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  1. Hi everyone. This weekend I removed the swingarm, centre stand, linkages and brake calipers with the idea of getting these things renovated and checking/greasing the suspension bearings. Again I don't find the VFR an easy bike to work on, for example you have to remove the centre stand to get the linkage off, and it's not exactly easy to find a suitable way of supporting the bike, but I managed eventually. I'm sure I will love it once I get to ride it more!🤗 Recently I ordered some non-OEM mirrors for a 2000/01 800. They have the 50 mm hole spacing, and look so much nic
  2. Just noticed where some of you guys are from - I have actually been in both Buffalo and San Jose on my two short trips to the USA. What are the chances of that? Landed in Buffalo and drove through it so see the falls. Saw Cirque du Soleil in San Jose, an absolutely amazing show. Both trips were in search of love in the early days of internet dating. Did they work out? Did they heck, but I'm glad because I have the best woman I could hope for now 🙂
  3. That's a bit of a relief, Jefferson. I recently owned an old Transalp and they are a little notorius for spline wear caused by non-OEM sprockets. The bike has only done 27000 miles, Squirrelman. It's a fairly new looking Renthal sprocket, though I have ordered an OEM just to be safe. Nice job, RC. At least you thought to remove the caliper from the bike first! The shock has silver paint sprayed on top of the red spring. My next step will be to remove the swingarm to make it easier to plug these huge holes. On another forum someone mentions finding a be
  4. Took the shock out. What a footer, you have to remove seat, rear panels, fuel tank, rear coils and battery case to get at the top bolt. Anyway removing the shock reveals these two giant "grit intakes" in the swingarm. I can't see Mr Honda's reasoning, maybe someone can explain the point of these holes?! Also once I'd cleaned around the front sprocket, I notice there's a little free play in it, see video. Is this normal? IMG_0215.MOV
  5. Yes Cogswell, it's definitely a drain hole. I will try and find a rubber grommet and just drain it from time to time. Yoshi, thanks for pointing out there's a second hole! The front calipers were also sprayed copper, and there's some silver overspray on the rear shock. I'm all for looking after bikes, but wish it has been done properly! Today I'm going to try and remove/clean the shock, and maybe remove and clean the chain - there must have been about 100 grams worth of grimy paste behind the front sprocket cover, the worst I've ever seen. Dutch
  6. Just a thread to document some of the work I am doing to my 750 which I only got two weeks ago. Today I decided to take the rear wheel off, clean around the swingarm and inspect and grease the eccentric bearing holder. It soon became clear that previous owners have not exactly done much routine maintenance. Firstly check this out : a previous owner decided to spray the brake calipers an attractive copper colour. Unfortunately they seem to have sprayed the rear one "in situ" and done an absolutely shoddy job! It might not even be possible to clean that off ev
  7. Nice nostalgic photos! And that looks like a Guzzi Targa I think it was called?
  8. Not too far North from there Dutchy, quite near to Knockhill race track.
  9. Haha, well it's just a red one, nothing special, but I will post some photos in a day or two. Please remind me if I forget. If this one had been available at the time I'd have bought it instead - I absolutely love the colour scheme: My bike came with a full Givi wingrack which I have removed and is for sale along with the panniers and topbox if wanted (UK only). PM me if interested. I think soft luggage is more suitable for my needs.
  10. Cheers Dutchy, that makes sense as they are exactly the same length as the blocks. The blocks have their own little adhesive strip beneath the red tear-off strip but maybe that alone is not considered strong enough. Thanks for the electrical advice. Do you have a link to this "drill"? The bike seems to have had the r/r replaced.
  11. Hi from a newbie. Last weekend I bought my first VFR, a 1997 750. It seems like a great bike. I have begun the usual process of cleaning it up and getting to know it better. When I took the fuel tank off, I noticed it was missing the rubber protectors so I ordered some. It's fairly obvious where the ones on the right go, but what about the two little pads on the left? Part 23 on the schematics, 81214-MW0-300. They seem to be sticky on both sides. Does anyone know where they go? Thank you.
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