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  1. A proper Hornet needs to have at least 3 cylinder, better 4, otherwise forget it! I have a '06 Hornet and love it (I switch between the Hornet and the 4th gen every other day) The Hornet is nicely rideable from 4000 rpm Annd turns into a angry Hornet above 8000 rpm! The biggest problem is the budget suspension. BTW, it is made in Italy
  2. Same problem here, need to refresh to get the site to work.
  3. Thank you Squirrelman and Terry. This will help.
  4. This is actually a good question! I am planning the same and was wondering if I have to remove the clutch slave from the cover before removing the cover. I am used to mechanical clutches so far. Any tips? Thanks.
  5. Nice, I like the left side exhaust placement. I thought you sold it or had it for sale.
  6. As Bmart explained, you do not lift, you pull it back while holding the center stand with you foot to the ground. By the way Bmart, Cavemen were much stronger than we are, lol!
  7. Now, this is dedication! Looking forward to see the end result of your restoration!
  8. Yes, it almost did! Funny to say, my dad was a tool maker, but he told me about sealing electrical connections with with special polymers 25 years or so ago. Great website!
  9. In addition, you do not want to find out what the front will do at 150 mph. Every misalignment and tension multiplies with speed.
  10. Welcome from CT! Nice rides!
  11. Nothing to add, completely agree. Yeah, the famous butt dyno! I am in the process to change out relatively new EBC, I guess, pads for OEM. In my opinion, the OEM have better feel when increasing lever force. BTW, I had the experience of too thick pads on my mountain bike brakes few times using aftermarket pads (involved a lot of swearing!) As Bmart said, it is a good idea to flush the brake fluid at the same time when replacing the pads. Back in the day, brake fluid and fork oil change was a mandatory task every spring. Now, since I am "too busy?!" Every 2 years. These are my 2 cents.
  12. Thank you Dutchy. Great chart (I assume it is from Motorrad Zeitung in Germany?)
  13. Wald

    Music anyone?

    I agree, in some situations I can focus better with music, just not when on two wheels. At least for me.
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