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  1. I plan on riding cottonwood pass on Sunday - leaving COS at 0800 ~ 0830 hrs. I can meet anyone if anyone is interested.
  2. I have a pad as well that fits nicely in the hammock, but not so nicely on the bike.
  3. It's colder in the hammock, ONLY because you have the cold air stealing your heat from underneath you. However, I prefer the hammock over sleeping on the hard ground. I bring a liner for my sleeping back and all is well. I cranked up the bike and turned on the heated grips to warm up my hands and I was good to go. My camping supplies: Hammock Rain Fly Slap straps (to hang the hammock) Jet Boil Coffee Mountain House (food) Sleeping bag Liner This fits nicely in my panniers along with my tire repair kit.
  4. I wanted to go on a longer ride over the 3 day weekend, but as luck would have it, my workaholic boss decided to schedule meetings on Monday, so I was cut short to only a two day ride. I pondered heading southwest to Durango, then coming up to Montrose on the Million dollar highway, then home via Gunnison and Salida, but I've been that way close to 5 times now and while it is a nice ride, I wanted new scenery and to stick a pin in a town I've yet to visit: Walden CO. I couldn't sleep the night before, so ended up getting up late Saturday morning and didn't pull out of the drive way until 10:00
  5. Igrok


    my new desktop 🙂
  6. New to the site, bought my 8th Gen This past August - Put a little over 3K miles on her to date. The wife wanted me to get some shots of flowers while I went for a ride. I think I nailed it.
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