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  1. the 8th gen as seen in Tokyo motorcycle show with white wheels
  2. https://young-machine.com/2018/11/30/19139/ Anyone can translate better than google?
  3. Varano Circuit, Italy @wildays 2018 Free practice
  4. METZELLER ROADTEC 01 second set of them Rode them last year on a long trip with passenger and bags in cold and wet conditions: super happy, lot of confidence on the wet, no issues changed at 15k I come basically from Pirelli Angel GT : ROADTEC are a step forward as touring tyres not as good as the Diablo II on dry/warm conditions but that's obvious Better in every aspect then originals Dunlop D222 which I hated for less then 6k
  5. Maybe I’m a bit off topic since it’s not a 8th gen but it’s a V-four and a nice one Spotted in Milan at the EICMA
  6. It’s only me that thinks 57.000km with the first front brake pads is quite a lot? i had them changed at 24k , not finished but I was going to a track day and the mechanic told me they didn’t have much left
  7. speed limit is 60 Km/h during the day...
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