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  1. chinook


    Cleaned ready for Sunday blast
  2. I'll sneak through bandit country (Northumberland ) ??
  3. Trip to Applecross Inn is on my to do list. About 450 miles from my front door ? Maybe in September weather permitting.
  4. Just arrived today in the uk. Looks great ?. Just got to wait till the rain stops ? then will fit it sometime soon.
  5. At Phillip Island ? Well wish I was it's at the Anglesey Circuit
  6. Couple of pics from North Wales last week by my favourite mountain Tryfan.
  7. Really like the use of lighting in the first shot. Makes the VFR look mean and moody.
  8. Also interested in one. Any idea of postage cost to the UK.
  9. Looks like great weather, still putting salt down on my local roads
  10. Last three bikes which is your favourite ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Looks just like england at the moment blue sky and dry warm roads Nice shot the last one side by side. How come you have left the pillion handles on and not fitted the infill plates?
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