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  1. andrearonin

    New member from Italy

    Benvenuto !
  2. andrearonin

    Picture Thread

    Winter in Sardinia 😎
  3. andrearonin

    2019 Model colour scheme

    https://young-machine.com/2018/11/30/19139/ Anyone can translate better than google?
  4. andrearonin

    Picture Thread

    Varano Circuit, Italy @wildays 2018 Free practice
  5. andrearonin


    METZELLER ROADTEC 01 second set of them Rode them last year on a long trip with passenger and bags in cold and wet conditions: super happy, lot of confidence on the wet, no issues changed at 15k I come basically from Pirelli Angel GT : ROADTEC are a step forward as touring tyres not as good as the Diablo II on dry/warm conditions but that's obvious Better in every aspect then originals Dunlop D222 which I hated for less then 6k
  6. andrearonin

    Picture Thread

    Maybe I’m a bit off topic since it’s not a 8th gen but it’s a V-four and a nice one Spotted in Milan at the EICMA
  7. andrearonin

    New Front Pads Fitted - EBC HH's

    It’s only me that thinks 57.000km with the first front brake pads is quite a lot? i had them changed at 24k , not finished but I was going to a track day and the mechanic told me they didn’t have much left
  8. andrearonin


    I used all four brackets
  9. andrearonin

    2017 VFR Exhaust

    Hi, I put the Givi E251 Universal Monokey Adaptor Plate on the honda OEM rack, for the side pannier I adapted the GiVi tubular holders. The bags are the original GIVi with flu covers. You can find more pics in " 8th Gen Luggage pics "
  10. andrearonin

    Steve Rapp's 8th Gen Tribute to '85 VF1000R

    still I'm not sure... here is mine
  11. andrearonin

    Steve Rapp's 8th Gen Tribute to '85 VF1000R

    Both nice! I'm still not sure if I prefer the '14-'16 with the black fork or the '17 with the black chassis which I've only seen in pictures... what do you all think?
  12. andrearonin

    Grips issue

    I've never experienced something like this in any other bike, Honda or not, in just two years with similar amount of Kms or more First time with heated grips, but since Honda changed them they acknowledged it was their fault.
  13. andrearonin

    2017 VFR Exhaust

    me, but it’s a 2016...

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