibration level. The chain appears good, is within stretch service
  2. Now I've had my new-to-me 2000 for two months. As with any used bike purchased, one always wishes for more information about its past life and what's been done, but that's just life. I've put on about 1500 miles so far and the bike has been a mixed bag. It arrived with 30K miles and in very good overall condition. I like to look for tells on what level of attention a bike's gotten, and this one sports Galfer stainless brake lines. That's always a good sign to me, one of the better ones. My take is that the previous owner rode it some but less in recent times. It starts perfe
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