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  1. For what it's worth, an update on this thread. When six months passed without a word from Honda, I wrote If Head Office were really looking into this they would have been in touch by now to ask, for example, for the bike's serial number or to see the actual faulty part. Instead, it seems the problem is just being completely ignored. They replied (my formatting) Please rest assured that our internal teams are looking into this. However, we cannot include clients in these processes. The information and photos that you have provided us are under investigation, as well as the tools. equipment and materials used to manufacture them. Please accept our apologies if you feel left out from this process. to which I said You will understand that I need to see evidence of the investigation. It's not good enough for Honda to say they are looking in to a problem and not feed back to the person who showed them it. I had to go to a bike breaker for a replacement part but, as I have said before, I am not seeking any compensation. I'm only interested in the safety of motorcyclists and just want an explanation how this part ended up on a bike sold in a Honda showroom. The customer service chap said I will pass your request up the line once again. and I think that's the last I will hear from them. Make of it what you will. I was going to make an angry YouTube video but I really can't be bothered. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat. My last thought is maybe I could send the part to a motorcycle magazine and see if they are interested in it?
  2. That makes sense, Squirrelman. How did this part end up on a new bike being sold in a showroom though?! I suppose I started this post out of anger with Honda, and hoping someone from Honda maybe reads this. Interesting, Thumbs, thank you, but I'm not quite following this. Do you think vapour blasting could have caused the flaw?
  3. No, I didn't know that, and they never mentioned anything like that. However I'm just going to keep hold of the item. If Honda ignore the problem maybe it would make an interesting story for one of the motorcycle magazines.
  4. Reminder : when I had my rear hub sprocket carrier thing cleaned up, this potentially serious manufacturing flaw was revealed. (A previous owner had hidden it with a thick layer of paint) I bought a replacement as some of you suggested, and contacted Honda UK for an explanation. I sent them photos and said they could have larger ones if they wanted. Five weeks went by, and guess what? Nothing. Not a bloody word. So I sent a polite reminder, and was told: We have passed the information and photos you’ve sent us to the Head Office. At this point they are conducting an investigation. This might take a long time to be completed. When Head Office get back to us we will let you know. Better not hold my breath then, as a further five weeks of silence have since gone by. Are they really investigating? Because they've not asked me for any details like frame number, larger photos or to see the item itself. They still keep churning out the wanky adverts on radio and TV though ...
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