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  1. I had an 8th gen 2014-2017. Sold it as needed back surgery and kinda missed it since. Bought a BMW r9t scrambler which is a great bike but eats oil (5l of top ups in 10,000 miles) and it absolutely covers you in filth when riding in the wet and I live in UK so that's most of the year. So I found a 2 owner 2016 bike with 1400 miles (wtf?) for a test ride today. Dealer wants £7k for it. Rides good, back feels good but there was a bit of a whiney noise on deceleration which I don't remember previously , in 3rd/4th gear but it seemed to ride just fine and was in pretty good condition . Is the noise normal? Didn't have earplugs in as I wanted to listen to it, I think with plugs in I wouldn't have heard it
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