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  1. TurdFerguson - If you search you'll find a lot of posts on the flapper, snorkel, PAIR mods. I've made these mods on other bikes I've owned with no ill effects. When I did the same for my 2006 VFR it ran rough especially right off idle. After a week I put it back to stock. Smoothed it right out. No more off idle stumbles. I also had the insufficient cold idle speed problem. The PO had just upped the rpm's with the idle knob but that made the idle when warm like 1600 rpm. I set the warm idle back to 1200 and adjusted the wax unit setting. As I recall it only took about one turn of the adjusting knob to give a decent cold idle speed. A lot of folks say you never need to, and should never, adust the wax unit. And that's probably true if it was adjusted right initially... YMMV Good luck
  2. Voltage output at idle is never very impressive. Is this like 1300 RPM? What's it like above idle - like 3000 and above? How many miles on your bike?
  3. MarkDetroit

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    2006 VFR
  4. Standard 6th gen chain is 110 links (count to make sure that's what you got). And sprockets F/R are 16/43 (OEM front preferred IMO). You may be judging the wear indicator incorrectly... (I really don't use that indicator for rear sprocket position at all - too subjective.) And your measurement of play may be off. (I'd suggest to adjust to the high end). Likely the chain is ok and if there are no tight spots and if it is not over tight - you are good to go.
  5. Hi MarkDetroit, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. A bad stand switch won't cause the clock to reset... Check all connections and grounds as suggested but also get the harness recall done!
  7. So you need a thermostat to let the engine run at a reasonable and stable internal temperature. Hopefully you didn't just remove the thermostat. The dash panel, that is now gone, displayed the internal engine temp and not the temp that turns on the fan. They are separate and operate independently. The fan & switch are a simple relationship. There should be no real reason to add a switch unless it is running too hot and you want to run the fan more frequently. If i recall correctly, the thermocouple (switch) that turns on the fan is, or was, in the left radiator. You should still use it, but not to control the "engine operating temp". That has to be controlled by the thermostat.
  8. Zip TiesRollin +1 0n the Zip Ties. A much more user friendly arrangement! Mark
  9. Yes. Just need to set the starter valves now. Great job with this! And the videos are top notch also! Mark
  10. Thanks for providing this. I just bought a 2001 and it had no manuals. This is great! Mark
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