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  1. Yes, this is a good point. With the ride on we are not as aerodynamic as we think.
  2. As long as I am faster than the other guy (or woman) the CoD is sufficiently low.
  3. You need these pictures off, I am still drooling over them!!!😄 Wow! what a setup!!!
  4. I will buy the cat! Now seriously, I believe many of us have the same illness. I got a 06 Hornet last year after a 10 year break and this year I bought a 97 VFR (although I was looking for a Fireblade) I do not regret it!. The last bike I owned before was a KTM Duke2 (the only single cylinder I ever owned). The bike was awesome in the twisties, light weight, ton of torque for a single pot. It was a blast, however, I was missing the smoothness of a 4 cylinder and the stability in long curves at high speed (although the suspension on the Duke was first class). I can imagine a dual sport will ha
  5. Looks pristine! Great job! Now, you make me look/feel bad, I guess I will have to do some TLC on mine.
  6. Hello and Welcome from CT, The sliders are always a good investment. I use mine even to stretch out my legs on them (when traffic allows for it)
  7. Funny, I looked at the same ads on CL since I am also in the Northeast corner here.
  8. Sounds familiar, I have the same problem!
  9. You will be only on paper 69! In your mind you will be as old as you decide to be! A good friend of mine is 74 and still does crazy mountain bike rides and still crashing once in a while but it does not stop him (now with the help of a monster e-bike he still kicks a**!) !!!live before you die!!!
  10. Yeah, when is the video with sound coming?!
  11. For track days, you can zip tie the center stand to the frame so it does not bounce around (mine just hit the ground in a turn while hitting a bump, I hate that). The weight saving without the c-stand is negligible.
  12. This is one "cool" machine. I love the ignition key (my uncles used to have old Jawa's with this type of key in the headlight) As for pegs, yes, you a right, in order to keep the grab rail, I will have to do the same thing. I will have to get a used pair on ebay and modify it. Also, my muffler is mounted to the peg on the right site (I will need to talk to my welder to perhaps find a different solution. Now, it becomes a project!
  13. Have you tried cmsnl.com ? It is in the Netherlands (Dutchy land) they ship to US and had parts which I could not source in the US. Just got my 4th Gen vents and some tool parts.
  14. Thanks Dutchy. Who cares if period correct, it is a awesome bike! I kind of like to looks of the VFR without the passenger pegs, I think I will remove mine.
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