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  1. I am new to this type of activity so excuse me if I am in the incorrect location to bring up this question. I just purchased a 6th generation VFR800 with 15K and the chain looked to be needing replacement as it was easily outside of the wear indicator and had some tight spots and very loose sections. Installed a new chain and sprockets, all stock no change in gearing, and installed a DID chain. Well, all is together and after tightening the chain to just over the suggested 1 inch play the sprocket is at the very end of the wear indicator. I would have expected it to move up closer to the green range. The chain is the correct length at 110 links and both sprockets where the same size, I placed one on top of the other to ensure that the circumference was the same on both. Any thoughts on what other items I could check? Thanks in advance for any help or guidance you can offer. Note: I currently have the rear wheel off because I am replacing the rear brake pads at the same time, just in case this may play in the fact that the swing arm maybe at a different angle without this additional weight.
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