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  1. Igrok


    my new desktop 🙂
  2. Kudos to you buddy! I'm now in Colorado, but I can tell you the best roads (hands down) in North Carolina that are bucket list worthy: Hwy 221 between Blowing Rock, NC (GREAT little town to visit!) and Grandfather Mtn (Amazing ride up to the top and the mile high bridge). Then Linville Gorge (access via the Blue Ridge Parkway). All within 30 minutes of each other and amazing scenery and unbelievable roads. Also, in NC, Hwy 80 between the BRP and Marion is outstanding in beauty and twisties. Hwy 143 (Cherohala Skyway) is absolutely beautiful and offers an amazing view of the Smoky Mtns on the southern tip. Near there is of course, the "Dragon". Of all the roads I've ridden, those are the most memorable.
  3. Anyone near there know the condition of Squaw pass rd? I'm bummed that Guanella Pass won't open for another month and a half. It sucks that the weather is getting nice down below, but all the good roads are still closed.
  4. some of us are planning a run out to the black canyon of Gunnison on the weekend of June 7th - 10th.
  5. So I'll be getting this bag; just what I'm looking for. Thank you for the pics!!
  6. I use earbuds with my Pactalk (cardo unit) and they work GREAT!! My helmet is too loud without them.
  7. I've ridden a ZX6R and a ZX11, and now the VFR800f and the inline 4's of the kawi's pull like freight trains right up through the gears, there is no VTEC and it does make a difference. The V4's sound awesome, but the inline 4's are beasts. There's no way in hell I would even consider racing my ZX6R or my ZX11 with the VFR.
  8. SO many good roads over there to ride; my old stomping ground. Y'all have fun - I'll be waiting for pics
  9. I'd like to go, but will be in NC in June for a wedding; can't swing the trip twice.
  10. that's great info! thank you!
  11. I have a 2014 and my buddy just picked up and early 6th gen (2002) and I can tell you its a beautiful bike. If I could afford it, I would own one of each.
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