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  1. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the forum! You are correct, a properly staked nut will have a big dent in it. Glad yours didn't cause a catastrophic failure. I went out and checked mine and while the rear axle nut is not loose, no attempt has been made to stake the nut in place even though it is definitely designed to be. I am wondering if it came from Honda this way?! Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Captain, I appreciate the input and feedback. I know a lot of people think riveting a master link is the only safe way to secure the side plate but I don't think so. With either you still have to press on the side plate and as you said not everyone has the skill to rivet with the proper security and tension.....you can end up with a too loose or too tight link if not done correctly. The clip reduces that variable. And I have seen the same thing on dirt bikes where a chain guide or other rubbing can wear down the edges of a clip, should keep an eye on those. Th
  3. Brakes only slow you down! So this bike was bought at auction with no contact with the previous owner, so what you see is what you get. This bike came with the stock front brakes minus the master cylinder and lever assembly in a box. Instead it had a set of Brembo 320mm rotors and Goldline calipers with matching axial master cylinder installed. The lever feel when I got the bike was horrible, very short and firm, seemed like it would not provide good feel or modulation. Good thing I wasn't planning to just ride it. I flushed the system then removed the
  4. Indeed - that is a DID CHAIN 520 VX3 CLIP TYPE MASTER LINK. When I took that pic I noticed that the black master link really stood out and instead of rotating the chain I left it as is to see who was paying attention - good job. I feel that a properly installed side plate and clip style is just as secure as riveting, it is a very positive fastener. I can only go by my personal experience, but in 35+ years of using them on everything from old school dirt bikes, KTM trail monsters, assorted 400-1000cc street bikes, I have never had an issue. If you think about it there is not a large side lo
  5. One of the things on my list for this new to me bike was to CLEAN it, I only own one other full-fairing bike and I forgot how dirty the frame and components get under all of that body work. When working on things I tend to clean as I go, but then you make a clean spot and end up spending the next 3 hours with a rag and some cleaner and sore the next day. I knew the VFR was easy to work on, just unclip the fuel filter and the entire rear fender assembly comes out with 4 bolts.....(makes cleaning easier). A lot of the work was cleaning up old chain grease while changing to new sprockets and c
  6. Hello Gebruiker, Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure what type of plastic was used for the original heat shield but I think the Kydex brand of plastic I used is a more modern composite. Kydex is super strong, drill-able, easy to shape and one of the key features is that it is easily heat molded. It is used to make modern (non leather) pistol holsters and knife sheaths. As far as the intake, I would guess someone was doing some tuning. It is not unreasonable that if you want to check and see if you are running lean to block off part of the intake and see if a mor
  7. Following also. Good on you for saving this bike 👋 .
  8. While talking about carburetion I should probably mention that I closed up those holes that were drilled in the air box lid with some Gorilla tape on the inside (love that stuff!) and some black electrical tape on the outside just for looks. I really don't understand why you would drill holes here anyway because from what I am seeing the tank and tank insulation fit snugly on top of the air box, not exactly an area to freely get more air to the carbs (which were probably lean anyway, but I can only guess, now that I think about it I really don't want to know). Anyway, here are some pics!
  9. Thanks for that suggestion, I will definitely take a look. This is a project for me and more cool things like this to check and do makes it fun.
  10. As I mentioned previously, since bringing the bike home and working on it I have run the engine twice, and it sounded good! Started right up with choke, idles nicely off choke. Carbs need syncing but I was impressed with how well it revved before being synced. To get here though before ever trying to fire the bike, I did first check and adjust valves, clean and re-jet the carbs. The exterior of the carbs were not bad, the internals were only visibly dirty in the float bowls (floats, jets, needles & seats). I also did a compression check which was all good, adequate pressure and all 4
  11. Oh and for the rusty gas tank....I'm hoping it isn't too far gone and can be saved, the outside of the tank is in very nice condition. I have 6 gallons of distilled white vinegar, gonna fill tank and see what happens.
  12. Thanks for the interest guys and the replies about the petcock issue. As it turns out I am missing parts from the stock petcock so I made the decision to just use it as a place to attach the fuel line to the tank, but not use it to shut off the fuel. I found what I hope is an inline petcock that fits nicely and I believe based on my measurements will provide enough fuel flow. And since the stock 29 year old fuel lines were hard as a rock and cut or broken (and not available anymore), they had to be replaced with something else. I went back and forth on whether
  13. Hello all, great forum, first post! Inspired my damionj's post on his 1992 model (thanks man), I decided I should contribute and put up a post on my 91 since I also got it from someone who also basically said "just take it". This bike also was not the worst bike I've seen, its a great 10 footer, it just needs a lots of love and work to get it back on the road again. My buddy bought it at auction I'm thinking about 5 years ago and never did anything with it, I think he might have rode it once, then it remained in the back of a garage behind 3 Harleys, I think a quad and probably a
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