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  1. All back to stock, except for PAIR valve, and the bike runs significantly better. Go figure that a Honda engineer was smarter than some shade tree mechanic....... Shes a keeper. Aloha, TF
  2. Mahalo everyone for your help and advice. I put the bike entirely back to original, except for the pair valve, and though the cold idle didn't change it runs MUCH better overall. So much so, I pulled her OFF of Craigslist and plan on keeping her for a bit longer. Aloha, Turd.
  3. Mohawk read and comprehended exactly my thoughts and confirmed my eventual theory. Thanks for the input. Weird design though eh? Im getting 36-ish MPG on the VFR, 30mpg on the 6 smoothbore equipped CBX1000, 48 on the FZ6 and would get approx 52 on my 1200 BUELL? A V4, a Inline 6, a inline 4 and a V-twin. Each within the 100hp range and each (aside from the 6cyl beast) get better fuel mileage than a "state of the art" V4. Just posting my personal experience, not pointing fingers.
  4. Rob......it's how the motor was designed....read up a bit on VTEC, or take a look down the throat of one, you'll see two intake valves separated by a fairly high port bridge......then visualize what is happening when only one intake valve is opening, but the injector is firing above both ports. It'll have you as puzzled as me.... Could it be that the intake valve is so hot that it simply boils off the fuel pooling on its backside and that it's consequent fuel vapor gets drawn into the cylinder by the one open intake valve?
  5. Seriously? Nobody has a response to this? huh.....oh well, I'll try another forum. (trolling for a response..... )
  6. That's interesting Mark, I didn't know it was adjustable. I'll look into that. The rods on both bike move smooth as butter....by hand. Ive ordered a unmolested air box ($50 shipping for a $20 part...gotta love Hawaii). i plan on taking her back to what the educated Honda engineers had created. Mahalo, TF
  7. 07 with all the easy mods (PAIR, flapper, K&N and snorkel....done by PO) I bought the bike a couple months ago. Motor runs and sounds like crap just off idle, even backfiring into the air box occasionally. My buddies stock 2002 is worlds better. 07 runs like a champ once above 2500 rpm so it's not like a real big deal....not below 2500 very often....but still curious as to why the fluff. Yes, I synced the Idle Air Valves. lemmeknowdaddy-o
  8. Oh, in an effort to fix a "fluffy" low rpm problem on the 07, I synced the idle air valves, they were just slightly off....didn't make a noticeable difference.
  9. Yes, I understand....you are freezing and it's 80 degrees here, sorry bout that. So I have a 07 and my buddy a 02 both with around 12k miles....We bought them both this November so we are comparing oddities against each other's machine. More on that in another post. When starting "cold" neither bike goes into a high idle. Neither bike is warm enough to register on the temp gauge at first start. Both bikes crank a few revolutions, start and then struggle with a 1000 rpm idle until warm and then 1200-1300 normal idle. 02 is totally stock, 07 has all the easy mods (flapper, snorkel, PAIR) done by PO. Why? I couldn't tell ya, 02 is a much smoother bike. So are both of the wax thingys that pull on the idle air valves bad? lemmeknowdaddy-o
  10. Rookie to all this VTEC nonsense but after looking down the intake tract something seems horribly wrong. If the injector is spraying fuel to the center of the intake port and the motor is only operating on 1 intake valve...the 2nd intake valve is acting like a bathtub plunger and pooling a crap ton of fuel on its backside. That port is very deep too, I bet it holds a half ounce of liquid or more before it spills over to the other intake valve. No wonder the VTEC hit is so damn hard and the mileage is so poor. Am I off my rocker ? Let me know what you know Daddy-O.
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