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  1. This is super interesting and hopeful for me here in Singapore too. We have a local top-notch shop, with a dyno. I used them exclusively for my Ducati, but they have worked on VFRs as well, I saw one there last time around. They said by SMS that they believe they can remap my VFR ECU because they have the dyno, BUT, it worries me because I read elsewhere on here that the DCT cannot be dyno'd.... Anyway, I would be extremely keen to know if this sounds logical, that is, a local shop can now do remaps themselves....? The Guhl option still looks OK, but as stated, I hate to be without my bike for that long. Thanks!
  2. Thank you, it is really simple to unhook? Sounds like a cool project. My seat is DAMN hard to remove though, I guess the lock is messed up somehow. I am looking at your mods list in your signature. WOW!!! Could you please indulge me for a few questions? On the cat delete.... where is the cat located? In the "muffler" or in the headers? I thought it was further up where the four pipes collect and not in the "muffler" slip-on? If I could remove the cat, would this be picked up during the "sniff" test at an inspection station? I can probably find this out from the local guys.... If you had to rank those mods, any "must have" items? I really need the Guhl remap the most, but logistically really sucks for me.... 😞 Thanks again
  3. Thanks Eastbowl2, in fact, I am in discussions with Knight Designs on the cost to ship to Singapore. That said, I really cannot invest a ton into this bike. I do have Buell pegs at home (Arizona) that I can bring back when I go home next (who knows when.....). Cheers
  4. Is this worth the effort? Better sound/better power? If not, no worries. I generally like the look of this VFR, EXCEPT, the exhaust. that triangular can really distracts from the bike's otherwise brilliant lines... IMO
  5. Thanks for great response! The tires question is great, it has Michelin Pilot Road tires, front is 120/70 ZR 17 and the rear is 190/50 ZR 17. Correct for bike? BAZZAZ recommended to me a $350 FI system, I assumed it would work since I told them DCT, but I could verify. I would LOVE to use Guhl reflash, but sending my ECU to USA and getting it back would mean I go without the bike for weeks 😞 Any other solutions? Is there any advantage to keeping the exhaust open, even if no other mods.... Does it sound better? Run better? I heard it is possible to disconnect the cable somehow and the flapper will "default" to open. If I lose performance, and it doesn't have a "cooler sound" there is no reason to do so. Thanks again!!!!
  6. Hi Folks: I am a 50-year old American who is stuck in Singapore for a while longer (thanks COVID). I have been here a while, but was planning to return to USA this past March. I am an engineering professor here and motorcycling is one of the few "affordable" hobbies here. So, two days ago I traded my Ducati Monster even up for a 2011 DCT with 27k KM. It looks a bit rough, typical for Singapore bikes, but seems to run well. I am trying to figure a few things out and I would love to get advice. What is key here is to not over invest. In Singapore, we got 10-year certificates of entitlement. The VFR is good until March 2022, so some time, but at that point I renew (currently around $4k for 10 years) or trash the bike. Here are things I am keen to know, thanks in advance: 1. Sport mode in the DCT feels like it gets stuck in 3rd gear. It shifts up great, sometimes goes to 4th, but seems like it stays in 3rd and 4th a LOT. I ramp up the RPMs and it just seems goofy. In D everything seems fine to me. Is this normal? 2. The speedo is WAY off, like 90 km/hr is our max, but mine indicates closer to 100 when GPS says 90. Anyway to rectify this one? 3. I have read a lot about tricking the DCT to be in 3rd in order to release the power in 1 and 2. I know about BAZZAZ and ECU remap, but both are north of $300 USD. Any DYI or cheaper way to achieve this? 4. Is it worth it to try to trick the exhaust servo to keep the flap open? could get me into trouble here as well, but I hate to drop the $$$ for an aftermarket exhaust. Ideas? 5. On the ergos, I would love lower pegs and better seat. The better seat I can probably get fabricated locally for small coin, the pegs... no idea. 6. Lastly, it dumps a lot of hot air right on my feet. Any way to divert that heat away from the feet? I really appreciate the information on this cool, albeit "classic" bike. Thank you!!!
  7. Thanks guys! Well, I did it! I traded the Ducati for the VFR1200F DCT.... So far, I am really enjoying the Honda. The Monster was fun around town, and it will take me a while to get used to the VFR, but so far so good. The DCT is a BLAST! I have not had to work it around a parking lot yet, but around the car park where I bought it, I was ok. The bike felt heavy at low speed maneuvering, but the DCT was ok. The rear brake feels really weak though, takes a lot of pressure to give a meager amount of stopping power. Is that normal? Thanks again!
  8. Hi Miguel: Thanks for the well thought out reply. This is the kind of info I have been looking for. It is a bit more challenging since I am a world away in Singapore where the weather is ALWAYS 90+ degrees, humid, and salt air. Seems polymers and metal alike disintegrate quickly. I think I will go for the VFR just for a change of pace. But, it always sucks to put so much "love" (aka $$) into your machine to get it dialed-in perfectly, then sell..... Of course, the Ducati has it's fair share of issues here as well. I really do appreciate the post. I will post-up what I decided to do.... probably tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thanks
  9. Thank you VERY much. In Singapore, it is tricky.... I am not sure what model year the bike actually is.... I hope 2012, but it might be a 2011. Anyway to tell the difference? It's not so easy to tell by registration (they go by the date of Certificate of Entitlement - don't ask.....)
  10. Please note, Singapore is tricky for parts!!! I usually get my Ducati parts back in the USA and carry back to Singapore in my luggage. Who knows when I will be able to do that again..... The Ducati just at $600 SGD of service done and it is running like an absolute BEAST (new sprockets & chain, air box mod, race computer/exhaust, etc.). Anyway, I am torn. Really looking forward to you VFR guys educating me on this one. Thanks in Advance!
  11. Hi Folks: I am an American, but been working in Singapore for several years and now "stuck" thanks to COVID. Regardless, I have had a 2011 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo here for the past 2.5 years. I really don't ride it enough as I also own a scooter (Burgman 400) that I ride almost every day. So, I decided to sell off the Ducati (13.6 km total and in MINT condition - lots of extras). But, enter pandemic and the market is flat. Recently, a local fellow offered me a 2012 VFR1200F DCT as an equal trade (https://sg.carousell.com/p/honda-vfr1200f-dct-1002924424/?t-id=12102749_1588687709922&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=qOJ4NNEKx-vvAH3U&t-referrer_search_query=vfr1200f&t-referrer_sort_by=popular) . The VFR has 29,000 KM and looks to be bone stock, except the topbox. Has the Honda side panniers and the center stand. While I really like the Monster and put a lot of $$$ into it, it is not very practical around here, especially with a pillion (aka wife). I have read some basics about this bike and watched some youtube. I rode it around a parking garage today and it seemed smooth (albeit heavy!). Can anyone help guide me as to what to look for, ask, etc. He was a very nice young guy, 4th owner, had it just one year. Was dropped at stand still on one side, but looks fine to me. My bike is in better shape and lower miles, but my asking price is nearly identical to his. My main worries are.... considering I am stuck on a small island with 100 km (62 mile)/hr speedlimits, is this an OK choice? Is it good for hauling a passenger? If it is really reliable and comfortable, I could ride it from here to Thailand after COVID passes.... Anyway, I am leaning towards doing the trade, but I hate to go in blindly. Any/all recommendations GREATLY appreciated! Thanks
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