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  1. Yeah, similar story here. I am amazed how my ('97) 4th Gen performs being an oldtimer now. Ooh, and the sound!
  2. Well, I guess we cover all topics here! LOL! Interesting lesson on Dutch colonies though, I did not know this. Now, back to the start.
  3. Well, you can always get another Simone! It is just a matter of space. Ooh, forgot to mention, there will be side effects like wanting a third and fourth bike (just ask the members here)
  4. Still LMAO regarding this reference. I always refer to Lucas electrics as "prince of darkness".
  5. I usually escape every evening for a quick 30-40 miler backroad run.
  6. No, a good German always uses a torque wrench with +/- 0.001% accuracy!
  7. Well, I am still holding the fort here in New England. My Honda Hornet is on the road since 3 weeks now, the interceptor will be put through the paces this weekend. Cannot wait (the sound and the feel)!
  8. Harbor Freight has s side stand dolly for $129 or so. Yes, if there is a will, there is a way!
  9. Rain bike! This is "genius" , exactly the reasoning I needed! Thank you ! ...and it also can be used when dry.
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