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  1. Love your story, hate the outcome. Well, we all (or most of us) have been there. I have crashed once in front of a hospital (summer during visiting hours) as I wanted to finish my ride with a great cornering speed (there was a great 270 deg turn in front of the hospital) Thanks for sharing, it brought back some memories I can laugh about now.
  2. This might be a good idea, I like it. Since I am thinking about adding another bike to my fleet (if I can sell the idea to my wife) this would be a nice quick take off space.
  3. I guess, my opinion will not qualify since I am running not very popular Shinko 011 verge on my '97. These tires stick pretty well, not sensitive to tar snakes (which we have a lot here in central CT) I usually get 4K miles out of my tires, but I do not tour, just sport on back roads. Had Conti Sport Attack on the front for 3 weeks but took it off due to steering wobble (2" shake at 45 mph with hands off) I would be inclined to try the Shinko stealth 003 but would like to know a reference point on how long these will last. Not that I care about how many miles I can get out of them, I just do not feel like taking the wheels off every 1000 miles to get them replaced.
  4. Yes, a couple stopped and offered help. Since I was only 2 miles away from home and they were towing a boat, I did not want to put the through the procedure of getting a canister and fuel while hauling a boat. I called a friend who happened to be almost driving by my house (lucky me)! He grabbed the canister with my lawn mower gas from the shed and I was up and running 15 minutes later. Since I had full leathers on. walking home to get fuel was not a great alternative. Thanks for asking MaxSwell. PS: The last time I ran out of fuel before this, was 25 years ago (prior to cell phones) in the middle of nowhere, but this a whole another story involving a helpful farmer.
  5. Ran out of gas and found out that I can get 218 miles on one full tank and that the tank has a capacity of 5.565 gallon (pretty accurate to the manual). The reserve lamp never came on! Now, I know!
  6. Washed my 750 and took it for an evening ride just to load it up with bugs again. Love to listen to the engine whine but with ear plugs sounds a little muted. Will need to look for the perfect plugs.
  7. Yeah, I wish I could find one for my '97. I have a V&H which is OK (came with the bike) but not as nice as a staintune.
  8. Wow! Unbelievable condition, have fun!
  9. Maybe it is me getting old, but this thing looks pretty ugly! I will stick with my 4th gen!
  10. Great article, thanks for sharing. However, the drain time was only 4 minutes in the test protocol. I am with DannoXYZ, if the drain time is longer, the hot /warm oil amount will be the same or higher. If a paid mechanic changes the oil, then time is money. When I change it, I let it the hot engine/ warm engine sit for 10 minutes or so and then let it drain for 15-30 minutes while checking around the bike/car. In any case, this article is a great reminder in regards to checking my train of thoughts again.
  11. I had this same problem with a conti sport attack. After I have burned through the shinko verge 11, I decided to try the conti since I have the conti motions on my Hornet. After the change to conti , the bike started to shake at 45-55 mph. Initially, I thought maybe bad balancing (although IMO, a 10-20 Gramm of balancing weight does typically not make much difference). Nothing changed after rebalancing. Last week switched back to a new shinko and no shaking. Never had a front of a bike shaking in 30 years. Interestingly, the conti motion which came on the hornet did not shake at all, but after I put a new conti motion there is a little shimmy, even after 4 balancing efforts on different machines. This is also the reason why I got my own balancing stand now.
  12. I run the conti Motion on my 599 Hornet, the bike came to me with the conti motion on the front. Initially , I did not care for them thinking it was a budget product. After riding it for 3k miles, I was quite impressed. Quick warm up and they stick really good. I got 3500 miles out. Since the tire performed really good I decided to replace the Michelin PP CT2 with the conti motion in the back and equally impressed. I was able to break the Michelin tire loose under acceleration out of some corners but could not do it with the conti motion. On my 97 VFR, I am running shinko 011 verge and like them a lot. They stick pretty good when warmed up and they lean into the corners I a very linear fashion. I am getting around 3 to 3.5k miles out of them. Recently I have tried the conti sport attack in the front and did not like it. The grip was really good but the turn in was pretty progressive (non-linear) which is great on the track but too sketchy on back roads. Therefore I going back to the shinko's (I will burn off the conti on the hornet) I am using my VFR as a sport bike not as a touring bike. As for the mileage, I never got more than 5k miles out of any tire (even on 50 hp. bikes) so 3-4k miles are OK for me as long as they do stick and turn the way I want them to. Usually, I burn through the tires in one or two years max. As for rain performance, cannot contribute much as I donot do long tours anymore and trying not to get wet. These are my 2 cents.
  13. Yes , same here. Reported as well. Typical phishing ,beware
  14. My 97 vfr (4th gen.) Could use new rotors. I found 6th gen. Complete front wheel but the rotors a spaced wider apart (135mm vs. 140mm) Is there a way to make it work without doing a major adaptation project? The wheel hub width seems to be the same, so the rotors are not swappable. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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