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  1. Igrok

    2019 VFRD Memorial Spring Ride

    I'd like to go, but will be in NC in June for a wedding; can't swing the trip twice.
  2. Igrok

    Cyclops LED

    that's great info! thank you!
  3. Keep the 6th Gen - you'll regret selling that beauty for sure.
  4. I have a 2014 and my buddy just picked up and early 6th gen (2002) and I can tell you its a beautiful bike. If I could afford it, I would own one of each.
  5. Igrok

    Throttle lock?

    I'm thinking the crampbuster is the way to go... They're cheap enough to buy and not regret. I've got a 1500 mile trip this summer and a lot is highway slabbing. I don't made 200 - 300 miles if its twisties and back roads, but highways suck like a ... Hoover vacuum.
  6. Igrok

    Throttle lock?

    my buddy has the throttle meister on his 6th gen and its pretty nice.
  7. Igrok

    Throttle lock?

    Thanks, I'll check them all out
  8. Igrok

    Throttle lock?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good throttle lock for the 8th Gen?
  9. Igrok

    After descending the Cherohala Skyway

    awesome pic, now my desktop. 🙂
  10. Igrok

    new VFR Owner

    The 6th Gen is growing on me - there are only a few subtle differences between them; and neither is better than the other... just different.
  11. Igrok

    new VFR Owner

    We had to get some pics with my bike and his together. He's the proud new owner of the 6th Gen. 🙂
  12. Igrok

    new VFR Owner

    Thank you NateVFR - You made my buddy a happy guy! He said he was going to sleep beside it in the garage tonight LOL
  13. Igrok

    Motorcycle Expo in Denver

    I am DEFINITELY going to ride - looked at the vendors for the expo and out of the 80 I just went through, 3 were actually selling motorcycle parts. What a rip off. Still riding, but not to Denver.
  14. With the temps hitting close to 60, my buddy and I are riding up to Denver to the Expo if anyone wants to join us.
  15. Igrok

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome! and as JZH said, Good luck!

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